Design your own wall sticker

Your own motive

You can either design your own adhesive lettering online or simply upload and order your own motif.

The most important facts about wall decals

individual design

Design your own wall tattoo and get individual decorations for your room.

Perfect customization

The wafer-thin adhesive film of the wall decals adapts perfectly to the surface.

Easy assembly and disassembly

A wall sticker can be quickly and easy Attach to the wall and simply remove when moving.

Fast production and shipping

Our wall decals will be produced within a few days and sent express to you on request.

Wall tattoo for effective and flexible room design

For the modern decoration in apartments, gastronomic locations or commercial spaces wall Decal ideal. Thanks to the high-quality products for wall design, even laypersons can set impressive accents with little effort. My Folie also enables you to use your online configurator design your own wall decals. Not only the aesthetic effect and the simple application are convincing. The eye-catcher in the room can be removed without any problems and a new design idea can be implemented to suit individual tastes or the seasons.

First-class wall tattoos for convincing results in wall decoration

A high quality wall tattoo is characterized by the quality the slide. With a wafer-thin design the adhesive film adapts optimally to the surface and can also be applied to uneven surfaces such as woodchip. At the same time, the motif merges with the wall, so to speak, so that it appears as if it were painted. The expert production and material quality also favor the uncomplicated and flawless assembly. With regard to the adhesive, it is important that the goods are not stored for a long time, but rather are produced individually shortly before use. A so-called squeegee is recommended as an accessory. This professional tool makes it even easier to apply the films quickly and cleanly without bubbles. The residue-free removal of the decorative items is just as quick as the attachment. If you want to freshen up the ambience, you can save yourself painting and just choose a new motif.

Implement individual decoration ideas: design wall decals yourself

Unusual motifs, romantic landscapes, a brisk saying or a funny animal: there is certainly a wall film in My diversified assortment to match personal preferences and the flair of the room. But the creative possibilities are far from exhausted. Various sizes, film types, colors and fonts are available for customization. In the configurator, you can create unique adhesive fonts that can be used, for example, to design your favorite quote in the appropriate font, color and size as a wall tattoo. On the other hand, you can also design your own wall tattoo with your own motifs.

Inspiring eye-catcher for the modern living world

It is obvious that an eye-catching wall tattoo has proven itself in the professional staging of restaurants or advertising-effective design of sales rooms. The apartment can be upgraded equally effectively with the decorative adhesive films. The subtle eye-catcher on a sightboard is just as conceivable as the creative design of a complete wall. Powerful quotations or wise words have a motivating effect in the private study or ensure a good mood in the morning shower in the bathroom. Floral motifs, the skyline of a metropolis or scenic scenarios pleasantly loosen up the ambience in the living room. In the hallway, on the other hand, it can discreetly refer to the hobbies or the life philosophy of the residents. These are just a few examples of the stylish integration of contemporary decoration.

Made for spontaneity and change

Some living environments are often confronted with changing wishes. This includes the children’s room, whose preferences change just as quickly as development progresses. The baby room can be lovingly rounded off with a cute detail, in which a colorful animal motif soon refreshes the world of toddlers. If the decoration seems too cute to the kids, parents can remove the colorful foils and surprise the children with a cool, possibly even self-designed wall sticker. Hardly any other technology for interior design is so open to new impulses without having to think about extensive renovations. Of course, there is nothing to prevent adults from indulging in variety in the living room. Wall decals are fabulous for atmospheric accents suitable for the season or for seasonal celebrations such as Christmas. Families or collegial teams can choose a motto for the decoration in the kitchen or in the office, which is always renewed at the turn of the year. So developed a beautiful tradition at the same time.


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