Design your own Zippo with photo – engraving or printing

Zippo with photo – design your storm lighter yourself

Make your Zippo lighter with your own picture, text or name. Zippo with photo engraving or print.

Zippo® petrol lighter

  • Create original Zippo® yourself
  • Engrave with image and text (laser engraving) or with brilliant photo printing (doming)
  • Shiny or matt metal finish (silver / black)
  • Scratch-resistant surface and high color brilliance (doming printing with 3D effect)
  • Engraving color selectable: Gold (for black ZIPPO) or Silver
  • >

Design your own Zippo® lighter with your own picture and text – engrave or print

It is the classic among the lighters – the original Zippo®. A gasoline lighter like there is no other. The unmistakable “click” when opening and the high-quality processing quality convince every connoisseur again and again. A lifestyle that inspires. Best of all, now you can print or engrave your own Zippo® with your photo. So you have a very individual lighter for every occasion and every adventure. The Zippo® is simply a photo gift with the ultimate cult factor! Whether fully printed with your photo or only partially, the personalization you can choose online and design. Print or engrave your Zippo with a photo of your beloved wife or a rocky image of your motorcycle. Everything is possible because everyone connects their own story with the Zippo® cult. The silver-brushed metal surface is tough and durable, as expected from an original Zippo®. NEW: Zippo with photo design in black matt finish (powder-coated brass housing).

Personalized Zippo with photo engraving – your motif and text as a laser engraving

Become a lighter designer and make your own traditional Zippo Storm Lighter yourself now. Simply upload your favorite motif in the PhotoFancy online store. Now you can design your personal Zippo® storm lighter according to your wishes in the configurator. In the preview, you’ll see exactly what your Zippo® will look like with engraving or printing. Now just click on Buy Zippo® and we engrave or print your image in high-quality laser print quality or in brilliant photo quality on your storm lighter. Also surprise real lighter lovers with a personalized Zippo® outdoor lighter, something that has a real rarity factor. Because your printed gasoline lighter is a real one-off and never returns like that.

Personalize and give away printed Zippo with a photo

The Zippos are only printed for you. So you have designed a real unique piece with personal photo printing. The print is preserved under a crystal-clear synthetic resin layer. This makes it very robust and scratch-resistant. The coating gives your photo a stylish 3D effect. A perfect combination with a quality gasoline lighter of the extra class – the Zippo® with photo. A unique gift idea for family or best friends. Because your Zippo® lasts a lifetime. Make your lighter online now. The production time is usually 24 hours and your Zippo® storm lighter can be shipped the very next day. We wish you lots of fun and great experiences with your personal Zippo® with photo.

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