Designing children’s rooms – the most beautiful mottos

Princess, knight or jungle the most beautiful mottoes

The children’s room is the children’s play area and the space in the apartment where they should feel at home. With the right design, the room turns into an area that inspires imagination, stimulates creativity and promotes development.

Do parents want that Design children’s room, It is advisable to choose a suitable motto and to align the various components on this topic, from the furniture to the wall design to the furnishings and decorations.

Rough is between the typical Mottos for boys and the classic Mottos for girls distinguished. The following factors must also be taken into account when designing the children’s room: age of the child and the conditions of the room – such as the size and the building materials used, as well as the child’s safety when designing the children’s room.

Design children’s room – the most beautiful mottoes – "princess"

Obvious and easy to implement, this topic has been a favorite for years. For girls up to school age it is one quality Idea to set up the children’s room as a princess castle. What should not be missing in any case? The canopy bed with canopy and curtains, of course. When coloring, you should rely on warm, girlish and soft tones, especially pink, pink, purple, lilac and white. Accents can be set with gold and silver or with glittering objects. Of course, the motifs of palaces, castles or palaces should also be taken up optically. Wallpapers and toys help with this. The materials used are wood, for example painted white and provided with elegant decorations or ornate details. Lamps in the shape of crowns and matching curtains complete the whole.

Furniture and furnishings for the little princess:

  • Canopy bed or loft bed
  • Playhouse in the form of a castle
  • Pink seat cushion and rug
  • Wall decals / children’s wallpapers with princess motifs
  • Dolls and barbies
  • Scenes from fairy tales found in the room

Design children’s room – the most beautiful mottoes – "Knights"

A popular highlight at Design children’s room Smaller to bigger boys are the knights – from films, books or comics. Even the little ones feel like brave knights when they are surrounded by the right products. A knight’s bed and stone-look items are must-haves for this. Colors such as gray, blue and white are ideal.

Furniture and furnishings for the little knight:

  • A noble knight’s bed, for example, from – available as a castle or carriage
  • armor
  • Toys like sword, shield and lance
  • Horses as a decorative motif or toys
  • Flags and coats of arms
  • Dragons and scenes from the Middle Ages or from legends

Designing children’s rooms – the most beautiful mottoes – "jungle"

Both of them like this motto – both boys and girls have fun in a room that brings the animal and plant world closer together. How about, for example, a facility that evokes the jungle or the “Jungle Book”? Colorful colors, especially green, and hiding places and fun climbing opportunities are a good idea. Natural materials such as wood are recommended in combination with highlights such as a hammock. Incidentally, it does not necessarily have to be the rainforest: the topic of safari also lends itself!

Furniture and furnishings for animal fans:

  • Soft toys and animal figures
  • Nature Motif Spielteppich
  • Cave as a playhouse
  • Wall decals with animal motifs
  • Cot in wooden house / tree house shape
  • Warm, dim light

Designing children’s rooms – the most beautiful mottoes – "cars"

Boys in particular have been interested in the exciting, fast-paced world of cars from an early age. There are many multifaceted possibilities here Nursery design. A bed in the shape of a car or a racing car is a must – for exciting dreams! There is a lot of scope in the colors. A contrast to the black tires would be a bright red, for example. In addition to plastic and wood may metal can also be used for an authentic flair.

Furniture and furnishings for aspiring racing drivers:

  • Cot in car design
  • Play cars with racetracks / obstacle tracks
  • children’s vehicles
  • Carpet with city motif and streets
  • Wall stickers or wallpapers with cars

Designing children’s rooms – the most beautiful mottos – "pirates and seafarers"

The adventurous World of Pirates particularly fascinate boys, but also bold girls with a love of water. A boat as a bed is simply part of it. Of course, as many motifs and objects as possible should make you think of the sea. The black pirate flag with skull symbol should not be missing. Maritime colors such as blue and white are of course particularly recommended. Wood is the preferred material, just like on a ship. If necessary, you can set accents with sand and shells or even an aquarium in the nursery put up.

Furniture and furnishings for little pirates:

  • Boat Bed
  • jolly Roger
  • Saber and costume with pirate hat and eye patch
  • Playhouse or darkened corner as a hiding place
  • Pirate and navigator motifs on the wall
  • Toys like sea animals


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