Desire for children: if it just does not work with children: that helps you now

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You want a child so much, but you just don’t get pregnant? If the desire to have children does not come true, help is needed. You can find out here what you can do for yourself and your partner and when it is advisable to seek medical advice.

An unfulfilled desire to have children not only puts a strain on your soul, but also often on the partnership. Why does it not work for us? This boring question can divide people who actually wanted to create a new common ground. There are many tips about getting pregnant that you can take to heart. But if the If the desire to have children is not fulfilled, comprehensive advice from a gynecologist or in a fertility clinic is advisable. The following tips can help you in this difficult and emotional time.

Getting pregnant: 6 tips for you and your partner

Don’t try to put too much pressure on yourself

Many couples make a proper schedule and try to determine when the ideal time to have a child is. However, a child usually arises in a stress-free time in which you do not build up pressure. Unfortunately, the desire to have children cannot be fully planned and in most cases you will be surprised by a pregnancy. Having a healthy attitude towards having children is the best advice for getting pregnant.

Think of an alternative plan

Of course, your desire to have children comes first and it is also inconceivable for you to live a life without children. However, imagining which freedoms you could enjoy as a couple or getting a brochure from an adoption agency – this helps not to put the desire to have children too much in the foreground. In this way, you can approach things more calmly and relaxed. An alternative project can also help with family planning. So if you are busy building your house or planning a trip around the world, you are more likely to get pregnant.


Natural family planning – get to know you

Knowing your own body inside out is very helpful if you plan to get pregnant. A tip is therefore to write down everything that relates to your cycle and to closely monitor every change such as abdominal pain, daily shape, body temperature, appearance and consistency of your cervical mucus. Over time, it will show how your cycle is going and when you are actually most likely to get pregnant. In addition to natural family planning, there are also ovulation tests that you can take to calculate your fertile days as accurately as possible.

Sports, nutrition and folic acid

Not only one healthy Diet, but also a healthy lifestyle can help you get pregnant. So you should remove nicotine, alcohol and too much sugar from your everyday life and declare it to be a luxury drink that you only treat yourself from time to time. Regular exercise not only keeps you fit, but also healthy, and helps a lot to reduce professional or private stress. If you are trying to conceive, folic acid is also good for you. Because especially in a very early phase of pregnancy, folic acid should not be missing to optimally care for your baby. You can also think about what is good for you in everyday life. Whether small weekend trips with your loved one, a bit of yoga or an extensive shopping tour with your best friend: Be nice to yourself and spoil yourself wherever possible.

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Work on what you have in common

An unfulfilled desire to have children affects you and your partner equally. Because there are personal fears associated with this topic, perhaps not being completely healthy. An aversion to the other can also develop: is it because of him that I do not get pregnant? Did I choose the wrong one? What does it mean if we cannot have children together? Do we even match? All of these questions are normal, stressful your Partnership nevertheless enormous. The most important thing now is to address all of these fears and concerns. Crying together when it didn’t work out again. Allowing doubts and communicating openly. You should admit and endure all these things in your joint project. Isolating you from each other or hating each other for your supposed inability is absolutely counterproductive. Because only together can your desire to have children come true.

Seek professional support

If you have an unfulfilled desire to have children, you should always consider an examination at the doctor. You can either go to the gynecologist or go to a fertility clinic. In this way, health restrictions can be clarified quickly. If you are already in a fertility clinic and have made several attempts, it is also advisable to get support as a couple. Talk to families and friends or look for like-minded people who also have to live with an unfulfilled desire to have children. A family counseling center can also help you organize your thoughts, recharge your batteries and keep looking motivated.


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