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At first it may sound soft, but over time it gets louder. Then the inner voice says very clearly: "Having a baby … that would be nice." Once the decision is made, an exciting time begins.

The desire to have children is archaic: it is naturally anchored in most women and men. Sometimes you know very early on that you definitely want to be a mom or dad; sometimes it takes a little longer for the thought of your own offspring to mature.

The desire to have children in Germany is increasing again

In many happy relationships, the idea of ​​starting a family together is a natural part of it. The birth rate in Germany has been declining since 1991, but the birth rate has increased again in recent years. So saw in year In 2014 around 715,000 babies in Germany were born world – almost five percent more than in the previous year.

We want a baby

The family picture is changing: As with heterosexual couples, there are same-sex partnerships where there is a desire to have children. Even if there are still gaps in the legal situation, the so-called rainbow families have long been a reality. In addition, more and more singles are faced with the decision to have a child, even if the partner is missing. You have a number of options, including adoption and artificial insemination.

The desire to have children can be planned

Thanks to a variety of contraceptive methods and the possibility of artificial insemination, couples can nowadays start a family consciously. Just like 100 years ago, you could just leave it to chance when and how many children you had. However, most people want to have a say in family growth and – if possible – also plan their time.

Professional and financial uncertainties mean that the desire to have children only arises later. Although the fertility of women is highest between 20 and 25 years, many women only have their first child from the age of 30. The pregnancies of women over the age of 40 are also increasing.

What influences the desire to have children??

Many factors play a role; Health, life goals and last but not least the mental state:

  • Mental problems,
  • social pressure or
  • Everyday stress

can even be the cause of infertility. The couple situation itself is also decisive for the desire to have children. Because the decision to have a child has far-reaching consequences. A baby really turns life upside down. In tense partnerships, this is usually more of a challenge than in well-established and happy relationships.

Waiting for pregnancy

If one couple is certain: "We want a baby", there are some preparations for the upcoming pregnancy. The health of both partners plays a major role in this. Because the diet and lifestyle affect fertility.

In addition, the woman’s body will be the baby’s habitat during pregnancy. The mother’s lifestyle, her mental and physical condition are decisive for her healthy Development of the baby.


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