Destinations and sights on lake constance

Destinations on Lake Constance
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Leisure on Lake Constance

Lake Constance, with its large cities like Constance and Friedrichshafen, with attractions as the Ravensburger Spieleland, but also with well-known attractions as the Rhine Falls of Schaffhausen, the islands of Mainau and Reichenau, the Zeppelin Museum and the Bregenz Festival, offers something different for all audiences.

The places around Lake Constance, as well as Friedrichshafen, Hagnau and Immenstaad as well as the lake itself offer a wide range of leisure and excursion possibilities. On the lake, you can practice numerous water sports such as sailing, diving and swimming. Athletes so come to the Lake Constance bike path with it’s scenic stages or they go hiking in the beautiful scenery.

Top attractions on Lake Constance

Some of the most popular destinations on Lake Constance are:

The cities offer numerous museums, historical and sacred buildings as the Meersburg Castle and many famous castles more. So, the ship operations on Lake Constance are always good for a change. Whether it be a breakfast on the ship or a tour: Amongst others, the most famous destinations on Lake Constance include the islands of Reichenau and Mainau. Not only does Mainau Island stand out through a lot of flowers and seasonal gardens, but it also has a castle and a farm with a petting zoo. The Reichenau, known as the oasis of the gardener, fisherman and winemaker, attracts its visitors with the herbal scent that can be discerned from a distance. Here you can not just enjoy the great nature but visit many churches.

In the Swiss part of the Lake Constance region, the Säntis, the highest mountain in the Alpstein, attracts several visitors. To Austria belongs to the 1064 meter high pledges, from which one has a great view of Lake Constance. The Rhine Falls of Schaffhausen in the canton of the same name in Switzerland, which is Europe’s largest waterfall, is definitely worth a visit. In Austria, the Bregenz Festival awaits culture hungry. Families should consider a visit to Ravensburger Spieleland, which is a delightful attraction especially for children, but also for all other Ravensburger fans.

Inside or outside: Lake Constance offers numerous top destinations that are fun for the whole family. This makes Lake Constance a vacation destination that are visited in summer and winter – numerous indoor activities for adults and children are waiting!

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