“Develop a constructive culture of conflict”

Women and sexual morality were the focus of the second round of discussions on the Synodal Way. Essen's Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck wants to develop an appropriate culture of conflict.

Interviewer: What is your assessment of the Dortmund regional conference?

Franz-Josef Overbeck (Bishop of Essen): It has become clear that the Corona pandemic is a "fire accelerator" for many perspectives of church, but also social life, which are changing. And in the topics of the forums dealing with the question and role of women in the church at all levels, but also sexual morality and relationships of people have also shown that there is a great need for discussion here. We have discussed today very objectively and quite calmly and have been very concerned to argue close to the people and at the same time not to forget the long tradition of the church.

Interviewer: In the area of sexual morality, it seems almost impossible to find a consensus in the course of the journey.

Overbeck: There is the commandment to develop a constsructive culture of conflict. I believe we can come to a conclusion that is supported by the majority. It is part of the best sense of synodical structure that there are minority votes then. This is very realistic, but it also shows the tension in which we stand and where, under today's conditions, we must also say clearly: The worlds have changed a little. In the church sector, too, this is part of the honesty and integrity and transparency of today's values.

Interviewer: What do you take away for the forum "Power in the Church", for which you are jointly responsible??

Overbeck: What is significant is that the other forums are also thinking about, firstly, arguing quite fundamentally, but not keeping it so detailed, and in a second part becoming practical, namely that in all areas it was made clear where the next steps are that we can take, and to formulate those and set them up as consensually as possible. This is our effort.

The interview was conducted by Renardo Schlegelmilch.

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