Develop binding project plan

Develop binding project plan

According to its own statements, the diocese of Limburg wants to prevent sexual abuse by clerics with a package of measures and to push ahead with the reappraisal of previous cases. In the process, the time target of mid-March 2019 was set.

Until then, "a binding project plan with objectives and timelines for various topics for the diocese of Limburg should be available," the diocese announced on Friday. The perspective of the victims of sexual abuse "should be included from the beginning".

External reappraisal

In addition, there should be an external review of the handling of previous cases of sexual abuse in the diocese, it said. Promptly a woman should be assigned as a further contact person with abuse suspicion. Other projects are to be tackled jointly with other dioceses, such as "evaluation processes" for sexual abuse prevention orders and intervention in cases of suspected abuse.

In October, the Diocesan Synodal Council dealt with the abuse study published by the German Bishops' Conference in September. The Synodal Council encourages Bishop Georg Batzing to "advocate for necessary changes in canon law in criminal and procedural law, as well as the establishment of an administrative jurisdiction".

Involving different professional groups

The diocese further explained: "The systemic factors, which the MHG study names and which promote sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, are also to be worked on in the Limburg diocese."It will also deal with questions of Catholic sexual morality as well as homosexuality and compulsory celibacy.

The topics of clericalism and abuse of power, as well as the role of women in the church, should also be kept in mind. The upcoming deliberations would involve the bodies of the diocese and the various professional groups.

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