Developmental delays: your child doesn’t want to learn to walk?

Reading time: minute If that Child does not want to learn to walk is goods Advice expensive. What is the reason for the development delay? What can we do here? In addition to occupational therapy or physiotherapy, homeopathic treatment can also be effective for developmental delays. Read here which means are used for learning to walk late.

Developmental delays: Your child does not want to learn to walk?

Treatment with a homeopath is necessary to make a precise distinction.

Natrum muriaticum

Sodium children are often shy and reserved. They are also usually thin and look sad or withdrawn. There is often a problem with the bond with the mother (or with the father). Separations are difficult for the sodium muriaticum child. It loves salt and everything that is salty.

Nux vomica

These kids are nervous. They fidget constantly and can have phenomenal outbursts of anger. Digestion is the physical focus. Vomiting, belching and hiccups are typical.


Silicea is a remedy for underdeveloped and anxious children. They are often thin and pale, do not eat well or cannot process the food well. Cold sensitivity and head sweat can also be found in other children, but foot sweat is usually added to Silicea children. Silica children love Order and Cleanliness. They arrange their toys e.g. B. in size.


Sulfur children are open-minded, playful and take care of what their parents want. They are discoverers and touch everything or clear everything out. These children often have skin problems that get worse, especially at night. They scratch themselves bloody because it is so itchy. They don’t like water at all. In their opinion, bathtubs should be abolished.


With a lot of experience and good training, it is possible to determine the right constitutional agent. Parents are usually too close to their children to be able to assess them objectively. Therefore the help of a homeopath will be necessary.

Read also how developmental disorders and learning to walk late can be treated with the agents agaricus, barium carbonicum, calcium carbonicum and calcium phosphoricum. Other means are also possible. Treatment with a homeopath is necessary to make a precise distinction.

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