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Children in the day care facility and day care

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Children are covered by statutory accident insurance while visiting a day care center. The costs of insurance cover are borne by the federal states, municipalities and municipal associations.

What is a day care facility?
Day care facilities must be recognized by the state and serve the care, education and upbringing of children. These include crèches, kindergartens, after-school centers and daycare centers.

Daycare facilities within the meaning of the law do not include, for example, private leisure facilities, early intervention centers and support centers as well as children’s and residential care homes.

Children in day care
Children are generally only included in the group of insured persons during the care provided by suitable day care workers if the care contract between the legal guardian and the day care worker has been concluded with the participation of the youth welfare office or a body commissioned by the youth welfare office. In this procedure, the youth welfare office or the commissioned body checks which specific childcare benefits can be used in accordance with §§ 23, 24 SGB VIII (Paragraph 23 SGB VIII) as well as any parental contributions.

If childcare is provided by a childcare provider that the parents themselves are looking for and the parents inform the youth welfare office about the childcare provider and the childcare that has already taken place, then the child welfare office has (provisional) insurance cover for the duration of the aptitude test.

However, in the case of childcare that is purely private and is carried out without information from the youth welfare office or a specialist advice center, the child does not belong to the group of people insured under statutory accident insurance.

When is your child insured??

Your child is insured during the visit as well as in all activities connected with the care and in the necessary ways. For example, this also includes activities of the daycare facilities outside of opening hours or at other locations, such as hikes, excursions, visits, sports festivals, celebrations, and visits to the theater. If an accident occurs in the day care or nursing facility or on the way there, we will cover the costs for medical treatment and rehabilitation.

However, there is no insurance protection if the parents interrupt the way to the institution or back home with their child (e.g. to go shopping) or take a detour with them for private reasons.

. and when something happens?

If your child has an accident, the caregivers know what to do. If the accident happens on the way to the facility or home, inform the doctor that it is an accident in connection with the visit to a day care facility. The same applies if you pick up an injured child at the facility and go to the doctor with him. Your health insurance card or details of your private health insurance are not required – because doctors and hospitals bill us directly. Please inform your child’s day care facility as soon as possible so that they can report the accident to us.

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