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Diablo III + Reaper of Souls

Game description:
Diablo 3 is one of the most anticipated games in recent years. These extremely high hopes of the players are owed to the two popular predecessors, who more than a decade ago the genre “Hack’n’Slay" (dt hack and beat) justified.
The Diablo series has always been driven primarily by the game mechanics. The story that unites the series is just a nice twist. In the third part of the series, the hero sets off for New Tristram to investigate a wave of meteorite impacts. But this is only the prelude to a fight between humanity and the forces of hell that the player must ultimately defeat.
The gameplay of a “Hack’n’Slay" is simple. The player steers a figure through different sections and fights here with different strategies the numerous and ever more powerful opponents. For this he receives experience points, valuable items and gold.
Genre typical does not focus on the story or sophisticated character development, but the pure game mechanics. The player fights against hordes of villains, loots treasure chests, defeats powerful bosses with special skills and is rewarded by the game in the form of level ascensions and thus additional skills and rare items. With new or enhanced abilities, which expect the player with each ascent, the conflicts with opponents always remain motivating.

Educational Assessment:
Online coercion
A first negative point is already noticeable during the installation of the game: there is a permanent online compulsion. This means that players who have no Internet connection can not use the game. First, you are asked to create an account in the Publishers Battle.net community. This allows you to chat with friendly players, discuss in forums and of course play together. An e-mail address is required and you have to give yourself a permanent nickname for future matches. The game is then bound to the account and may not be resold according to terms and conditions (terms and conditions). Additional personal information is not required, but can be specified. It is important for accounts of this type to use a secure e-mail address and a unique password to prevent access by strangers. If the account is hacked, not only the personal data and game characters have disappeared in an emergency, but the entire access to the game.
Each time you start the game, you must first enter your password to access the common interface. Here you can choose an already existing character or create a new one. The entry into the gameplay of Diablo 3 is fluid and especially for newcomers extremely easy to understand. The player is not overwhelmed at the beginning with too many complicated skills, but slowly introduced into the game mechanics. The possibilities that the game character has are constantly growing in the course and allow ever new tactics, how to ward off the opponent hordes.

One-way control
The mouse and keyboard are required for playing. Two standard attacks that only have a small cooldown, that is, that can be performed without major pauses, are placed on the right and left mouse buttons. On the number keys 1-4, however, are stronger skills that have a special impact on the opponent or your own character. There are also many different shortcut keys that can be used, for example, to call up the inventory or drink a healing potion. The simple control, the player can quickly find in the game and directly achieve success. Previous knowledge regarding the control of video games by keyboard is not required, but facilitates the entry.

Graphics and sound
Diablo does not look terrific to his appearance, can compete with other genre representatives graphically. Some of the sections are rich in detail, while others seem empty and “somehow unfinished" (Player, 17 years). Does not bother the player at the first play through, because the urge to see new is still very pronounced, bored some sections in the later even more. The sound and the music accompany the game coherent, especially the music adapts to the action (Orient, sky, etc.) in the course of the game. The fighting and game sounds convey “a real Mittendringefühl" (Player, 16 years).

Lone fighters and group players
Diablo can also be played as a single player completely, even several times with increasing difficulty. At least theoretically, because eventually even the most experienced player will get to the point where he depends on the help of other players to kill particularly powerful opponents and take away their rare items. This is a game principle known from World of Warcraft and other online role-playing games. On the one hand, it promotes interaction with each other, on the other hand, it also represents one of the particularly strong binding elements of Diablo 3. “You compare always just with his friends and wants to be better than them" (Player, 18 years).

The story of Diablo 3 is divided into 4 acts, the sections are continuously more difficult. Within an act there is no need to play to a certain point. You can cancel at any time, but then reset when you restart the game to the last memory point and all previously defeated monsters revive the game world again. The goal is always to find one of the very rare memory points before switching off, so as not to have wasted too much game time. After the virtual death of the figure, one is also returned to the last memory point, but with damaged armor. This can be repaired at dealers. So in principle you have endless attempts to play through the current section.

Level upgrades, new items and challenging enemies keep the player motivated. The developer was able to implement the work reward system almost perfectly here. If the player stands in front of a hurdle requiring several attempts, he will then be rewarded accordingly. The story takes a back seat here and does not provide enough driving force to play the game permanently.

Thrilling battles hardly offer the simple opponents, which one finds everywhere in the levels. A real danger they often represent only by their sheer outnumber. The larger opponents, which stand out in color from the normal enemies, are often difficult to crack, but not a real challenge. It looks quite different here with the, in part huge illustrated, bosses. These are particularly difficult to defeat, especially at the higher levels of difficulty, and require the full concentration and tactical use of one’s talents.

In terms of variety Diablo 3 unfortunately can not shine. The tasks that are performed on the player character often consist only of finding different items or defeating certain opponents. More varied missions, such as protecting recruits building a catapult, are too rare. Basically, the quest is actually just a nice accessory that drives the story, but always the focus is always on defeating the monsters and the associated level upgrades and rare items.

Real-money purchases
Diablo 3 offered until mid-2013 a real-money auction house where players could buy and sell items found. Using typical Internet payment channels such as Paypal, players were able to cut game time by using money. After heavy criticism on the side of the players, the auction house was discontinued.

The extension: Reaper of Souls
With the newest extension, the game world is expanded in many aspects. This is how the crusader class finds its way into the game. The Paladin not only relies on heavy melee attacks, but is also able to cast sacred spells on his enemies. The new campaign also provides around 5 hours of game time, which can be spent at a newly designed level. In addition, more unusual opponents have come. So the dimensional converter has a portal on his back, with which he can summon further minions. Apart from the improvement, the extension offers little original. With a few exceptions, it lacks exciting tasks and the narrated story is again just a side effect that does not want to push the actual game mechanics into the background. Only the new levels surpass the main game in almost all points. Instead of relying on repetitive textures, the team has brought many different elements into play that add variety to the level and are never too cluttered. Although the game design has been honed in many places, only fans of the main game should access.

Diablo 3 has enormous bonding potential due to its hunter-gatherer principle. Younger players can quickly succumb to the urge to create a powerful character and spend a lot of playing time. The problem of playing time should be discussed with young people.

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