Diaper cake – recommendations, offers – tips to make yourself

Diaper cake – recommendations, offers & Tips to do it yourself

For the birth of a child, it is customary to organize a great gift. In the meantime, the trend to a practical surprise has prevailed. Wrap diapers nicely and put them in shape, because the young parents can never have enough of them. The so-called diaper cake has become fashionable. You probably already saw one and now you want to do it yourself. Or maybe you prefer to buy yourself?

Also for the baby shower, the diaper cake is a great gift

We have dealt with both possibilities. You get all the advantages and disadvantages, as well as a guide for the construction of a diaper cake. We also introduce some popular alternatives to the diaper cake. Have fun while reading!

Make diaper cake itself vs. to buy

A boy or girl has seen the light of day and you want to give a diaper cake. For that you need many diapers, baby utensils and something for decoration. But above all, you should plan plenty of time. If you have never made a diaper cake yourself, you will need three to four hours to do so. A second pair of helping hands can not hurt this.

However, with a specially created diaper cake, individual aspects can be considered. For example. you can choose your own shape. This does not just mean two, three or more floors. The gift does not necessarily have to be round. It can resemble an object (airplane, motorcycle) or an animal (owl, elephant). Because after the diaper cake was on everyone’s lips, there were quickly new creations of all kinds.

A homemade diaper cake according to instructions leaves you room for the personal touch. You can choose the care products and the little stuffed animal yourself. For many, this effort can not be outweighed by money. They do it out of love for the newborn.

On the other hand, if you can not spend so much time, it is advisable to buy a finished diaper cake. The variety of offers is immense (as you’ll soon see). Also, such models are relatively cheap. You can still pimp up the gift idea and add accessories. However, the basic structure is already there.

You may have already tried, but failed with the construction of a diaper cake. Now your nerves are blank, the time until the meeting runs away and you want to buy instead of doing it yourself. Then the following section is meant for you.

Buy finished diaper cake: 5 recommendations

To show you the variety of ready-made and finished diaper cakes, we have a look around. At Amazon, you can buy various diaper cakes for relatively little money (compared to the time required).

Essential criteria for each model have been noted. For example. how many diapers the product contains and for what gender it is suitable. Not to mention the additional products that are included as part of the decoration.

Diaper cake bath towels

Let’s start with a classic diaper cake for boys. The manufacturer specializes in the production of beautifully packaged diapers. I mean, there are other offers from him as well. Included in the delivery are bath thermometer, bath duck, a care product, teething ring and two bags of organic fruit tea. On request, there is a free greeting card with printed text.

Important: The diapers are delivered as standard in size 2 (3-6 kg). You can also choose sizes 1, 3, 4 and 5. This must be stated after the purchase.

Small diaper car

Matching the stroller, which may now push the parents, this cute diaper cake comes as a gift idea therefore. Two diapers form the wheels, the rest forms the car itself. In total there are 14 diapers. Plus a bib with the inscription “Little Princess”. Schick packed in foil, you get a cheap diaper cake which can be given away directly.

The diaper motorcycle

We switch back to the diaper cakes for boys. Here the manufacturer supplies 16 Pampers of the variety “Premium Protection”. In addition ever a gauze diaper, a pair of baby socks and the little baby cream. On the motorcycle sits a teddy bear in his sleeping kit. He drives straight into the hearts of the parents and delights the baby as a faithful companion.

Elfenstall diaper cake

A small starter kit for the newborn. In addition to the 36 diapers by Pampers, give pacifier, pacifier chain and a silicone adapter. When the offspring has learned to walk, he can take the cute duck by the string and pull.

info: From the brand Elfenstall there are more than two dozen beautiful diaper cakes to buy on Amazon. This duck motif is just an example. Thus, there are also models especially for boys. Just look at Amazon, because the ideas are implemented very nicely.

Important: The diapers used here correspond to size 3. Why the diapers can not be used immediately after birth.

The nappy

A diaper owl must be in our recommendations. Although the owl trend is a bit dated, the cute little bird still enjoys its viewers. With her big eyes, the pacifier in her mouth and the socks as ears, she is a blast. And their 38 nappies make them one of the largest packages among ready-to-buy diaper cakes.

Here in the example a blue nappy is shown. It can also be bought in pink and given away to girls.

To make instructions for diaper cake itself

Doing a diaper cake yourself is not that difficult and with the right instructions it does not take too long either. Because there are innumerable diaper cake instructions in the net, we leave it with the classical structure. For this diaper cake you need:

  • Sufficient diapers (40 to 60 pieces)
  • A roll of gift ribbon or string
  • Baby products (vial, cap, blanket, body etc.)
  • Adhesive tape, pen and scissors
  • Decoration material (flowers, stars, butterflies etc.)
  • A sturdy piece of cardboard (from a package or pizza box)
  • An empty roll of chips or similar.

Thus, you are well prepared and can now tinker the diaper cake:

  1. Now all diapers are taken out individually and rolled up. The first and most time-consuming step. To retain the shape use some adhesive tape or gift ribbon in matching color. Important: Roll all diapers in the same direction, so that after a uniform pattern.
  2. Make a big piece of cardboard. It remains rectangular or square for now. To test now place the first floor of rolled diapers. Just to get an approximate idea of ​​the diameter. Draw a circle with a sufficiently large pot or salad bowl.
  3. Follow this mark with scissors and prepare a circle. tip: If you want to add many more extras, just leave the floor square. Thus, you can place those products on the remaining corners.
  4. Now the empty roll comes in the middle. It can be fixed, but usually holds by the weight of the diapers. It serves as an invisible connecting piece between the floors.
  5. Now hang up the lower floor again and adjust nicely. Then use the string or the gift ribbon. It is used for easy fixation, but there may still be some air in between. These gaps can be filled with care products and utensils.
  6. Now order the second layer of diapers, so that they are also quite close to the paperboard.
  7. Now decorate everything with gift ribbons, for example, bind beautiful bows.
  8. Distribute all products evenly. Some may need some tape to stay in place.
  9. To make it look like a beautiful gift, could still be attached transparent film as a shell. Also decorated with bows and stickers.

The following video summarizes the essential steps:

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Useful decorations of diaper cake

If your diaper cake is in the basics, you can start with the decoration. For this purpose, various products related to the baby come into question.

Somewhere you put the pacifier down. For attachment is a dummy chain in matching color. Some manufacturers offer letter elements so you can shape the child’s name.

Babies are washed in the first weeks without any additives. Afterwards, the parents can cream their child with a suitable lotion. This should be skin-friendly and dermatologically tested.

Babies almost always lack clothing. Not so much because the parents did not think about it, but more because of the frequent pollution. Even funny rompers with sayings are very popular.

Please give one out of glass. Even though it may be harder to keep, glass is more hygienic. It is easier to clean and contains no plasticizers. Baby bottles are available from NUK, Avent and many other brands.

Besides diapers one of the most needed consumables. The packaging of the baby wipes can form the feet or bottom of the diaper cakes to lift them slightly upwards. Alternatively, use the smaller pack sizes and put them in the free spaces.

Probably the parents have already thought of it, but from a baby thermometer you can have two to three. Because they like to disappear in those moments when they are needed.

A Schnuffeltuch or cuddly toy of tiny size. It should be the first faithful friend of the child. Choose only stuffed animals with tested quality.

Alternatives to the diaper cake

From what we found in the research, it turned out that the classic diaper cake may have had its day. But you have to take their design into account that it can hold a very high number of diapers. Many alternatives to the diaper cake are much smaller in the number of pieces. This is more of the decorative thought, in order to receive a pretty as possible present. The following variants are possible:

A very common wish of the parents. The nappy has a circular body. Here sits the bulk of all diapers. The eyes consist of two smaller circles full of diapers. Mostly still printed eyes are fixed to illustrate the look of the owl. The mouth is covered by the pacifier. This could be attached to a pacifier chain. As feet of the owl you could use two washcloths.

The cool alternative, mostly for boys. Almost all diapers are packed in the wheels. Make the seat out of a towel or several washcloths. On it sits a stuffed animal, which carries the pacifier or a care product.

Make a large circular figure of diapers, which should represent the snail shell. Two more diaper rolls lay in front of it, to indicate eyes. Present the diaper slug on a towel. In the resulting folds can hide the additional products.

This really requires a lot of skill. The multi-level object runs in different directions. They have to make wheels, bodies and wings out of diapers and cloths. As a flyer is a bear or sheep in question.

A dream in pink and therefore intended for a girl. Use satin ribbons and many ribbons to create the impression of a cupcake. On top of that you could place an artificial cherry or strawberry. It may also be available as a bath additive, which dissolves in the water.

In this case, “football” does not describe the shape of the diaper cake alternative. This refers only to the appearance. On the two- to three-story cake enthroned a football made of plush. In terms of color, you orient yourself by the black and white of the round leather. Another, smaller football can be attached to the ornament on the ground floor.

If your imagination is not enough, use Google Image Search. Enter there, for example, “Windeltorte snail” to get suggestions for implementation. With some creativity, you can derive other alternatives to the diaper cake from these examples. Which animal or object you just think about??

Frequently Asked Questions about the Windeltorte:

If you have never made or bought a diaper cake yourself, you have some questions. Here are the most common donors:

Give diaper cake in size 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?

Since the desire for a diaper cake usually comes directly from the parents, you should consult with them. Maybe several diaper cakes are planned. If each diaper has a different size, mom and dad can better organize it.

If you are planning an unannounced surprise, we would tend to diaper size 2 or 3. This period is palpable for the new parents, as it is only a few months in the future. As a size 1, most babies grow out quickly, and most parents make sure of that themselves. Or others donate accordingly many diapers.

Hand over your diaper cake only at a much later date, before asking for the child’s current diaper size. Meanwhile, the offspring could have arrived at the 4 or 5 already. For example. if you want to give a diaper cake for the first or second birthday.

What else can be made from diapers?

If you have enough diapers and gift ribbon, many forms are conceivable. Cylinders, squares, cuboids, even pyramids are conceivable. With these simple geometric shapes you can turn the nasty diapers into many things. An airplane, motorcycle, the famous Windeleule, an elephant or snail. In the net you will find numerous instructions.

It is easy to see the object or the animal with the help of printed eyes and other details. Fix them with some tape or bring them into the decoration.

Diaper cake – what comes in?

Only the diapers to roll and pile up, that would be too boring. Everything is connected with gift ribbon and what comes in then? As an indication of the candles can be used baby ear-sticks. Their thickened ends look like the candle wicks.

Through the two to three floors of the cake arise free spaces, Here you put lotions, a bath thermometer and wet wipes inside. Consider which products a baby needs the most in his first few months. The gifted parents will be grateful for that.

Finally, place a stuffed animal on the diaper cake. It can be teddy, sheep, mouse or rabbit. For the baby, the only important thing is that there is always someone to cuddle in when lying in bed.

Where to buy diaper cake: Müller, DM and Rossmann?

Unfortunately you can not buy a diaper cake at Müller, DM and Rossmann. Although the drugstores offer a variety of different diaper brands but the finished cake is unfortunately not yet.

At DM, Rossmann and Müller there are many other brands besides Pampers

Order diaper cake?

Ordering and delivering a diaper cake is possible. Partially you get regional offers through classified ads on the internet and newspapers. Otherwise, some providers have established themselves on the Internet. Whether on eBay, Dawanda or Amazon, the selection is not so small, quite the opposite. Rather, the question arises which type of diaper cake you want to buy.

Classic with two to three floors, as a nappy or diaper snail? In football design or shaped as a motorcycle? You will be astonished how many models have sprung from the smart minds.

Diaper cake with how many diapers tinker?

It all depends on the instructions you have chosen. Likewise, the diaper sizes decide on the number of pieces. You can tinker little diaper cakes with 20 or 40 nappies. But there are also models with 68 or 88 diapers. Buy the packages so that there are still a few left. Are really many diapers left, make it from a floor or a mini diaper cake as an addition.

Diaper cakes for boys and girls?

The crafting of a diaper cake for boys works the same as a diaper cake for girls. It differs only the decoration material used. For girls, of course, usually the colors pink and purple are used and for a diaper cake for boys you take blue.

Where can you sell diaper cakes?

They have already made two or three diaper cakes themselves and have come to the taste. Now think about resale to earn extra. Please do not expect the best chances, because many people had this idea before you. Meanwhile, there are several companies which produce exclusively diaper cakes. Most like on the assembly line, so that the prices slip into the basement.

Of course you can try it anyway. For example. on eBay classifieds or Dawanda could offer such diaper cakes. The regional connection may create a contact network, so that you will be booked more often in the future.

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