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Tooth gap Close incisors

For a perfectly bright smile

Curve Miracle Katie Price, heartthrob Zac Efron, singer LeAnn Rimes – they all did: closing the gap for a nicer smile! Three quarters of Germans (76 percent) find a so-called diastema, ie a gap between the upper incisors, unattractive. This determined a representative survey of an online portal. The treatment is not just something for celebrities, anyone affected can be helped!

Type and cause of the tooth gap


Frequently, children develop a gap of up to several millimeters between the upper central incisors during tooth change. In many cases, this gap closes automatically at the age of 7 to 9 years with the breakthrough of the lateral incisors.

Real Diastema

However, if it is a true hereditary diastema, it will not be self-formed. Cause is then too low on the lips on the inside of the lip.

False diastema

As false diastemata tooth gaps are referred to, which are caused by a mismatch between tooth sizes and jaw width. The excess of space causes unsightly gaps – usually in the area of ​​the upper incisors. In principle, however, the gaps can occur at any point in the jaw.

Treatment options for children

It is possible to correct the lipstick. This treatment should be performed in children after the onset of permanent lateral incisors. The procedure is usually under local anesthesia either by scalpel or – much gentler – with a laser. The gap between the incisors then closes i.d.R. within three months. Rarely, orthodontic regulation of tooth position is also required.

Treatment options for adults

Also in adult patients a correction of the Lippenbändchens and / or an orthodontic treatment with braces is possible. In many cases, however, the gap can simply be covered by artificial widening of the teeth.


Ultra-thin ceramic shells can be permanently attached to the incisors using special plastic. These so-called veneers perfectly reproduce the surface of the teeth and at the same time conceal the blemish without attracting attention – the result is quite natural.

Composite supply

If the gap is not too large, aesthetic composite tooth broadening may be possible. The dentist applies the tooth-colored material, which is also used for fillings, directly to the teeth and corrects their shape so that the gap between them disappears.

Effort and costs

If a correction of natural tooth gaps is desired, the resulting costs are i.d.R. to be worn by the patient himself. Depending on the treatment method, the effort varies in size: The orthodontic treatment is complex and therefore time-consuming and cost-intensive. The most cost-effective option is the composite supply, which must be performed within a single appointment. Veneers can be used on request on the same day. This is possible thanks to production in our own practice laboratory using state-of-the-art CAD / CAM technologies. The cost of this treatment is higher than that of composite restorations, but ceramic veneers are also more durable and more resistant to color. Which treatment options are suitable for a patient can be expertly clarified during a personal appointment in practice.

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