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The 9 best dice games for children at a glance.

Bring dice games Fun and socializing for an entire evening. As a lover of backgammon, kniffel and Co. you want to expand your range with the latest dice games.

Pay attention to that Target group and age recommendation. Pure children’s dice games are too undemanding for adults. Even the games for children still have different age recommendations. So don’t overwhelm your four-year-old child with games for eight-year-olds. Also the number of players can be crucial. You can even play some of the games in our table alone and get started straight away. Find the ideal game for your dice fun in our test or comparison table.

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Dice games comparison
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Model * Logoplay wooden games Pig Hole – Big Hole Nuremberg playing cards – Qwixx Zoch – Heckmeck at the Bratwurmeck HABA – orchard Ravensburger – phase 10 ASS Altenburger playing cards leather cube cup Hutter – Story Cubes Abacus Games Tutto Zoch – Heckmeck extra worm
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437 reviews 940 reviews 373 reviews 406 reviews 72 reviews 132 ratings 335 reviews 163 reviews 19 reviews
Age Group Children, adults
from age 6
Children, adults
from 8 years
from 8 years
from 3 years
Children, adults
from 8 years
Children, adults
from 4 years
Children, adults
from age 6
Children, adults
from 8 years
from 8 years
gameplay The pigs are distributed and put on the board or in the hole by the players. Whoever goes first wins. You roll 6 dice and choose 2 that are added. The aim is to fill the colored rows of numbers on the block. The diced eyes must match a domino with worms – from the board or from the other players. The one with the most worms wins. Fruits are picked with the cube. If the raven is diced, you have to quickly collect all the fruits. There are 10 phases that you have to go through – with the highest possible Pointnumber. Whoever has the most points wins. All dice games with up to 6 dice can be played, e.g. Yahtzee, 1000 and dizziness max. The dice contain symbols from which each player spins a story. With 6 dice as many points as possible must be achieved. The cards help – or get in the way of the players. The diced eyes must match a domino with worms – from the board or from the other players. The one with the most worms wins.
number of players 2 – 6 2 – 5 2 – 7 1-8 1-8 from 1st 1 – 10 2 – 10 2 – 7
  • handmade toy figures
  • very simple rules
  • very compact – good for on the go
  • was nominated for Game of the Year 2013
  • simple rules
  • very fast – every throw is for everyone
  • trains mental arithmetic
  • quick pastime
  • funny topic – high fun factor
  • Extension set available
  • promotes fine motor skills
  • everyone is a team
  • high learning factor for small children
  • new variant of Kniffel
  • very simple rules
  • increasing level of difficulty – exciting to the end
  • high game flexibility
  • Cubes have a good weight
  • very durable
  • stimulates creativity
  • everyone is a team
  • almost endless combinations
  • can be supplemented with other sets
  • is based on the game "1000"
  • even with a lot a lot of Entertaining players
  • many profit opportunities
  • Extension set for Heckmeck on the Bratwurmeck
  • makes the base game more flexible
  • Game gets a little more challenging
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Logoplay wooden games Pig Hole – Big Hole Questions and answers about Nuremberg playing cards – Qwixx Questions and answers about Zoch – Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck Questions and answers about HABA orchard Questions and answers on Ravensburger – phase 10 Questions and answers about ASS Altenburger playing cards leather cube cup Questions and answers about Hutter – Story Cubes Questions and answers about Abacus games Tutto Questions and answers about Zoch – Heckmeck extra worm
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  • Dice games can be played classically with the dice cup. Famous classics are Kniffel, Schwindel-Max and Yahtzee. Backgammon is also one of the cornerstones of dice games. In the meantime, however, board games with dice have appeared on the market, which also fall under the name of dice games.
  • Most dice games are suitable for adults and children alike. However, cubes are generally not suitable for children under 36 months because of the risk of swallowing.
  • The best dice games combine elements of luck and strategy. So they arouse the ambition of the players, but keep the chances open for everyone.

Dice games belong to the category of games of chance – who would have thought. Dice and dice cups with or without a game board or cards are particularly popular as board games and family games. Dice games for two or more people such as number one, dice and backgammon have also enjoyed great attention for decades. With the advent of the Internet, free dice games that can be played online against the computer or opponents are on the rise. Regardless of whether you are one of the big players or are looking for a new board game for your next dinner party: In the big dice game comparison 2019/2020 we will introduce you to the best dice games in the trade and show you which article our dice game comparison winner 2019/2020 has been. In our guide to comparing dice games you will find our buying advice on various dice game tests, well-known dice game rules, one or two board games and the most popular Ravensburger dice games.

1. How do dice games work?

Backgammon is one of the oldest games in our history.

The principle of the games is simple: one or more dice are picked up by the player by hand, shaken and thrown back onto the table. A cube cup can also be used here. If the cubes come to a standstill, the eyes (numbers on the surface of the cube) are counted. Depending on the applicable dice game rules, the procedure is continued here.

According to legend, backgammon was invented in ancient times by the Greek military leader Palamedis. The latter was looking for employment for his troops in the Trojan War in the 12th century BC. BC – and thus invented the board game. Tombs from Tutenchamun’s time (1,300 BC) also testify to the far-reaching popularity of the game. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of community games with board or cards compared to dice with a mug:

  • many game variations – game is usually more versatile
  • Illustrations – colorful design keeps children’s attention
  • Combination of luck and strategy
  • mostly more expensive
  • less space-saving than a cube cup
  • Rules can be complicated

2. What types of dice games are there??

A dice block with dice game instructions is handy for board games.

In our dice game comparison, there are three broad categories of board games: the dice game with a mug, the dice game with cards and the dice board game. If you only play with the classic dice, you usually need a writing pad and pen to write down the results. A cube block that explains the common throws is particularly practical here. So board games are quickly understandable for all players. Board games and card games with dice follow their own rules.

3. Purchase criteria for dice games: You have to pay attention to this

3.1. Age Group

In general, dice or board games should not be played by toddlers under 3 years of age because of the risk of choking. However, most articles have no upper limit and can bring joy to the whole family. A restrictive age indicates that the dice game was developed for children and usually quickly loses its novelty factor. If you want to buy cheap dice games, dice games for 2 or more people with an open age group are ideal. Here you have the longest joy and can entertain different game rounds.

3.2. gameplay

Popular game variations with the dice cup:

If the game principle is easy, the focus is mostly on fun and entertainment. The best family games are those that unite players of all ages in a relaxed atmosphere. More complicated dice games Rules are well suited as dice games for two or in a small group.

3.3. number of players

Most games are designed for 2 or more players. In a larger circle, fast-paced, entertaining games are ideal – nobody has to wait too long here. Most family games are for 2 to 6 people.

4. Dice games Instructions for the most popular games

game procedure
Yahtzee Known as tricks, yahtzee or yatzy. Is played with 5 dice. Each player receives a slip of paper on which the results are entered. The combination changes in each round (one, two, three, four, five, six). Bonus points are earned with a pasch, small or large street, full house or trick. The round is rolled, with each player getting up to 3 moves. Matching dice can be set aside, with the remaining dice being rolled. In the end, the player with the most points wins.
The bad one Often called number one. It is played with a dice, the game goes round, each player rolls five times, here the points are noted with a fountain pen or ballpoint pen. Rolling a one invalidates the eyes of this round. Whoever reaches 100 points first, wins.
Vertigo Max Also called Schummel-Max, Meier or Mäxchen. Also played as a drinking game at parties. You play with 2 dice and a dice cup. You roll the round, the goal being to beat the eyes of the foreplayer. Each player slightly raises the dice cup after the throw to see his number and passes it out loud to the next player. Here he can lie. He can believe it and must top the number or accuse the player of the lie. He must show his dice – if he lied, the teammate can start the next round. If he tells the truth, he starts the next round himself.

It is more of a game cube than a game of dice – but the Rubik cube holds our fascination. If you want to know how to solve the Rubik’s Cube, here is a video for you:

5. Popular manufacturers and brands

  • Abacus games
  • Amigo
  • ASS Altenburger playing cards
  • Haba
  • Hanabi
  • huch & Friends
  • Hutter
  • cosmos
  • Logoplay wooden games
  • Nuremberg playing cards
  • Ravensburger
  • Schmidt games
  • Zoch

6. Questions and answers about dice games

8.1. Did the Stiftung Warentest perform a dice game test?

Offers many game variants: the family game Verflixxt! by Ravensburger.

As part of the board and card game test, Stiftung Warentest carried out the output 11/2007 carried out a dice game test. Among the best games were The Treasure Diver from Schmidt Games, Cube Bingo from Ravensburger, Anno 1701 from Kosmos as well as Aqaba and The Black Pirate from Haba. The two dice comparison winners Heckmeck in the Bratwurmeck from Zoch and Verflixxt from Ravensburger were among the top ten.

8.2. What dice games for seniors are there?

Dice games are often used in senior care to bring fun, variety and animation to everyday life. In general, all dice games are suitable for retirees, but make sure that the rules are relatively easy to understand. The classics like Kniffel and Backgammon are mostly well known and popular. For the gym, foam cube games are a great way to get movement going. Here the dice are thrown in a circle, each number represents a certain activity.


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