Digital camera for children, children’s camera

The idea often arises that one could give a child a normal digital camera instead of a child’s camera. We want to deal with this idea in this article and to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this idea.

Age plays an important role

Children want to play. Teaching a 5 year old child to handle their toys very carefully is not easy. When playing, something is often thrown into the corner or simply dropped. With normal toys is this not too bad. With a normal digital camera, however, such handling quickly leads to total damage. So much for the basic idea.

Comparison of children’s camera / digital camera / outdoor camera

A brief overview of the properties. The table is general (for example, there may also be digital cameras without a video function, but almost all modern digital cameras have this video camera).

property children camera digital camera Outdoor camera
stability stable sensitive more stable than normal digital cameras
price about 50 euros 50 euros upwards 50 euros upwards
games YES NO NO
Photo effects YES NO NO
waterproof NO some YES
play music YES NO NO
double viewfinder YES NO NO
Toy character YES NO NO
videos YES YES YES
Sound recording YES YES YES
Flash and zoom YES YES YES

Other important considerations

As we saw in the table, children’s cameras are equipped like toys. This is shown by functions such as games / listening to music or photo effects. This turns the camera into a toy that can be photographed and that is also playful when the photograph is uninteresting. A pure digital camera has no play value, but is intended for pure photography.

The design of a children’s camera is adapted to children. This is particularly noticeable with the double finder. Normal digital cameras, however, only ever have one viewfinder. The following pictures show a children’s camera with two viewfinders on the left (white holes) and a digital camera with a simple viewfinder on the right. The double viewfinder enables the child to look and take pictures with both eyes.


There are different stable digital cameras. So if we want to give a small child a digital camera, it shouldn’t be more than 100 euros and should also be stable. Normal digital cameras or even SLR cameras do not meet these criteria. However, there is a subclass of digital cameras, the so-called outdoor cameras. These outdoor cameras were originally designed for rough use in nature. This means that they are mostly waterproof and shockproof. If it should be a digital camera, then such an outdoor camera is recommended.


A children’s camera is a toy and easy to learn for children. With a normal camera, it can be expected that the child will initially need the help of the parents, grandma or, for example, the uncle to be able to operate the camera. So you have to plan time that you spend with the child to take pictures. If you don’t makes, it may be that the child does not get along with the camera and ends up in the corner out of frustration. Every child is different here and needs more or less help.

Outdoor cameras

I already covered children’s cameras in the article Children’s cameras. I can recommend you to read this too. However, I would now like to go into more detail about outdoor cameras. Such outdoor cameras are available from 50 euros. However, one thing beforehand so that you are not disappointed. For 50 euros there is no top model with great image quality, everyone should understand that. Let’s take a look at the Aquapix W1400 Active underwater digital camera (14 megapixels, 6.8 cm (2.7 inch) Dual display, 4x zoom, waterproof up to 3m) black / orange. This has some negative reviews that criticize exactly what you cannot expect at such a low price. Above all, the image quality is criticized.

If you want more, for example, you can also pay 7 times (approx. 350 euros) and get more for it: Olympus TG-3 digital camera (16 megapixel CMOS sensor, 4 x optical zoom, WiFi, GPS, waterproof up to 15m , cold-resistant, dust / impact and break-proof) with F2.0 lens black However, here again the question arises whether such an expensive camera is really suitable for a child or whether the budget for the next birthday present is really that high. You have to decide for yourself what you can and want to spend. The following button shows you a list with many models in all price ranges.


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