Dinoparty for dinosaurs kids birthday

Our 4th birthday dinoparty – our children’s birthday party with the motto dinosaurs was a complete success – we will show you decorations, recipes and dinosaur games

A cool dino party was our Carlos’ wish for his 4th child’s birthday. Like many boys he is a big dinosaur fan and since I love to plan children’s birthday parties according to a motto, the topic was quickly determined this year.

Because I often read the question about ideas for dinosaur games, dino decorations and matching dino or volcanic cakes, I will tell you in detail about our dinosaur party here.
At our Dino Party for the 4th children’s birthday, 6 boys aged 4-6 were guests. Our dinosaur game ideas are just as suitable for older children.

Our dino invitation cards

We made our Dino invitation cards ourselves and have the instructions and a form ready for you to download.

Our dino decoration

As a decoration, we have transformed balloons into dinosaurs for our Dino Party by placing a dangerous head, legs, a tail and spines or similar. cut out of construction paper and then glued it on. We did this handicraft campaign with our children in advance – but it would also be a play or. craft idea offer during the dinoparty.

I also bought a large pack of toy dinosaurs, which I put on with party hats and then on the Birthday table. Incidentally, I am very enthusiastic about these dinosaurs, because they are a good size to play with, are well-made and therefore offer good value for money. .

Our cake for the dinosaur birthday

For the dinosaur birthday, of course, a matching dino cake could not be missing.

The children had dino pee as a drink, for which I had labeled apple spritzer bottles. The children weren’t sure at first whether they should take this story from me or not ;-)

Dinosaur games

Make dino masks

After the delicious dino cake was eaten, we first made dino masks for all children. I got a great dinosaur mask book for that. Each of the boys was allowed to choose a mask and then had to cut it out. While one side of the dinomasks is already colored, the other can be colored as you like. The nice thing about the book is that it also contains information about each of the dinosaurs shown. So I was able to give the boys appropriate information about the dinosaur on their mask. After all the masks had been cut out, all we had to do was provide them with an elastic band and cut out holes for the eyes.

Dino treasure hunt and dino story

While crafting, Terence and I casually shared that we had heard that dinosaur tracks had previously been found around our house. Only recently had our neighbor discovered a dinosaur bone in the street around the corner. The boys naturally became sensitive and wanted to with start searching for traces right away.

So it was time to put on shoes and start looking for dino tracks.

Since we wanted to use this program item as a treasure hunt, Terence had previously drawn a path with dino tracks from chalk. The children were now excitedly following the tracks.

After various detours and dead ends, our dinosaurs finally reached their destination, where they found the treasure chest relatively quickly.

What was in there? Of course, there was no time to waste and the secret revealed. But why do dinosaurs actually bury a treasure chest??

When the children opened the treasure chest, a letter awaited them, which I had to read to them straight away:

Dear readers, it has become dark and cold on Earth. Our food runs out, the trees no longer have leaves and all small animals have already disappeared. We don’t know how long we can survive under these conditions. For security, we have gathered our treasures and will put them in a safe place. If you read this letter, you found it. We hope you enjoy it.

PS: If you meet our descendants, then celebrate a nice dinoparty with them. We buried them in a large sandpit in a garden in Reinheim at the foot of a pirate ship.

I also had the treasure chest filled with golden stones, golden chocolate coins, glow sticks, dino stickers and tic-tacs disguised as dino eggs. I promised the children to fairly share the treasures with them at home. Finally, the Dino descendants had to be searched for. The boys knew immediately that the dinosaurs had described our sandpit as a hiding place in their letter and made their way back to our garden.

Dig up Dino

There we had hidden Dino eggs hidden in the sandpit for digging, which we had filled with a toy Dino. I also added a few bags of gummy bears. It wasn’t long before the boys held the dinosaurs in their hands.

I had already laid out a few excavation tools on a table for them to use to carefully open the eggs. Little by little, the little dinosaurs were born.

Feed the dino

The next dinosaur game we prepared was “Feed the Dino". For this we have turned a large cardboard into a dinosaur head, using color and a knife. Now the boys were allowed to prove their ball talents and feed the dino with small balls. It was a lot of fun for the children and they kept them busy for a while.

How to eat dino

Dino Quiz

Dino Giveaway

As a reward for all the tasks completed, the children received a Dinoforscher ID and a Dinokette, which I had made from the remaining salt dough from the Dino eggs.

In addition, each of the boys was given a small dino bag in which they could put all the small party favors from the treasure chest and the hatched dinosaur out of the egg.

Until dinner, the children had some time to play, which they could spend in our garden at the end of October thanks to the nice weather. Armed with their dinomasks, big and small dinosaurs wrangled there and started looking for further undiscovered remains in the sandpit.

Dinner for dino party

For dinner for the children’s birthday party, I had thought of simple and quick recipes that still suited the dinoparty. There were dino escalopes from the oven that I discovered at Edeka and a mashed potato volcano that was decorated with lava from ketchup and a birthday candle.

A cucumber crocodile was available for the necessary vitamins.

With our timing we got really good on this children’s birthday party. The children were there from 3pm to 6pm and in between there was no argument or boredom. I think we had a good mix of free play and program and are already looking forward to the next theme party :-)


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