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The 6 best portable CD players at a glance.

The Discman was launched in the mid-1980s portable CD player, which is characterized above all by its compact dimensions. So he still has his reason for being today and not least because of the current retro trends very popular.

Due to the increasing popularity of audiobooks in recent years, Discmans extended by the resume function. It can be used to program a bookmark so that you can be able to continue listening in the right place at a later date without much effort. Find the Discman that best suits you in our product table.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

Discman comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Naviskauto Portable CD player Soundmaster cd9220 Lenco CD-201 Denver DMP-389 ROXX PCD 501 Clatronic Discman
at Amazon *
74 reviews 99 ratings 111 reviews 86 ratings 8 reviews 17 reviews
running time
in battery operation
12 hours 6 hours no manufacturer information 12 hours 6 hours 6 hours
stability very stable very stable very stable stable stable stable
Plays MP3 CDs
display large LCD large LCD small LCD small LCD small LCD small LCD
Incl. power adapter
not included in the delivery
integrated battery 2 x AA 2 x AA 2 x AA 2 x AA 2 x AA
Anti-shock function
against vibrations
Resume Function
Bookmark f. Audio Books
Settings f. Genre
Bass Boost
Bass amplification possible.
radio function
More product details
Hold button
colour black Silver black silver Black silver pink silver
Available in other versions
  • none available
  • no further explanations
  • none available
  • without anti-shock function
  • black
  • no further explanations
  • Integrated battery, never change batteries again
  • Audio cable, headphones and USB charging cable included
  • Includes in-ear stereo headphones
  • programmable order of songs
  • very detailed user manual
  • Headphones and USB charging cable included
  • can be used to charge AA batteries
  • programmable order of songs
  • Includes in-ear stereo headphones
  • Includes in-ear stereo headphones
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Naviskauto portable CD player Questions and answers about Soundmaster cd9220 Questions and answers about Lenco CD-201 Questions and answers about Denver DMP-389 Questions and answers about ROXX PCD 501 Questions and answers about Clatronic Discman
To offer * To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer "
Available at *

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  • Most Discmans are powered by two AA batteries. The usual runtime is between 5 and 15 hours. Many portable CD players are also sold with a power supply for stationary use without batteries.
  • A discman’s anti-shock system compensates for vibrations. This way your CDs do not jump – for example when you are on uneven roads – and guarantee listening pleasure without interruptions.
  • Discmans with equalizer presets allow the sound to be adapted to different music styles. Highs and lows are adjusted so that ideal conditions exist for the respective genres.

A Discman is a compact portable CD player.

The Discman was Invented in 1984 by Sony. At that time, a portable CD player was revolutionary and contributed to the enormous success of the compact disc introduced in 1982.

Today, streaming services are just like Spotify a popular way of listening to music.

According to a survey by the FAW, around 50% of smartphone users state, stream music on their phone. In the course of the retro trend, however, win Devices like the Discman or Walkman back in popularity.

Would you like too Listen to your favorite albums like in the 80s and 90s, we have summarized in our purchase advice what you need to pay attention to when purchasing a Discman. Our Discman 2019/2020 comparison gives you guidance when making a purchase decision. Here we have put together further comparisons on the subject of music for you:

1. What is a Discman?

Did you know?

The Sony Discman came onto the market in 1984 with great media coverage. Listening to CD quality music while on the go: That was a sensation back then! Devices are still being produced today. However, the product name was renamed "Sony CD Walkman" in 2000. The word Discman is used regardless of the manufacturer as a synonym for all compact portable CD players.

Is a discman a portable CD player, where you can play your favorite CDs on the go.

Although MP3 players and smartphones are certainly the most popular players when it comes to listening to music on the go, many consumers still swear by the Discman.

You can also use the Discman in your own home. So the device can not only be used as a portable CD player, but also also as a stationary player.

Via the headphone socket on your Discman boxes can be easily connected. If you want to use the portable CD player at home in the foreground, you should make sure during your personal Discman test that your desired product is equipped with a power supply.

This is how you can connect your Discman to the mains and yourself buying batteries respectively charging your batteries save up.

2. The best Discman has good sound quality and can withstand a lot

The Discman was launched in 1984, 5 years after the Walkman.

Crucial for the quality of a discman is its sound first. In order to she with Your Discman can enjoy the perfect sound, you should pay particular attention to this area. Our product table at the beginning is dedicated to this aspect.

In our Discman comparison, we found that cheap Discmans of lesser known brands also have high sound quality.

Discmans from Phillips or Panasonic do not necessarily have to be better than devices from HOTT or Soundmaster.

If you would like to use your portable CD player on the go, you should also take your personal Discman test pay attention to the robustness. Especially when you take your Discman with you when you travel the stability of the installed parts is very important. portable CD player with Inferior components rarely withstand the rigors of a trip and could be damaged.

Especially when traveling, you should buy a stable Discman.

Especially if you use the device on the go, you should use a valuable device in your personal Discman test.

With this in mind, you should too the maximum runtime in battery operation attach great importance.

On the way you may not always have spare batteries with you. For this reason, we recommend that you choose a portable CD player that does not require a battery change can play for at least 6 hours.

Tip: Don’t save on batteries at the wrong end! Particularly cheap batteries usually have a significantly shorter runtime than high-quality products. The constant change is not only complex, but can also be more expensive in the long term than buying long-lasting batteries. Batteries are reusable and protect the environment.

Portable discmans for children should also be very sturdy. If the device is not handled with sufficient care, your Discman must can also withstand falls and vibrations.

Hold button: Pressing the hold button on your portable CD player disables all buttons. Carrying your Discman in your pocket can help prevent accidental entries.

The playback of a Discman is controlled via corresponding buttons in the housing.

3. The best of two worlds: A Discman comparison winner also plays MP3 CDs

Modern Discmans can play both audio CDs and MP3 CDs.

Modern portable CD player are able to play MP3 CDs. These have the advantage that significantly more music fits on the Silberling.

You are therefore not in the comparatively short playing time of 80 minutes the audio CD bound.

Depending on the compression of your files, your MP3 CD be written with several hours of music.

Assuming a bit rate of 256 kilobits per second – this corresponds to the audio quality of a music CD – you can burn about 116 different tracks to your MP3 CD.

This comes one average playing time of around 350 minutes equal. Reduce the sound quality of your MP3 files, find even more songs on your MP3 CD. So you can up to 10 hours of music on just one CD-R accommodate.

The advantage of MP3 CDs is that you rarely have to change the sound carrier.

In the following overview we have the pros and cons of a discman playing MP3 CDs, listed:

  • significantly longer playing time than normal audio CDs
  • CDs need to be changed less frequently
  • You have to take fewer CDs with you
  • You can compile your own CDs
  • Audio CDs must be converted or MP3s purchased

Other disc formats: Many portable CD players support other disc formats such as CD-R and CD-RW. The CD-R is a one-time recordable CD, while the CD-RW – the RW stands for rewritable – can be erased and rewritten several times. You can put together your own mix CDs and play them on your Discman.

4. Antishock and resume function enable you to comfortably listen to music

The Antishock system loads the music into a buffer to prevent vibrations.

Our Discman comparison has shown that most devices are over a so-called anti-shock function feature.

An Antishock Discman enables you uninterrupted listening pleasure even with mechanical vibrations.

For example, if you sit on the bus and drive over a pothole, the shock no effect on your portable CD player.

This is made possible as follows: The Discman is equipped with an electronic memory, in which parts of the music are preloaded.

An MP3 CD can hold up to nine times more music than an audio CD.

This is how your CD “jumps” not even with massive vibrations. Just on unpaved roads The anti-shock function significantly increases listening pleasure.

The resume function also contributes greatly to the comfort of your Discman. It is a setting about which you can return to a previously saved location. You set a bookmark, so to speak.

A Discman in this category is particularly recommended for audio books or MP3 CDs with several hours of music. So you can easily jump to the previously saved location with little effort.

By the way: Depending on the manufacturer, other names may be used for the anti-shock function. This is what Discmans at Philips calls ESP – short for Electronic Skip Protection. However, the way it works is the same.

With the resume function, bookmarks for audio books can be set.

5. The best Discman allows you to customize the sound

Common Discmans vhave an LCD display and several control buttons. The following controls are installed as standard: Play, stop, next song and previous song.

You can also set that the same song is repeated automatically or the CD after the last song starts all over again.

In our Discman comparison, we also found that many devices have additional setting options feature. This is how the sound can be adapt to different music genres.

We have summarized other Discman function types in the following table:

Type description
  • Presets for certain music genres
  • Most devices have optional equalizer settings for rock, pop, jazz, classical and spoken word.
Bass Boost
  • optional bass reinforcement
  • wide sound and rich bass
radio function
  • Discman with radio
  • Receiving FM radio stations on the portable CD player

Discman with Bluetooth and USB: Some portable CD players are equipped with additional interfaces. For example, you can charge your Discman’s batteries with a USB cable on your computer. Some Discmans can also be networked with Bluetooth headphones.

To fix it, the CD is placed on a bump in the middle of the drive.

6. Brands and manufacturers of Discmans

In our Discman comparison, we noticed that it a wide range of different manufacturers and brands gives. Discman from Sony, Aiwa, Grundig or Technics are commercially available.

Below we have the most famous companies summarized for you:

Discmans are often available in different colors.

You can also buy Comprar Discmans. The Sony-d-9 Discman is a very popular device, but it has not been produced since the 1990s. This model is very important to collectors.

The best way to buy your Discman is online. In our comparison, we found that the prices on the Internet are frequent are significantly cheaper than in the electronics store.

Also Accessories like Discman bags you can order online.

MiniDisc player: With the MD-Walkman released Sony a recording and playback device for mini discs. However, devices of this type introducing the MP3 player have lost a lot of their importance.

Some portable CD players come with headphones.

The Stiftung Warentest has not yet performed a Discman test. However, as early as 2003, she issued a message saying: Beforenegative effects of sunlight on CDswarns.

According to the Stiftung Warentest der Sonne, home-made CDs should be burned not be exposed unprotected.

In this way, UV light destroys the data units and, particularly in the case of CD-Rs harms the blanks.

7. Questions and answers about Discman

In the following chapter we answer frequently asked questions about portable CD players:

7.1. Which discman is suitable for children?

If you want to buy a portable CD player for your children, you should above all take your personal Discman test pay attention to the robustness of the device.

The best discman for children should be against minor falls and shocksto be prepared. In addition, you should buy stable headphones. Discmans for children are primarily mobile devices. You should avoid expensive hi-fi products here.

Discmans with a Bluetooth interface allow connection to wireless headphones.

7.2. Is it possible to hear MP3s on my Discman??

In our Discman comparison, we noticed that most devices now Can play MP3 CDs. This is how you compare it to standard audio CDs huge number of songs carry on a CD with MP3s.

Devices with an internal memory to which you can transfer your MP3 files are not available. Discmans for playing video CDs are also not produced.


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