Discotel: the best prepaid mobile tariff for children? Test comparison

discoTEL: Cheap and flexible – our tip for children and teens

If you are looking for a reliable and cheap mobile phone tariff for children‘s or mobile phones of children and teens, then here is the right place: discoTEL is our tip tip as Handydiscounter. Telephoning, SMS and LTE surfing are available here for just 6 cents per unit. Further details can be found here in our discoTEL test report with reference calculator.

For a child’s mobile phone or the smartphone of young people offers a low-cost and flexible mobile tariff. Telephoning, sms and mobile internet for messenger services like WhatsApp should definitely be included as basic features.

Telephone, SMS and Internet for 6 cents per unit

If you would like to pay little for a good mobile tariff, you will find in our tariff tip discoTEL – a brand of the 1&1 Drillisch AG – a very good mobile phone tariff. Particularly attractive is the flexible basic rate: There are no fixed monthly costs, Telephoning, SMS and mobile internet cost only 6 cents per unit. This is much cheaper than many other providers who often charge at least 9 cents per unit. The base rate of discoTEL is also a starting balance of 10 € with it – and a change bonus, it is also when an existing phone number is moved to the provider.

If you would like to book fixed contingents, discoTEL also offers you low-priced, flexibly bookable tariff options:

For beginners and kids we especially recommend the flexible booking of the Option “Clever S”. Here are for cheap 4.95 euros per four weeks 100 units for telephony or SMS included and 500 MB of mobile Internet with 21.6 Mbit / s LTE speed. The inclusive benefits should normally be sufficient for children and adolescents. The tariff option “Clever XS” at discoTEL is still slightly cheaper: Here, for 2.95 euros per four weeks, there are 100 free units for telephony and SMS in all networks plus 100 MB of LTE Internet.

The Tariff option “Flat S” Our tip is suitable for families and especially for parents who like to make unlimited calls in all networks. With this option is for 7.95 euro per 4 weeks an Allnet Flatrate in all nets and a Flat SMS inclusive. For the mobile Internet on the road comfortable 2 GB are available with LTE speed. The tariff conditions also apply abroad – roaming is already included.

The Charging the credit with discoTEL either by automatic charging, e.g. if the credit falls below 10 euros, or manual booking at will. Also by bank transfer you can book with discoTEL credits: Simply specify as purpose of use the discoTEL phone number and transfer to the account of the provider any amount, which is then credited as a credit.

Charge credit at discoTEL: good for the cost protection

With the credit card charge, similar to other mobile phone tariffs, parents can easily set the monthly budget they want their children to use for smartphone or mobile phone use. Our tip: Who wants to set up a cost protection, should choose the manual charging and z. charge credit per month by bank transfer and set up a standing order for it. Children learn how to use their mobile phone responsibly – and parents ensure that no unexpectedly high costs are incurred through the mobile use of their children.

Especially parents who want to use the tracking function, should make sure that there is always enough credit on the discoTEL account. Our tip: It is best to activate automatic charging whenever the amount of e.g. 10 Euro is fallen below. This puts parents on the safe side. Incidentally, discoTEL always sends a free reminder SMS if there are less than 2 euros in the account.

Which prepaid mobile tariff for children is the best?

Our evaluation of the discoTEL mobile tariff

discoTEL offers one cheap flexible mobile phone tariff in the network of O2 / Telefonica, We recommend it especially for children and as a mobile phone tariff for students. Particularly attractive are the conditions at the base rate of discoTEL: Here can be phoned for only 6 cents in all networks, SMS also cost only 6 cents and Internet surfing only 6 cents per MB.

Additional tariff options can be flexibly booked per four weeks. Our recommendation for children is to book the fare option “Clever S”: for a cheap 4.95 euros per four weeks are here in total 100 units for telephony in all networks and SMS included. The data flatrate in the fast LTE network contains 500 MB of transmission volume and, in normal use, is sufficient for the data consumption of the apps on the children’s smartphone.

Alternatively, after just four weeks, a higher-value tariff option can be easily booked – such as. the tariff package “Flat S” with Allnet flatrate, SMS Flat and 2 LTE data volumes for only 7.95 Euro (our tip especially for parents).

Special advantages of discoTEL are:

  • No monthly fee, no minimum sales, no contract
  • very favorable basic rate: only 6 cents per unit for telephony, SMS and internet surfing
  • good way to control costs through the charging functions
  • 10 Euro starting balance + change bonus with call number removal
  • 9 flexibly bookable tariff options (including Allnet flat rate)
  • Use the fast LTE Internet at up to 50 Mbps

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