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fridge . WDR 5 KiRaKa Children’s radio play on WDR. 02/01/2020. 03:15 min. Available until 01.01.2021. WDR 5. By Michael Escoffier .

WDR 5 KiRaKa Children’s radio play in the WDR from 5 years: That can’t be true! Lukas doesn’t believe his eyes and nobody believes him at first. But then his father is also convinced. In the middle of the family fridge between butter, cheese and eggs sits a giant mammoth. It looks at them all fearfully. This is a clear case for the fire department. After the picture book by Michael Escoffier, illustrations by Matthieu Maudet, translation by Anja Bauseneick.

Drölf! – A Sch (l) af story – radio play for children

with others singing a song together makes you feel better. In radio history we accompany a children’s choir from rehearsal to performance and meet many people who like to sing.

Linus hero story: the castle of the three puzzles

against the shadow warriors. WDR 5 KiRaKa Children”s radio play on WDR. 11/26/2019. 13:58 min. Available until November 25th, 2020. WDR 5. By Anna Palm .

WDR 5 KiRaKa Children’s radio play on WDR: From 8 years: Some stories are made up. Some stories are true. The "heroic stories" are both at once. How can that be? As part of the "heroic stories"-Project, our reporter Anna visited seriously ill children and wrote them personal fantasy stories. This is Lucas’ story.

Nojan’s heroic story: on the blue volcanic island

Together through thick and thin – radio history

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