Discover the Hamptons on Long Island

Where rich New Yorkers go on vacation

The Hamptons are the mecca for wealthy New Yorkers who prefer to spend the summer by the sea rather than between skyscrapers in Manhattan. Due to its landscape, the coastal section of Long Islands is often referred to as the Sylt of North America. Today I will show you how you can experience this holiday resort in a class of its own.

Fine sandy beaches with a view of a lighthouse, behind the dunes you’ll find well-kept villas with white wood panelling, greet relaxed people who, as always in the morning, take their dogs for a walk by the sea. Sounds like a perfect world, which only exists in movies? Drive to the Hamptons and convince yourself of this beautiful place.

Recreation in a class of its own

The Hamptons are located at the eastern end of Long Island, just three hours drive from New York. The Hamptons get their name from places like South Hampton, East Hampton, West Hampton, Bridgehampton and Hampton Bays. Other popular holiday destinations include North Sea, Water Mill, North Haven, Sag Harbor, Amagansett and Montauk. Every year rich New Yorkers come to the Hamptons to spend the weekend or even the whole summer in one of their luxury homes. The well-kept environment, the relaxed lifestyle and the fresh air are the things that inspire more and more people every year.

For a trip to the Hamptons you should plan about two to three days. How about a city break in New York before? With a train, bus or rental car you will reach your destination within three hours. Once you get to the top of Long Island, you’ll forget the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Between Memorial Day in May and Labour Day in September is the Hamptons high season. It will be cheaper if you leave shortly before or after. Rent a bike to discover the most beautiful beaches on the 60 kilometre coastline and breathe in the fresh sea air. Tip: In high season, parking near the beach is incredibly expensive and usually only available to residents with a special parking permit. If you’re on two wheels, you can park wherever you want.

At lunchtime you can relax with a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants on the beach. You sit on the veranda, a light breeze sweeps around your nose and you can taste the salt of the fresh sea air. Try the freshly caught lobster or enjoy the “catch of the day” and feel like a little millionaire. In the afternoon you can stroll through the tranquil towns like South Hampton or East Hampton. Admire the jewellery in the shop windows of Tiffany & Co and enjoy the peace and quiet that reigns on the streets. Maybe during your stroll you’ll find some VIPs doing their weekly shopping in the supermarket around the corner?

Relax with style

Time-out in the Hamptons

If you would like to experience the charm of the Hamptons without having to spend $40,000 on a holiday home, I have the right accommodation for you. As you know, I prefer private accommodation to a hotel. Private accommodation simply has much more atmosphere and you get to know the lifestyle of the inhabitants even better. Of course the accommodations are not cheap either, but if you travel as a group and share the costs, it’s quite feasible! That would be a great way to travel with your best friends, wouldn’t it?

Next to East Hampton is the small village of Amagansett. The Amagansett Bell Estate will knock you out with marble floors, a huge American kitchen and a pool. Wouldn’t a BBQ after a day on the beach be just the thing?

In Amagansett there is also this cottage. From the outside rather inconspicuous, inside modernly furnished, sun-flooded rooms await you. Jump into the pool in the morning and enjoy your coffee on the large terrace before going to the beach.

In East Hampton the following newly renovated piece of jewellery awaits you. Up to twelve people can be accommodated here and together they can let their souls dangle in the large garden. The highlight: You have a private beach!

Grab your six best friends and spend the night in this dream house! The rooms have been designed by a professional interior designer and radiate the lightness typical of the Hamptons. In the evening you can end the day with your friends at the fireplace.

After all the impressions I can understand very well why so many New Yorkers like to take a break in the Hamptons. The peace and serenity, the sun and the sea… Who doesn’t like to have a beach right in front of his front door? Even if the Hamptons are certainly not a cheap holiday destination, with the right tips for saving money you can treat yourself to a short break in the holiday resort of the super-rich – let me know when you have met the first VIP. ;-)

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