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Disneyland® Paris fascinates both children and adults alike. Many of us grew up with the Disney® characters and learned to love them from an early age. Anyone who has always wanted to travel to Disneyland® Paris with their family or partner has now joined them Travel Circus the ideal opportunity. Because from just € 99.00 per person you can get tickets including hotel accommodation.

Disneyland® Paris attractions

The Disneyland® Paris resort includes two large theme parks: the actual Disneyland® Park and the Walt Disney Studios® Park. Both parks offer many unique attractions, shows and events for young and old. There is the possibility to visit only one or both theme parks – a visit to both is worthwhile!

Disneyland® Park: This theme park is divided into five so-called countries (e.g. Fantasyland) and is the most visited theme park in all of Europe. In addition to numerous rides and unique shows, you will also find colorful parades here. The rides and shows are of course modeled entirely on the Disney® films and characters and let you immerse yourself in this fascinating world. Mickey Mouse, Goofy, of course, stand for a photo session & Co on the spot.

Walt Disney Studios® Park: As the name suggests here, the second theme park revolves everything round on the subject of film. Find out how a cartoon or animation film is made and how the characters are designed for it. In this theme park you will also find various shows, events and rides with which you can have fun!

Disneyland® Paris deals

Starting at just € 99.00 per person, the following Disneyland® Paris complete package is available for a wonderful short vacation in Paris:

-Overnight in a 4th-Stars Hotel of your choice

-Including other extras such as Breakfast (depending on the selected hotel)

-Includes tickets to Disneyland® Park, Walt Disney Studios® Park, or both parks

The Disneyland® Overview of Paris ticket categories

Disneyland® Paris day ticket: 1 day in the park of your choice with overnight stay in a 4 * hotel or Disney® hotel

Disneyland® Paris combined ticket – 1 day, 2 parks: 1 day at Disneyland® park & Walt Disney Studios® Park with overnight stay in a 4 * hotel or Disney® hotel

Disneyland® Paris combined ticket – 2 days, 2 parks: 2 days at Disneyland® Paris – 1 day at Disneyland® park & 1 day in the Walt Disney Studios® Park with overnight stay in a 4 * hotel or Disney® hotel

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How to get to Paris cheaply?

There are various ways for you to travel to Paris conveniently and cheaply:

You are often lucky and find a bargain at ours flight offers and can fly to Paris quickly and easily. In other cases, it makes sense with the Arrive Deutsche Bahn or the TGV. If you want to travel by bus, you can choose the Flixbus, for example.

Important NOTE: We research our vacation deals with great care in order to be able to offer you the best travel deals. Please understand that the offers may no longer be available as presented due to price changes by the tour operator, date-related postponements or sales.


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