Dispose of automotive fluorescent lamps sustainably!

Here you can find out what you should pay attention to,
when defective light sources such as halogen-
lampem or xenon bulbs
on vehicle from-
exchange and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

since 2006, german law regulates the (elektrog) take-back and recycling of old appliances. This also includes luminaires and lamps – so that at the end of their life they can be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. All old equipment is collected and sorted by group and later recycled. 90 percent of the components of old lamps are recyclable.

LED and energy-saving lamps as well as light bulbs must by law be disposed of separately.

According to the law for electrical and electronic equipment (elektrog) recycling is mandatory for:

  • All types of fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamp,
    discharge lamps incl. sodium vapor, high pressure lamps
    and low pressure lamps as well as halogen metal halide lamps
  • LED’s
  • All bulbs, the not at private household can be used, usually
    so called technical luminaires, these mostly occur in the production,
    or office space and not to forget street lighting.

Where to go with defective LED’s or how environmentally conscious dispose of car illuminants, such as halogen lamps or xenon burners?


there are recycling centers and lightcycle collection points available nationwide for this purpose, which take your old LED– and energy saving lamps

But also xenon bulbs of various sockets D1S, D2S, D3S etc. Or defective halogen lamps like z. B. The osram H7 and even headlights free of charge.

Unfortunately, only about 30 percent of all energy-saving lamps are disposed of correctly, which has a considerable impact on the environment.

There are two important differences to consider when it comes to sustainable disposal:

  • Small quantity collection points:
    here you can hand in household quantities of led and energy-saving lamps and light sources.

    bulk collection points:
    here you can hand in quantities of 50 pieces or more.


source: lightcycle, google map

What goes into the residual waste?

Besides the normal halogen lamps may of course also be disposed of on the classic incandescent lamps in the house or. residual waste to be disposed of. There are no dangers here for human and environment.

What goes into the special waste?

Really dangerous are the so called discharge lamps, to which especially energy saving lamps belong. In the case of these vehicles, the harmful mercury used. In the meantime, it is no longer in liquid form, but in bonded amalgam form, this substance must still be disposed of separately.

By the way, anyone who does not comply with these regulations can face hefty fines!

Not toxic, but valuable are the components of the LED lamps. For example, they use particularly rare metals. In order to be able to recycle these properly, they must also not be disposed of in the household waste end up, but should be in the special waste be disposed of.

Points of contact for disposal for both types of lamps are, for example, the business, where they were purchased.

How to properly dispose of broken energy-saving lamps?

If you break an energy-saving light bulb, follow these tips to avoid endangering your health.

    First, ventilate the room well and leave it for a few minutes. Because in this case mercury off – it is not only harmful to the environment, but also highly toxic to humans. However, the amount of mercury emitted is very small, so that the health risk is low.

Are there any penalties if I dispose of my broken energy-saving lamps in the household waste??

If you do not dispose of your defective energy-saving lamp properly, you will have to pay a hefty fine. Here you can see an excerpt from the current catalog of fines for illegal waste disposal.

fine (an energy saving-

fine (several energy-saving-

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