Distraction osteogenesis, extension of the jawbone

Distraction osteogenesis, extension of the jawbone

Extension of the jawbone / distraction osteogenesis

Some readers will be the distraction Certainly be known from orthopedic surgery, in which these for example Extension of long bones is used. In this application area, the Distraction osteogenesis (synonym: callus distraction) namely for several decades successfully for the extension of limb bones. In particular, she is after injury, inflammation or trauma helpful. Since about 1995, distraction osteogenesis has also been used in the area of ​​the facial skull.

Information on distraction osteogenesis

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Distraction osteogenesis in the area of ​​the facial skull

Here, in particular, the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of Hannover Medical School engaged in researching this technique. The main field of application of distraction osteogenesis was initially the gradual extension of the lower jawbone, ie the horizontal bone extraction. After gently cutting through the bone, it can be stretched with a special device to be operated from inside or outside. For example, this method can be used shortened facial skull bone extend by about one millimeter per day. As a result, are complex Operations with bone grafts, plates and screws not necessary anymore.


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Distraction osteogenesis in dentistry

In dentistry in particular, the distraction osteogenesis sets a new minimally invasive technique which works very tissue-preserving and serves the purpose of extending the jawbone. As part of a minor surgery under local anesthesia Bone fragments are separated from each other, stimulating the growth of bones and vessels in the open space.

How does a Distraktionsosteogenese in dentistry in concrete from?

Before the actual procedure, the patient is informed about the chances and risks and, if necessary, alternative treatment options for a distraction osteogenesis. If one decides for a distraction osteogenesis X-rays are taken in preparation.

During a distraction osteogenesis, the doctor then disconnects Bone segment of the jaw from his base. It is important that the mobilized segment remains connected to the remaining bone via the periosteum. Subsequently, the Distraction screw on the bone segment and attached to the bone base using micro-screws.

One week after the surgery can with the stretching of the fracture gap to be started. The patient can operate the screw himself and expands the gap by one millimeter per day. Thus, one is already after eight days Gain of eight millimeters been achieved. Thereafter, the wound is allowed to rest for about ten weeks, in order to remove the distraction screw again in a second operation and at the same time if necessary to insert the implants to be placed.

But there are also distraction screws, which after completion of the distraction and the Healing the function of an implant take over and only with one superstructure must be provided.

How can I as a patient contribute to a successful distraction osteogenesis??

After distraction osteogenesis, you should take good care of your body and, for example, avoid physical activities such as exercise, as this increases the occurrence of rebleeding. The same adverse effect can be caused by drinking alcohol or caffeine. Likewise, one should not eat too much food in the first place, as this can disturb the healing process. This is especially true after the first operation.

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