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December 23, 2018

After the great response in the past year, the young patients of the Homburg Children’s Clinic were again visited by the fire department this year

Homburg, December 23, 2018. Spending the Christmas holidays with the family is a matter of course for most people. But there are always people who are not granted this. Many employees of the aid organizations, in the medical field and also in pastoral care have to do their duty.

But there is a second, very special group: children who have to spend the Christmas holidays in the hospital due to a serious illness. Most of the children – if possible – are released over the Christmas holidays; but still some children are not allowed to go home.

Stay in the hospital too have to, scares many children. It is particularly bad if they are not allowed to leave the hospital over Christmas. A day before Christmas Eve, a team of seven youth fire brigade officers in the Saarpfalz district had two hours met and visited the Homburger Children’s Clinic decorated for Christmas. For the first time, fireman Bruno was also there, the new folding mouth puppet of the youth fire brigade and the highlight for the children.

Photo: District Youth Fire Brigade

Packed full of firefighting helmets, plush toys, homemade cookies, balloon animals and handicrafts, the almost 20 young patients from the four wards were visited. There was something for every patient from toddlers to 16 years old. The fire truck in front of the clinic entrance was of course not missing either.

Photo: District Youth Fire Brigade

The patients and the nurses clearly had fun visiting the youth fire brigade.

“The campaign was so well received last year that we want to make it a permanent facility. We have managed to offer the little patients a bit of a change from everyday hospital life and put a smile on their faces, ”says Christian Müller, district fire department officer for the Saarpfalz district.

Photo: District Youth Fire Brigade

The campaign was supported by private donors and EDEKA Südwest. With the proceeds from the "Feuerwehrwurst" campaign, the new "Feuerwehrwehrmann Bruno" folding jaw puppet was obtained this year.

The youth fire brigade

Arisen from the desire for active youth development for the volunteer fire brigades, the youth fire brigades with their around 250,000 members in 18,000 groups are much more today: In addition to fire engineering training, the boys and girls in the youth fire brigades also experience modern and meaningful youth work. They are based on the principle of voluntary work and work largely independently within the volunteer fire departments. They are represented in all federal states, in the village as well as in the big city.

The youth fire brigades live from and for participation, tolerance, creativity, friendship and a great sense of belonging. This is how they perform not only a valuable contribution to education and upbringing, but also to democratic awareness and social engagement in society. They contribute to the personal development of children and adolescents and enable the acquisition of key skills through voluntary work.

In the Saarpfalz district, 642 young people, including 148 girls, are currently active in 47 youth fire brigade groups. The district youth fire brigade committee is the most important link between the youth fire brigades of the individual cities and municipalities at district level.


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