District of Kaiserslautern: privacy statement

District of Kaiserslautern: privacy statement

General Privacy Policy

2. Scope
This privacy policy applies to the Internet offer www.kaiserslautern-kreis.de and the contents offered there. For content from other providers, which are, for example, referred to, to the left, their terms of use apply.

3. Forwarding to another provider
As far as our contents link to contents of other offerors this is recognizable on the basis of underscored red writing. Other than those described in this Privacy Policy.

4. Technical Aspect
This Internet service is technically operated by siteVERTREIBER as the provider. Their processing service takes place on our behalf and in accordance with Art. 28 DS-GVO. The editorial responsibility lies with the County Administration Kaiserslautern.

5. Social Plugins
This offer does not provide information to social media service providers when visiting our service (social plug-ins).

6. Collection and processing of http log data
When visiting our website, the web server collects log information (such as browser type, date and time of retrieval) through these operations. These are not personal data. It is not possible for us to collect the collected data to a specific natural person.
All information is exclusively for statistical purposes. A transfer to third parties does not take place.

7. Encryption
This offer supports line encryption via HTTPS. This is the transmission of your data on the Internet from being detected or altered by unauthorized persons.

8. Use of personal data
Personal data will be collected, processed and used by us only where permitted by the applicable statutory provisions and, if they are provided to you. Consent can be revoked at any time. A transfer of data to third parties without your consent will only take place if we are legally obliged to do so.

9. Use of cookies
Cookies are data records that are sent by the web server to the user’s web browser and stored there for later retrieval. If you have an expressly accept it, you will be able to save it in advance. We use cookies only for the purpose of obtaining information about the use of our website and for statistical purposes. The records contain no personal information. A combination with any personal data provided by you does not take place.

10. Protection of minors
Children and persons under the age of 18 should not submit any personal data to us without the consent of their parents or guardians. We do not solicit personal information from children, do not collect them and do not share them with third parties.

11. Contact form
If you contact us by e-mail or contact form, you will receive the request for possible follow-up questions.

12. Right to revoke the data protection consent declaration
Insofar as the processing of your data is based on your consent, you have the right under Art. 7 para. 3 DS-GVO to revoke it at any time. The revocation does not affect the legality of the processing up to that point. You can declare a cancellation in writing, by e-mail, to the above mentioned address.

13. Right to correction
If your personal data are incorrect, you have the right to demand their correction (Art. 16 DS-GVO).

14. Right to restriction of processing
Under the conditions of Art. 18 DS-GVO, you have the right to demand a limitation of the processing of your data.

15. Right to cancellation
Under the conditions set out in Art. 17 DS-BER, you have the right to demand the deletion of your personal data. This is the case if, for example, you revoke your consent.

16. Complaint
If you believe that the data protection regulations are in good standing, you have the right to appeal to the data protection officer as well as the right of a complaint to the LfDI Rhineland-Palatinate as data protection supervisory authority.

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