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DIY employment board for kids! #ikeahack

Instructions for a DIY Employment Board aka Activity Board / Busy Board

Today I show you how you are an old one Ikea shelf (Trofast) within a hour in a cool employment Board can transform. With such a Activity Board (also called Busy Board) children can not only spend hours working on them – they also improve their motor skills – and have lots of fun! &# 128578;

That’s what you need for the Employment Board / Activity Board

  • A surface on which you can mount the individual elements (for example the side of a Trofast or Kallax shelf)
  • Various elements for playing: light switches, rolls, closures, calculators, locks, Kle >Twercs suitcase used)
  • An electric drill

costsSince I used our old Trofast shelf and paid attention to low prices in the selection of the elements (or used things that we had at home anyway), I have only a total of approx. 15 € output!

The design of the employment board

When designing you can let your imagination run wild! To save money ( -> Here are my best savings tips ), I first in basement, cellar searched for suitable objects. Then I have in Bargain shops or 1 € shops browsed and searched for inspiration. What was missing then, I have in hardware store Bought. This is how my yield looked like:

I had seen the sockets idea on the Internet – but then I left them out because I thought this idea was too dangerous!

That’s how you build the Activity Board

First, you should get a rough idea plan do. For this you can the individual parts e.g. Carefully circle with a pencil or stick with adhesive pads to the desired location. If you are satisfied with the division, the individual elements with screw attached to the board. You should absolutely make sure that the screws are tight and can not be solved by the children!

Here’s how I attached each element:

At any rate, my nephew could not wait to see the new one Employment Board / Activity Board try:

And also my niece had great fun opening and closing the individual elements:

Important: I bought the items that I used for the board in the hardware store or in the bargain shop (Action). They are not “child safe” and should therefore be only be used under supervision!

So, now I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any other ideas or have even schonmal built an employment board or learning board, feel free to write or link your posts in the comments.

PS: I have this project together with mine sister in law implemented. You can find your Instagram account here . More creative projects for children will follow soon on the blog!

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