Diy fimo magnets – a great gift for kids to make

Fimo is a soft modeling clay made of PVC. This easily formable mass is available in a lot of Color options. Here you can really let off steam. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination and creativity. Simple works, can be made without complicated instructions. Even small children can help quite well.

I am currently in a handicraft fever. I prefer to make gifts from simple materials.

Soon we will have another family birthday. So that fits pretty well now.

I was mucking out last week, so I mean my craft cupboard. And that was due, I tell you &# 129323; I admit, I’m more of a chaos bride, I keep a lot of different materials and squeeze them into a too small craft cabinet. If you could see my craft cabinet now, you’d think I was a messi.

During my clearance, I found fimo scraps with which I and my children had already made key rings.

It wasn’t much more, but too bad to just throw it away.

I had a brilliant idea.

I’ve always wanted to make fridge magnets. A great gift that you can tinker alone or with your children.

In a nutshell, this DIY gift is …

  • usable for everyone
  • quickly manufactured
  • Material inexpensive
  • suitable for men, women and children

Material for polymer clay magnets

I shape the fimo residues into balls, which children can do very well. If the polymer clay has a temperature, you can deform it easily.

To make marbled polymer clay, you have to roll the fimo mass into a roll / snake, then shape the snake into a ball again.

The more you repeat these two steps, the more delicate the patterns become – try them out.

With small We cut out cookie cutters, bears, stars and circles. After you have all the figures, you must briefly in the oven.

At 130C (top / bottom heat) 15min in the oven is enough. Let it cool down, then continue with the next step.

My rage for collecting doesn’t just refer to colorful handicraft material. I’m also a passionate nail polish fan and that’s exactly what you need now.

I tried different paints. For example, I tried the glitter particle nail polish at the stars. Looks really mega.

The bubble soap paint looked really cool. That gave great rainbow effects on the polymer clay. Of course you can also use normal clear coat or polymer clay.

It is best to buy cheap nack varnish, because in the expensive ones there are nourishing substances in the varnish and this is less good for the polymer clay.

Let everything dry well. Then you can stick the magnetic plates on it. It is best to use super glue and tweezers. So you can easily mount the magnetic plates.

When the glue is dry, you can wrap the magnets as a gift &# 128681;

I wish you a lot of fun with the magnets



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