Diy flower garland, ♡

DIY flower garland

DIY flower garland #sayitwithUHU

#sayitwithUHU – this is such a super creative campaign that is not just calling for crafting, but also, and above all, surprising a loved one. I’ve always wanted to make a flower garland myself and I’m really looking forward to sharing the idea with you today. It fits wonderfully to the topic, I give it to my teenage daughter, because it is even in stressful times already turbulent and I just want to tell her in another way, how great she actually is!


Teenagers are much better than their reputation, I’ve already written about that. But as a mom it can also happen that you automatically pay more attention to the smaller kids because they are not as independent as a teen. Nevertheless, I try to take time out with the adults, spending time together and much to chat. I surprised her this week.

And with this flower garland, you can tinker happy. The idea: You need pennants, wool, crafts, small pieces of paper for your messages with nice words, a few artificial flowers, paper flowers, crepe paper, balloons, scissors, the UHU all-purpose adhesive extra and the UHU stick. I also had a bit of eucalyptus, which I promptly used.

DIY flower garland

After I had made everything possible out of my craft boxes, it started. As a base I had a pennant chain and wool, so I had a scaffold for the garland. Then I have the mini deco paper flowers from the wedding supplies with the UHU all-purpose adhesive extra glued on the pennants and written small, pink notes with sweet words. These then fold, cut, with the UHU stick stick together and label.

I really wanted to have paper flowers that went so fast, I’m so excited about it. All you need is some wool and crepe paper. I have cut the paper about 7 cm wide and placed each webs of about one meter. Then I just put the crepe paper all around like a kind of rose and fixed with the wool – done.

Then I hung the garland and gradually attached everything to it, that’s great with the UHU all-purpose adhesive extra. It’s drip-free, so you do not have to worry about dripping on the floor or something.

I do not know about you, but I can not get enough of it. Find her so cute!

Maybe I inspired you and you also feel like joining #sayitwithUHU. On Instagram, you can also discover other ideas under the hashtag. In this sense: there is always a reason to say THANK YOU. Thanks to UHU, for this great idea!

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