Dizziness while lying down – these are the causes

Synonyms in the wider sense

medical: Vertigo

To form: Positional vertigo, spinning sensation, vertigo

English: Vertigo, dizziness


Dizziness (Vertigo) lying down, like dizziness in general, can be caused by many different diseases. In addition to one organic change, in which one dizziness can often justify mental illness, Stress and stress an important role in the emergence of dizziness.


For the Dizziness in general and for Dizziness when lying down and for Dizziness while lying down in particular, there are multiple causes.

On the one hand, these can inner ear affect and cause dizziness there, such as the so-called benign postural vertigo or inflammatory processes. Mostly through Movements of the head Dizziness attacks triggered, so the dizziness usually gets better in a quiet position.

Also the Meniere’s disease, who probably by a Lymph imbalance triggered in the inner ear can Dizziness to lead. But this also occurs in the form of short-term seizures on.

The cause can also lie in the brain itself, for example in the form of a processing disorder. Here, dizziness can also be a symptom of serious illnesses, like one stroke, a Meningitis, a multiple sclerosis or one tumor his.

But also Circulation problems can cause dizziness, but in this case the symptoms should mostly improve when lying down.

The dizziness remains long-term and just even when lying down on can also one Inflammation of the balance nerve behind it. This then quasi sends permanently wrong signals to the brain, which is why the dizziness is independent of whether you are lying or sitting.

Also a number of mental illness can be accompanied by dizziness, for example depressions or anxiety disorders. With these, the dizziness often comes at the beginning of an episode. Here too is the dizziness not typically lying down available.

Last but not least, one can severe otitis media Trigger dizziness.

In addition, dizziness can be seen in a number of other diseases side effect occur, for example with Migraines, tinnitus or one Parkinson’s disease.

Test dizziness while lying down

Answer 12 short questions and find out what could be causing your dizziness while lying down: Test dizziness while lying down

Dizziness when turning while lying down

If the dizziness always occurs or becomes stronger when you are in the Bed turns over or otherwise moved, usually lies one Benign dizziness in front. As described above, they have crystals lying down generally the opportunity to come to rest, which is why the dizziness here mostly does not occur at all or disappears after a while. But if you move your head now, or turn from one side to the other, the otolith crystals change their position again, which causes dizziness again.

Only after some time of storage training the brain manages to correctly assign these signals so that the vertigo no longer occurs even when moving.

Sudden dizziness when lying down

People who experience dizziness often try to sit or lie down as one of the first measures. This is a good measure just because of the minimized risk of falling. If the legs are also raised, the circulation can also be supported – if this causes the dizziness, the condition of the person affected should improve.

If this is not the case, the cause is most likely somewhere else. Should be clarified (especially if dizziness persists for several hours or days) Inner ear disorders how Inflammation of the balance organ (Labyrinthitis) or des supplying nerve (Vestibular neuritis). If the dizziness occurs Shifting on, should be thought of the benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Without changing position but just as seizure, the can Meniere’s disease (Meniere’s disease). If the dizziness occurs frequently or particularly violently and causes a high one Suffering, should in any case a medical clarification respectively.

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Dizziness while lying down during pregnancy

in the Framework of the Pregnancy can generally cause problems very easily dizziness and general circulatory problems come. These depend on the changed circulation and Hormone situation of the body together.

However, the dizziness occurs always lying down on, there may also be a very specific problem behind it. It may be that the belly when lying down causes the Blood flow back to the heart partially pulled becomes. This allows the heart less blood Pump into the organs and also to the brain, which can cause dizziness. The whole thing is then called "Vena cava compression syndrome". Because this blood vessel, also known as a vena cava, on the right side of the body runs, it is usually only pressed when you are on the right side or just on the move lies. In Left lateral position therefore the dizziness disappear.

In addition to dizziness, you can also further complaints occur, which is why in the late pregnancy should avoid lying on your back for a long time.

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Dizziness improves when lying down

If the symptoms of the Improve dizziness when lying down, the cause is often in Circulatory system founded. To be more precise, it usually pokes to low blood pressure in the brain. If that heart it due to various possible causes, does not do it To supply the brain with sufficient blood, can this with dizziness react.

This Lack of blood becomes quasi when lying down automatically fixed. That flows Blood from the legs increased back to the heart and there is more available to supply the brain. Incidentally, this is also the reason why man unconscious becomes. By falling over, the brain supplies itself with enough blood.

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Test dizziness while lying down

Answer 12 short questions and find out what could be causing your dizziness while lying down: Test dizziness while lying down

The dizziness disappears when lying down

If the Dizziness symptoms completely disappear when lying down, speaks a lot for the presence of a benign positional vertigo. In this case the problem is that the crystals, which are otherwise necessary for balance, no longer remain in their actual place, but swim freely around in the organ of balance and so close incorrect impressions to lead. Therefore, it may well be that they are lying in a position in which the balance fewer or not irritated at all and the dizziness disappears.

Sometimes that only happens when you lay still for some time and the crystals came to rest in one position. Then the brain has the opportunity to adapt to this condition accustom and the dizziness stops.

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Dizziness occurs when sitting

Occurs dizziness only while sitting and especially when sitting in the frame of Working at the desk the cause is usually not directly in the brain or inner ear.

On the one hand, a low blood pressure be the cause. Long periods of inactivity when sitting can cause more Blood in my legs and then the brain is no longer available. This is favored by the fact that lack of activity of the Muscles in the legs the blood vessels there reduce their basic tension.

Another cause of sitting dizziness can be strong tension in the back and especially neck his. The hardening of the muscles in this area can also affect the blood supply to the brain. This is how parts of the important blood supply to the brain run in the area of cervical spine up. If this area is extremely tense, this can lead to reduced blood circulation and dizziness.

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The dizziness occurs when the eyes are closed

For some Forms of vertigo it doesn’t matter whether your eyes are open or closed. So both vertigo, as well a positional vertigo also persist with eyes closed.

The Sense of sight can help the balance organ, since he has the brain at the Support perception of the environmentt – or irritate it because the eyes and the organ of balance send different sensory impressions that don’t match to the brain.

That remains Dizziness with eyes closed, is probably more like that central nervous system affected. However, even with severe dizziness, this does not necessarily have to be a serious cause, it just means that it Brain disturbed in its natural functioning becomes. Reasons for this Drugs or toxic substances (including alcohol) or one dehydration, which affects blood circulation. Also one migraine can cause dizziness when eyes are closed.

Can not find an obvious cause for the newly occurring dizziness when the eyes are closed, should definitely Consult a family doctor or an ENT doctor become. The same applies if accompanying Symptoms such as loss of consciousness or loss of consciousness, severe headache or neck pain, paralysis, speech or vision problems occur. Likewise, after one Fall or other injury If you experience dizziness that persists with your eyes closed, see a doctor promptly.

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Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

A reason for dizziness when lying down can be the so-called benign positional vertigo (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) his. It is a common dizziness that Women twice frequently as occurs in men. Also with increasing age the probability also increases.

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Symptoms of vertigo

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo expresses itself

  • short, lasting less than 30 seconds Vertigo attacks
  • Occurs when the head position changes, hence the name positional vertigo (when turning over in bed, i.e. lying down, getting up in the morning or head movements in general)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • blurred vision (Oscillopsia): It seems to the affected person as if fixed objects are shaking like a blurred video.

Test dizziness while lying down

Answer 12 short questions and find out what could be causing your dizziness while lying down: Test dizziness while lying down

Causes of the vertigo

The disorder in the benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is in the range of inner ear, to be precise, it concerns the so-called "ear stones"(otolith) in the archways (Equilibrium organ). These convey the Equilibrium perception and can occasionally detach from their association. Through head movements, these slide back and forth in the arch and generate false information about the state of motion. Contradictory information comes together in the brain, creating a vertigo.

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Therapy for positional vertigo

With benign dizziness storage exercises help the dissolved crystals again to wash out of the archways. The doctor must first analyze where the crystals are and how the corresponding opposite movement must be done.

Medicinal treatment attempts, chirotherapeutic measures on the cervical spine and acupuncture have proven to be essentially ineffective in diagnosing benign postural vertigo.

aggravation or even chronification can occur when those affected automatically each Avoid vertigo-inducing movement.

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Cervicogenic dizziness

Also age or accident related Changes or anomalies in the area of cervical spine (Cervical spine) can cause dizziness when lying down. If the dizziness is due to the cervical spine, it is called cervicogenic dizziness.

Symptoms of cervicogenic vertigo

In addition to dizziness, dizziness when lying down with a cervicogenic cause causes the following symptoms:

  • Tension in the neck area
  • Neck headaches
  • movement restriction

Cause of cervicogenic dizziness

The reason is an activation or Damage to the sensory cells, which is used for the transfer of information from the muscles and tendons to the cervical spine Equilibrium organs are responsible.

Test dizziness while lying down

Answer 12 short questions and find out what could be causing your dizziness while lying down: Test dizziness while lying down

Therapy of cervicogenic vertigo

These complaints can be addressed drug base With

  • painkillers
  • inflammatories
  • muscle relaxant medication
  • physical therapy and physiotherapy

Furthermore introduces excessive alcohol consumption to vertigo attacks that occur while enjoying alcohol, are classically noticed when lying down.

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What role does the cervical spine play in dizziness when lying down??

Dizziness that occurs when lying down or does not improve can also be caused by Injuries to the cervical spine originate. For this purpose, possible triggers in the sense of Fall, accident or other injuries or force not just think about the cervical spine. Very rarely can also Herniated disc in the cervical spine press on nerves or vessels and thereby cause dizziness, which remains even when lying down.

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There are different types of vertigo when lying down. These can be diagnosed, among other things, if the dizziness worsens or improves in certain situations.

Duration and forecast

The Forecast of vertigo depends largely on the underlying Diagnosis and cause from. Weak circulation can be stabilized and inflammation of the inner ear can be treated as a cause. In the case of chronic vertigo-causing illnesses, such as migraines or Menière’s disease, the focus is on symptomatic therapy and possibly seizure prophylaxis.

A vertigo attack itself – depending on the cause – should last between minutes and hours, however never last longer than a day.

Test dizziness while lying down

Answer 12 short questions and find out what could be causing your dizziness while lying down: Test dizziness while lying down


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