Do we need a grandparent’s day in Germany?

A grandparents day in the sense of a day of remembrance for grandparents? It is celebrated in the US, the so-called Grandparents Day. Many overseas blogs and media are then packed with tips for beautiful trips or gift ideas for grandma and grandpa. Germany does not know such a day, but various demands finally introduce it. We summarize a few facts about the grandparents day.

It is available in various countries around the world: In Europe, a grandparents’ day is celebrated, for example in Italy, Spain or France. He also has tradition in Asia, as in Singapore or Taiwan. In Germany, much is discussed about it. Former Federal Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen greeted him years ago, whatever that means; Grandpa bloggers insistently urge him and there are even websites that offer the ‘Superoma for coloring’. Recently, an online florist is said to have simply proclaimed a grandma’s day.

We at have clearly positioned ourselves: Every day we think of those who in our society often very quietly do a lot of great things. If kindergartens or schools celebrate so-called ‘grandma and grandfather days’, we also find that nice. And what matters most to us: to get rid of clichés about age, and grandparents too. There is not ‘Grandpa’ or ‘Grandma’. Nobody needs to wear a gray beard. Age is a youthful provocation for us. There is the type Nena (March 24, 1960) or the slightly older Mick Jagger (July 26, 1943) as well as the venerable Hanseatic age-old wisdom above all else, the type Helmut Schmidt (23.12.1918).

Older people in our country are young enough to travel, to form, to fulfill their lifelong dreams, to start new families. But also young enough to get involved to support their own children and grandchildren – in many cases financially – and to help the very old – their parents. With our platform we stand up for a generational future for young and old. Only if the elderly invest, the boys have jobs in the future. Only if the elderly support the boys, they can start families and build houses. Only if the boys start families and have children, the old can benefit from the social security systems. Only when the boys develop innovative products, the elderly can reach a high age with quality of life.

In short, we need the old provocateurs as well as the young age groups. Therefore, let us begin by stopping prejudices. If a grandparent’s day can help, we should introduce him.

By the way:

In his book Attention Prejudices, Sir Peter Ustinov writes: “Winston Churchill trotted into parliament at an old age. It took a long time to finally take his place. Two backbenchers broke their mouths: They say he only drinks brandy – They say he always smokes thicker cigars – It is said that he is no longer quite clear even in the upper room. Then Churchill turned and snarled at the deputies: They say he hears badly. “

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