Do you have a right to your child benefit?

Do you have a right to child benefit??

Krissy wrote to us on the subject: "I heard from a few friends that you also have rights to child benefit. "

Who wouldn’t like to have over 200 euros in pocket money a month? Everyone!

It is like this: The parents receive child benefit for their children: € 204 each for the first two children, € 210 for the third and € 235 for each additional child. But why is it like that? There is a reason for this: Child benefit is intended to support parents.

Your parents’ duties

Your parents are not required to pay child benefit as long as you are a minor and still live at home. However, they are obliged to support you as long as you are in your first apprenticeship or degree and cannot take care of yourself and have no income yourself. Child benefit will then count towards maintenance. According to the law, parents owe the child only one (!) Education. With the completion of the first apprenticeship, the child has the opportunity to earn a living. The parents have done their duty.

Payment request

If the parents do not provide maintenance despite their existing obligation, the family fund can pay the child benefit directly to the child at the child’s request. However, the prerequisites are that the child is of legal age (over 18 years) and has his own place of residence.

However, the first step is always to ask the parents for maintenance. There are guide value tables here, e.g. the so-called Düsseldorf table (valid for the old federal states) and the so-called Berlin table (valid for the new federal states). It shows how much maintenance the child is entitled to.

Child benefit checklist

There is child benefit:

  • . for a child up to the age of 25 (extended by military / alternative service) who is in training. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the first or tenth training,
  • . for a child up to the age of 21 who is registered as a job seeker,
  • . for a child up to the age of 25 who is registered as an apprentice,
  • . for a child up to the age of 25, who is in the transition period between two training sections up to a duration of 4 months (classic: waiting time between high school and university),
  • . for a child who is doing a voluntary social or ecological year.
  • . for a child who is unable to support themselves due to a disability, provided the disability occurred before the age of 25 (an activity in protective workshops does not speak against this).

If you have any personal questions about child benefit, please feel free to write to us using the contact form.

Note to adults: This is a site for kids! We therefore ask you to refrain from commenting on this topic. The local family funds are responsible for your questions.

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