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Discover the world of the doctor for children!
A wonderful game for children who want to be doctors!
Your child loves playing games with doctors and pretends to be the best doctor? Does he love games with the doctor?
This is the app for you!

Doctor for children is an educational and entertaining game.
It is a nice, simple and fun game for girls, children and adults!

Easy to learn and control:
choose the child, that you want to heal
choose the treatment
Ears, mouth, teeth, bones, fever, abrasions on the skin
Otolaryngologist, dentist, orthopedic, what type of doctor would you like to be?
give him injection to cure the disease
Clean the ears, examine them thoroughly under a microscope
remove bacteria from your mouth, brush your teeth, treat carious teeth
check X-ray machine to find broken bones
treat the broken bone and take antibiotics
Use a thermometer to measure body temperature
take the syrup and nasal spray
Treat skin abrasions and apply plasters to wounds
Burst all balloons at the end of the treatment!

Available for all screen resolutions and all devices (iPad / iPod / iPhone)!
Simple and intuitive, your little girl or boy will have a lot of fun with this beautiful game for hours!

This educational game helps your child improve problem solving skills,
logical and cognitive skills, concentration and memory.

– High quality game for toddlers, preschoolers and adults
– Easy to use and control
– Fun for kids of all ages, infants, preschoolers, school kids and pre-teens for preschool boys and girls
– Helps toddlers develop their fine motor skills by pulling the various tools
– Play with your child or let him play alone
– Use your baby or toddler to keep them occupied
– 4 cute children are waiting to be cured
– Heal your favorite boy or little girl
– Cure other types of diseases such as dental problems with medical aids
– Helps children to be scared, not from hospital procedures
– Explains child treatments at a children’s clinic
– Fool the doctor or a pediatrician with the practices of a real doctor
– Promote doctor visits, learn to be a good doctor, be in the hospital!
– Does not require internet connection!
– Does not contain advertising!

Learning and playing as fun and enjoyable as possible, this app is not to be missed!
Many educational games with the doctor for toddlers and young children !!
Your child can admire any kind of doctor activity!
If your child loves the doctor games, then you will love this game!

Game the doctor for children is a great game for children and girls.
Ideal for children but also fun for adults who with their Want to play with children!
What are you waiting for ? Play Start being the best doctor clinic in the world!
This app is a fun game that Her child also helps to improve his skills.

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