Does it look like a “raspberry tongue” (scarlet)? (Health and medicine, medicine, doctor)

I am 18 and never had scarlet fever as a child, but you cannot vaccinate it. Yesterday I was babysitting, the little one was sick and afterwards it was determined that it was scarlet fever. Of course, even without knowing this, I avoided cuddling and other things and often washed my hands.

maybe there are some experienced mothers and / or doctors and nurses among you. I’m a little afraid of being infected. I have a bit of a headache and I’m tired, but I haven’t slept much either, but no other symptoms such as fever. The coating on the tongue (picture) – is that quite normal or typical for scarlet fever (or something else) ? &# 128517)

thank you in advance

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You often have scarlet fever without knowing it and you can have scarlet fever very often. The reason for this are the streptococci and there are very many species that trigger scarlet fever. Usually you know when your hands and feet peel "ah it was scarlet fever"

the incubation period is quite short, but 24 hours is very, very rare.

if severe sore throat occurs it can be scarlet fever.

You should have the photo taken out again, otherwise they will all be stuck here.

If you get any problems, please go to the doctor, they did that before you did because you couldn’t show your tongue.

But what is not can still be. Do you have a sore throat??

Quite normal tongue, a little topped on the back, but no raspberry tongue.

Yesterday I was babysitting, the little one was sick and afterwards it was determined that it was scarlet fever.

It doesn’t go that fast with an infection.

Under certain circumstances. Scarlet fever only has an incubation period of 1 to 3 days.

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Hi there! It started last week when I suddenly had an extremely strong sore throat that lasted until Saturday. Saturday they were gone again, but I had a completely coated white tongue with red dots and pus in the throat. The coating has been gone for 2 days and the tongue is only red with red dots, just like a typical scarlet tongue, but I have no other typical scarlet symptoms such as fever or rash. I only have a runny nose, cough, this tongue with pus in my throat and a general feeling of illness. That’s why it can’t be scarlet fever ?! But then why this tongue? Can it be angina? Maybe you can help me. LG

The following: Our child had scarlet fever 2/3 weeks ago and was now in the kindergarten the last week before Christmas. Now he has the same signs as a few weeks ago. I know that you can get scarlet fever more often, but at an interval of 2 weeks?

My friend’s daughter has had scarlet fever for two days. My girlfriend is nerve-wracked. How long can such a childhood illness last??

I am currently in my teacher training and currently have an internship. In the facility is on the door "Scarlet fever occurred in primary school". On Sunday I played and cuddled with my niece and today it came out that she has scarlet fever. My question: Do I have to report this to the facility? Can I transfer that without getting it? What should I do.?

I’ve been sick for about 1 week. It started with severe body aches that to this day could hardly be endured without painkillers! Among other things, I got a sore throat and headache on the third day! My sons, I must mention, were sick at the same time. One with a fever and the other with a fever, sore throat and cough. I thought I got infected with you as it often happens! The next day I find out that scarlet fever goes around in the Kiga as well as in the school. So I watched them both but saw no other symptoms. When my 3rd son started getting red spots on the body we went to the emergency doctor in the hospital. There he examined us all with the diagnosis that my eldest allegedly had scarlet fever. He has survived to this day without a rash, etc. In the meantime I felt worse and went to my family doctor. He prescribed a broad spectrum antibiotic and smeared my neck in case I also have scarlet fever. He could also do one bronchitis with me. Well, I am now struggling to get well again. The only thing that worries me now is that I have a slight abdomen and kidney pain. Can this be a flu symptom? My mother thought it could be because I have general body aches and the lymphs are all working. I’m not sure! The pain is not severe but as if I was getting my period. I only had it shortly before I got sick! Do you have any advice to calm me down??

hey i am 20 and have had such a white shell on my tongue for a week, the tongue also feels rough and a slight sore throat, not a little cough, mainly because of the throat. but I don’t have the rash and fever, which is typical for scarlet fever. what are the chances? tomorrow’s going to the doctor anyway

My sister 8 has had scarlet fever since Friday and has only been taking antibiotics since yesterday, is she likely to be infected during the period? The doctor is closed today because it is Sunday. How should I behave?

I am a kindergarten teacher and probably got infected with scarlet fever. After a child was brought home for fever two days ago and was then told that the girl had scarlet fever, we are all very careful.

I had a high fever yesterday and went to my family doctor. He said it was probably scarlet fever and at the moment I’m still waiting for the blood test.

Is scarlet fever similar in adults to in children? I mean, how long would it be before I could go back to work without infecting someone else? Do you have experience with it??

If so, it would be great if you could tell me how it went with you. Thank you!


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