Does private accident insurance make sense for children?

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As a rule, children live in everyday life with little care. They explore their environment and discover something new every day. And that’s a good thing, because in this way they learn to find their way around the world, become more independent over time and gain experience. Even with the greatest caution, our children’s exploration tours can lead to one or two small falls or major accidents. Something like this happens in your free time the small not protected by statutory accident insurance. Then you need private accident insurance, with which you do not have to worry at least about covering financial expenses.

What does private accident insurance cover??

Statutory accident insurance only applies to accidents
• At work
• In kindergarten
• At school
• In the training center
• In the University
• On the direct return trip to work, kindergarten, school or university

According to statistics, however, a lot of accidents occur, especially during leisure time. If, for example, there is a permanent impairment of physical and / or mental abilities or of disability, you can she with compensate for the financial consequences of private accident insurance. Depending on the insurer and individually selected modules, it includes the following types of benefits:

Disability: Depending on the sum insured and the degree of disability, the insurance company makes a one-off lump sum payment, which you can use to pay for maintenance or renovation costs, for example.
Progression: Many insurance companies include a so-called progression. This determines what percentage of the sum insured and what degree of disability will be paid out.
Limbs tax: This determines the degree of disability. Depending on how it turns out, you will receive payments in different amounts.
Unfallrente: Your children receive monthly payments after an accident, which you can use to make up for lost income if they cannot make a living themselves because of the accident.
Hospital Cash
Rehabilitation after an accident
Cosmetic operations
rescue costs
Cost of medical-therapeutic aids

The private accident insurance for children

If you take out accident insurance yourself, you can include your children in the insurance. For example, 1822direkt offers private accident insurance, where you can take out the so-called children’s package as an additional component. This includes the following services:

• school loss
• Childcare costs
• Rooming-In: This means that when the child is hospitalized, parents have the option of being admitted to the same room.
• Orphan’s pension
• Financial benefits in the event of damage to health through vaccination

Does private accident insurance make sense for children? – Per & Contra

With the policy, your children are insured against leisure accidents / Image: FamVeld / Shutterstock

Private accident insurance for children can make sense. This is especially true if the youngsters are practicing certain sports with an increased risk, such as riding, motor or martial arts. The possible benefits of insurance are offset by the costs. Because there are separate amounts if you insure your children – also in family insurance. The following pro and contra list can provide information as to whether child accident insurance is worthwhile in an individual case.

  • With the policy, your children are insured against accidents that occur in their free time.
  • With the insurance, your children are covered for both accidents caused by themselves and third parties.
  • You can make use of services around the clock and worldwide.
  • The contributions are usually relatively cheap.
  • With the disability payment, you receive a one-off amount with which you can immediately pay the costs. For example, if you have to remodel your home to make it wheelchair accessible.
  • The insurance pays even if the degree of disability is very low. As a rule, the amount paid out increases with disability.


  • The accident insurance only applies to damage that has arisen in the context of an accident.
  • In fact, a large proportion of physical impairments are more likely to result from illness.
  • The amount paid out is used up at some point.
  • If additional costs are incurred, the insured person must cover them himself.

Do you need accident insurance for children??

Private accident insurance cannot reverse physical damage that has occurred as a result of an accident. However, it can make life easier for the victims. It makes a financial contribution, with the You can provide your child with the best possible care and support. Make sure that the insurance includes an accident pension. This not only gives you a one-time payment. Monthly pension payments sustainably compensate for financial damage caused by an accident.

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