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The 8 best car seats for dogs at a glance.

Dogs want to be everywhere and we also want to know them most of the time. There is one or the other common car ride. With the right dog car seat give your four-legged friend the pleasure of sitting right next to you and are safer on the road at the same time.

You would also like to greet other passengers without the dog to completely exclude? Then a product is recommended that can be attached to both the front seat and the back seat. Take a look at our test or comparison table and discover the perfect model for your loyal companion.


machine washable
hand cleaning
hand cleaning
Washable pillow and seat cover
hand cleaning
Washable inside
machine washable
hand cleaning

Dog car seat comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Golden Dog dog car seat Cadrim DS24903 Funpet dog car seat Trixie 13176 Zellar Z-BS-03 Legendog car seat Trixie 1322 GUOYI YDJJ00016XD
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The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

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43 reviews 89 reviews 90 reviews 178 reviews 37 reviews 107 reviews 195 reviews 93 ratings
Dog car seat type
Suitable for front seat or back seat Front seat and back seat front seat Front seat and back seat Front seat and back seat Front seat and back seat Front seat and back seat Front seat and back seat Front seat and back seat
Suitable for the following dog sizes You can find more information on the sizes in chapter 5.2. also for large dogs
Height at withers up to approx. 70 cm (e.g. English Setter)
for small dogs
Height at withers up to approx. 35 cm (e.g. miniature poodle)
also for large dogs
Height at withers up to approx. 70 cm (e.g. English Setter)
for small dogs
Height at withers up to approx. 35 cm (e.g. miniature poodle)
for puppies or very small dogs
Height at withers up to approx. 20 cm (e.g. dwarf tip)
for puppies or very small dogs
Height at withers up to approx. 20 cm (e.g. dwarf tip)
for puppies or very small dogs
Height at withers up to approx. 20 cm (e.g. dwarf tip)
for puppies or very small dogs
Height at withers up to approx. 20 cm (e.g. dwarf tip)
Mounting integrated straps integrated belt integrated straps Belt guide for car seat belt integrated straps integrated belt integrated straps & Belt guide for car seat belt integrated belt
Can also be used as a seat cover No Yes Yes No No No No No
Elevated sitting position
for a better view out of the window
No No No Yes No No No No
Features and particularities
Integrated leash
Prevents the dog from leaving the seat
quality of workmanship
Stability and resilience
particularly robust robust robust robust pretty tough robust robust Walls could be more stable
waterproof Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
scratch-proof Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
non-slip Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Comfortable floor extremely convenient comfortable comfortable extremely convenient not particularly comfortable very convenient not particularly comfortable comfortable
L x H x W
65 x 55 x 25 cm 45 x 58 x 45 cm 68 x 57 x 33 cm 45 x 47 x 41 cm 40 x 36 x 24 cm 41 x 32 x 21 cm 45 x 38 x 37 cm 40 x 32 x 25 cm
Weight 2,000 g 558 g 739 g 1,070 g 880 g 1,240 g 2,200 g 900 g
  • particularly high quality workmanship
  • very w > Washable up to 30 ° in the washing machine
  • can be converted into a simple seat cover with a zipper
  • very resistant
  • can be converted into a simple seat cover with a zipper
  • Dog can look out of the window thanks to the booster seat
  • Bag for treats
  • particularly breathable
  • Bag for treats
  • two pockets for treats
  • Washable up to 30 ° in the washing machine
  • particularly breathable
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Golden Dog car seat Questions and answers about Cadrim DS24903 Questions and answers about Funpet dog car seat Questions and answers about Trixie 13176 Questions and answers about Zellar Z-BS-03 Questions and answers about Legendog car seat Questions and answers about Trixie 1322 Questions and answers about GUOYI YDJJ00016XD
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Dog car seats Buyer’s Guide:
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  • Dog car seats make dog transport in the car much safer. Your four-legged friend can no longer romp around freely in the car, but remains in one place for the entire journey.
  • Most products are waterproof and scratch-resistant, so that mud or claws cannot get directly onto or in the cover of your car seats.
  • At least a rough cleaning by hand with a damp cloth allows a variety of the models offered – and some can even be washed in the washing machine.

Dogs are the most popular pets in Germany after the compact and easy-care cats – The best friends of man can be found in almost every fifth household (Source: ZFF). It is logical that we want to take the loyal and very lovable animals with us everywhere and should do so often, after all, the four-legged friends do not like to stay alone for long. While this is not a problem on foot and many dog ​​owners are able to teach their dogs to walk around while cycling even in the hectic traffic of the big city, the modes of transport in the car differ.

We therefore illuminate a certain category and present it to you here Dog car seat comparison 2019/2020 in front. In the product table above this purchase advice you will find the best dog car seats clearly shown. In the guide, we dive a little deeper into the subject and explain, among other things, which type of dog car seat is the right one for you, when a high quality workmanship is particularly recommended and when you should pay attention to a higher comfort of the seat.

It is easier to ride on the dog car seat than, for example, in a dog box.

1. The car seat types: focus on stability or flexibility

If you want to transport the dog in the car, there are various options: In addition to the dog seat presented here (sometimes called the dog bed), there is also the dog transport box linked above or the dog guard for the car. There are now no clearly distinguishable types within the dog car seat category, but there are some conceptual differences that make certain types of car dog seats different from each other.

Is your dog of a wilder variety? Then a car dog seat with high stability is the right choice.

We have you in the table below the two product characteristics of stability and flexibility are compared, because in our opinion, particularly stable car seats for dogs do not achieve top marks for flexibility and vice versa.

Car dog seat – focus stability Car dog seat – focus on flexibility
particularly strong walls
is particularly suitable for restless dogs and cannot be converted into a seat cover
this often takes up more storage space
can be converted into a seat cover
more space for dogs
Can also be used by people as a seat cover Side walls often offer less stability
is therefore more suitable for quieter dogs
The big difference is the zipper with which many a car seat for the dog can be converted into a seat cover. This is often not a problem for quiet dogs, but more restless dogs may be better equipped with restrictive walls.

A flexible dog car seat can also be interesting for dogs that are still growing. If they still fit into the box as puppies, the seat could slowly become too small over time. Practical when the dog seat can then be converted into a cover and the restricting walls quickly fall.

If your dog in the car is rather nervous and therefore tests its limits, we recommend a stable dog seat for the car. Otherwise it can happen that the four-legged friend Sidewalls deformed over time and the Dog seat is damaged.

2. Front seat or back seat: There is not always room for the dog as a passenger

Your passenger seat has already been taken? Then buy a dog car seat for the back seat.

The dog in the car should not be rare take a seat in the front passenger seat, after all, we want to have our beloved pets near us, and we can control them better if they become restless.

However, if other people drive along, someone often takes up the front seat and the dog has to move back a row – if that is possible.

Because long ago not every dog ​​seat for the car can also be installed on the back seat. If you don’t want to miss this freedom, you should make sure that the dog seat is suitable for the back seat or for both rows – i.e. front seat and back seat.

Would you like to treat your dog to the front seat when driving so that he can see more of the surroundings? Then your personal dog car seat comparison winner should have a booster seat! The pet sits at window height and can watch the passing world comfortably through the window.

3. The resilience: the higher the better the protection of your car seats

Transporting dogs in the car can be a dirty and wet affair. If it has rained or there is water on the walk route, the dog does not stay dry – and if the dog does not stay dry, it does not usually stay clean. Keeping the dirt away from the car seat cover is probably one of the reasons why dog ​​owners buy a dog car seat.

However, this is quickly waste if moisture and dirt have it too easy to get through the dog seat onto the car seat.

Do you seem familiar? Then buy a waterproof and scratch-resistant dog car seat.

It is therefore important in addition to the waterproofness and last but not least the scratch resistance, Because the car dog seat is too easy a victim for the claws of the four-legged friend, these can of course also damage the car seat and liquid can get on the seat cover.

So if you have a racker who likes to be a little wild with his surroundings, you should pay particular attention to a high level of resistance.

Mud and dirt are not uncommon? Then the dog seat should be washable! Some manufacturers and brands also have products on the market that can be washed in the washing machine at 30 °. The other models can usually be cleaned at least by hand with a damp cloth. If your dog likes to get into the car dirty and wet, you should avoid felt products.

Hard dog life? Some car dog seats can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

4. Safety: The seat belt for dogs is not perfect

Dog car seats make driving safer

Nevertheless, a dog car seat increases road safety! That is, if no accident has yet occurred. The dog is tied to the seat and cannot explore the interior of your vehicle at will. This means that it does not jump into the driver’s footwell ad hoc and, in principle, represents a much less distraction.

If you are concerned about safety in the event of an accident, dog car seats may not be the best solution on the market. For example safer to carry your dog in a heavy dog ​​crate and position them across the back seat. In addition, a stable car dog guard can protect in the event that the box still moves forward. Information on the safe handling of such products can be found in the corresponding comparisons.

The car dog seat, on the other hand, appears somewhat less secure than the other options. It is either attached to the seat with integrated straps or contains a feedthrough or loop through which the car seat belt can be passed. The dog itself is usually one more time tied to the dog seat by a short integrated leash.

A stable dog guard in combination with a leash is relatively safe.

However, there are concerns in both cases: It is doubtful that the integrated belts do not simply tear, the same could also happen to the bushing through which the seat belt for dogs is passed.

And even if the seat remained in place, the integrated leash that ties the four-legged friend to the seat could tear.

If safety is your priority, we recommend dog guards and dog boxes. If you are more concerned with dog comfort and purely practical considerations, dog car seats are right for you.

5. Questions and answers about dog car seats

5.1. Did the Stiftung Warentest do a dog car seat test?

No, the institute has not yet published a dog car seat test. However, the foundation did not change until the year 2018 dealt with the question, how to safely transport dogs in the car and did a dog boxing test. Five dog boxes for the car were cut with the grade very good from, however, these also cost between 300 and almost 700 euros.

Dog car seats are cheaper (approx. 15 to 100 euros), but they do not offer the same level of safety as dog boxes (see Chapter 4).

Five times “very good” at the Stiftung Warentest: dog boxes are relatively safe.

5.2. There are only universal sizes for dog car seats?

No, there are different sizes that you can choose depending on the size of your dog. So there is Car seat for small dogs such as chihuahuas or border terriers, which generally do not significantly exceed a shoulder height of 35 cm.

The Dog car seat for medium dogs is more suitable for breeds such as Cocker Spaniel or Schnauzer, which often do not grow taller than 60 cm.

You will also find the right seat for larger dogs in our product table.

The Dog transport for large dogs works of course with the right seat, which should also be as stable as possible. Large dogs are understood to be those with a minimum size of 60 cm, including boxers or English setters.


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