Dog games – how you deal with your puppies and dogs

Dog Games – How to Treat Your Puppies and Dogs

Puppy games – deal with the dog

Puppies have – who would have thought &# 128521; – a strong gameplay and the little four-legged friends would like to romp all day long. But beware: For your dog’s sake, you should make sure that a good balance between dog play and rest breaks is maintained. If you keep your puppy around the clock and do not let it settle, this can later be felt in a nervous character. Keep in mind that puppies sleep about 20 hours a day. Even adult dogs sleep or doze about 16 hours a day. The rest of the time can be used for games for your dogs.

Chewing toys facilitate and clean the teeth

Puppies need a different kind of games. They are not allowed to run or jump so well and the games for dogs should be adapted to the age. Great puppy games are all kinds of character games. These are not only very relieving for the small dogs when the teeth break through or the tooth change is pending. Chest toys also prevent the little quadruped from chewing on the couch, pillows, shoes and remote controls.

For example, with the Anwin dog toy you are well equipped for it. The set consists of 13 parts and is made of high quality and durable cotton. With the puppy you can do it in a small style to retrieve or simply let him chew on the pleasure of the individual toys. Caution: Zerrspiele are not yet suitable for puppies, since their little teeth are not so strong and stable.

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But first and foremost, these puppy games are about spending time with your little dog. This enjoys the four-legged friends the most. The colorful toy that you offer him tempting is just an added plus. However, this chew toy also has another advantage. The small teeth are cleaned properly from the beginning. Thus, deposits and tartar have no chance and the masticatory muscles of the little four-legged friends is strengthened and trained.

Intelligence games – games that challenge and promote intelligence

Make treats disappear

Already from the puppy age on the brain of the four-legged animals must be trained. Intelligence games are the best dog games for this. It does not always have to be a complicated and expensive toy for the dog. It is enough, for example, to sit down on the floor with your little darling. In one hand you hold a treat and let it disappear in your fist. The other fist is empty. Now you let your puppy get a taste of it and if he has decided on the right hand, of course he gets the treat. You can play these kind of dog games anytime, anywhere. It promotes the intelligence of your four-legged friend and also ensures a closer bond between you.

Interactive toys

Very great dog games are the so-called interactive toys. This will allow you to keep your dog busy and train his attention. Especially popular with this dog toy is the Trixie 32040 Dog Activity Memory Trainer. Here, the quadruped must learn to press the trigger and then receives his reward. These dog games can also be adapted to the age and ability of the four-legged friends. At the beginning, the trigger is directly next to the container with the food. Later you position the trigger further and further away.

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Of course, these dog games are a lot of fun for the four-legged friends. They love it when master or mistress deals with them. The dogs also like to show what they can and are happy if you praise them extensively. In addition, an additional treat with our four-legged friends is always welcome.

Dog Garden Games – Outdoor Games

Whether you have a small or large garden, or if you have to go for the dog games in the dog park, your four-legged friends will enjoy the extensive Tollen together with you in the fresh air. You do not need a lot of toys for that and these dog games do not have to be expensive either.

Grab a Frisbee disc and go with it in the garden with your four-legged friend. First, you can practice retrieving. Later, it becomes funny when the dog catches the flying disc directly from the air and brings it back to you. Also balls in all sizes and ropes are wonderful as dog games for the garden.

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Maybe you also have a hula hoop. You can teach your dog to jump through. Start with it slowly and hold it only directly on the ground. Once the four-legged has understood that he should go through the tire, you can also increase the height slowly. These dog games are supposed to be fun for both of them. It is important, however, that waiting for your four-legged after a great performance and a treat for reward.

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Also great for the garden, especially for hot summer days is the All for Paws garden potions for dogs. Dogs love to sip fresh water and find it exciting when the water splashes out of the well. These dog games are not only fun, but also make sure that your dog drinks enough.

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Also very funny in the garden are games with the garden hose. Even Sprinkelanlagen are always wonderful gadgets when it comes to frolic with the dog on hot days in the garden. You run after your four-legged friend and you both enjoy the little refreshment. Most dogs also love to catch the water jets with their mouths or paws. Fun is inevitable here in any case.

Dog Games – Agility, playful movement for your four-legged friend

More and more you hear that you can deal with Agility wonderful the dog. But what exactly is agility and how can you do that at home with your four-legged friend??

Agility is the name of a dog sport in which the four-legged friend runs across a variety of obstacles and virtually completes a course. Agility is a recreational sport in which the four-legged is really well utilized. There are countless possibilities for these dog games. Whether tunnels or tires, sloping walls, seesaws, slalom poles or more, in agility the dogs can prove their skill.

Agility is generally suitable for all dogs. Only very heavy and large dogs should do without this dog sport. Dogs that should not jump in general should not jump here either. Even when the joints and tendons are struck, agility should be handled with care. But slalom and small skill runs but are also feasible for these dogs – in case of doubt, you inquire in advance with your vet.

You can easily put a slalom in the garden and go through it together with the dog first. There are also ready-made sets, such as the agility exercise set for hurdles and slalom. This is made up of durable, easy-to-clean and handy stools and hurdles to set up for the dog’s games in the blink of an eye in the garden. You do not always have to join a club for Agility.

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You can also build your own obstacle course with seesaws and slopes using boards, logs and pallets. However, if you are not skilled in craftsmanship, or just do not want to spend your time, you do not have to give up these dog games. For example, the awesome PawHut dog rocker, a sturdy and stable dog agility rocker, is also available for purchase. With this rocker you promote the dexterity and balance of your four-legged friend.

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You can also build tunnels from tires and boxes yourself. Again, you do not necessarily have to be creative, because tunnels for agility can also be bought online. The four-legged friends have a great pleasure in this type of dog games. The dogs love to hunt through the tunnels and are also thrilled when they rustle.

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Dog Games – Snooping games for the dog and its sense of smell

Sneak games for the dog are absolutely popular with all four-legged friends. It does not matter if it’s a puppy or an adult dog. These dog games inspire Chihuahuas as well as shepherds, Dachshunds or Danes. Also, there are no restrictions and all animals can be eager to get involved.

Snoop games are dog games that are enormously fun, but have a valuable background. It is a quiet game that really animates the brain and the senses of the four-legged friends. This is referred to as the so-called brain work, which is so important for a species-appropriate utilization.

Dogs have a pronounced sense of smell. However, if this is never promoted, then this can also waste away. That is why dog ​​sniffing games are absolutely essential and make the four-legged friends a lot of fun. No wonder, but in the end, lots of treats.

You can easily hide all sorts of treats in the apartment for these dog games. You can also sit on the ground with your puppy, for example. You take a big blankie and hide the treats underneath. Now you let the little four-legged friend with his nose find the rewards. You can also set a track with treats and play a kind of paper chase with your four-legged friend.

For the advanced: Do not just sniff out treats

If your dog is already better trained, it does not always have to be treats. You can also encourage your four-legged friend to sniff a particular piece of clothing, a toy or something similar. At the beginning it is helpful if you also hide a treat in a scarf, T-shirt or in a rag doll. If the dog is better trained and knows to use his nose, the smell of the individual objects is sufficient. You just have to show him another T-shirt or another doll with the same smell and you’re ready to go.

However, dog mental games can also be bought online. If you do not want to make a sniffing carpet yourself, the YAMI sniffing carpet is perfect.

For small dogs


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For big dogs

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Search games for the dog – Dog games for mental utilization

You can play hide and seek with your four-legged friend. You hide behind the door, in the wardrobe or behind the garden shed and your little treasure must find you. Search games for the dog also stimulate the mental and mental utilization. This type of mental work makes the four-legged friends also a lot of joy. You will recognize it when your little sweetheart almost flips over with joy as soon as he finds you.

You can also increase these search games constantly and make it more difficult. Various objects, textiles and even treats you can hide your four-legged friends and he rummages through these. It becomes especially tricky for the dog if you, for example, bury the objects. Here you can start in the sandbox. Your dog will love to dig out the pieces found.

Employment toys – thinking games for dogs

Puzzle games for dogs are all games that go beyond the physical capacity. Maybe your four-legged friend will not be animated immediately to play. A good motivator is always a treat. With tasty little bites and appetizers, you can also motivate a dog who does not particularly like playing. Jerkies, quills, chewing bones or simple dry food are best suited for this purpose. You yourself will quickly find out what it lures the little treasure and in a certain way can bribe.

You can very easily prepare these dogs games at home without many aids. For a fun brain game you only need an old newspaper and some treats. Wrap three or four treats in newspaper. The rest of the newspaper is crumpled side by side into balls. Now you mix all the balls and spread them on the floor or fill a box with it. Your dog may now go with his nose on the search. He sniffs the hidden food and may unpack it. Even empty toilet paper rolls you can fill and glue.

Even a dog food ball, a so-called snack ball or interactive food dispenser is always entertaining. Here, the four-legged friend must try and press certain keys to get his reward. However, always make sure that you limit this dog game time. All the treats you receive should be deducted later from the daily feed ration. Through snooping games and co of the four-legged is busy and motivated, but not overweight.

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The Trixie Dog Activity Game Bone is also a great brain toy for your four-legged darling. Your fur nose has to turn different elements and thus get its reward. This game is also suitable for dogs of all ages and both puppies, as well as adult dogs and even seniors can be inspired.

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Furbo Camera – Play with your dog without being home

Do you always think about what your little darling will do at home during work or when you’re away from home? Would you like to play mice and call your dog? It is now possible with the Furbo dog camera. This even has a treat issue. So you can reward your four-legged friend in your absence.

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But this dog camera not only gives you the opportunity to see your pet, you can also talk to it. This is very interesting if you are just training to stay alone. So you can calm your dog even in his absence or praise. The Furbo Dog Camera also has additional gadgets such as taking and sharing photos and videos. An entertaining toy for the dog, especially for master and mistress.

Water toy for dogs – fun on hot days

Some dogs are real water rats and can not get enough of it. In midsummer, however, almost all dogs mutate into water fans and love to play in the garden in the paddling pool or pool. Like children in the bath, dogs love colorful toys for the water.

Perfect for the pool is the Kong Aqua. This is a buoyant dog toy. But you can also use the Kong outside the water. The Kong made of natural rubber is very sturdy and can not bite so fast. In addition, you can use the Kong for throwing and retrieving. The Kong can also be filled with food and will be a great sneak game for your four-legged friend.

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The CHUCKIT! – Ultra ball made of natural rubber is also perfectly designed for games in the pool. You can also use it in the garden to play. Also, the Toozey Dog Frisbee disc with its great flying characteristics inspires dogs and owners.

For playing in the water are all dog toys made of rubber or plastic, which does not suck in with water and can not be bitten so quickly. Inflatable water toy is not suitable for dogs.

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You can also offer your dog funny water games in the apartment. All you need is a large plastic or aluminum tub. In this tub, you give now food or toys and your four-legged friend must fish this out. With the help of this game, you get your treasure to the water and take it out through mental work. Apples or carrots are particularly suitable, which the dog can then fish out of the water. You can also swim a duckling or a ball in the water. Just make sure that you do not necessarily park the bowl on the carpet, because this game can quickly lead to a medium-sized flood.

More little skill games

With treats you can train different commands. Start with paws or let your dog play a role. You can also throw the treats through the air for the four-legged friend and he has to catch them from the air. You can also train the skill and patience of your four-legged friend by balancing the treats on his muzzle.

But you have to be patient, because it takes a lot of attempts, especially for very eaten copies, until it works out. But that does not matter. The most important thing is that you both enjoy the common dog games and your four-legged not only physically, but also mentally busy.

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