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With the catameran on dolphin expedition

Of course, during a Floridaurlaub a boat trip may not be missing. We even participate in a mini-expedition.

And we are curious: Are we actually seeing one of the friendly marine mammals? Our guide Kent from the “Dolphin Explorer Tour” explains first that together we observe the dolphins and birds of the “Ten Tousand Islands”. Data is collected to protect the stock. The dolphin fins are photographed and named after their characteristics. Thus, it can be determined whether everyone is still in their territory, whether they have received a boy and in which family constellations they live together. The children are given a folder in their hands and can already see how different the dolphins look. As soon as we leave the Marina of Marco Island, we see the first two magnificent specimens swimming next to our boat. “The one with the slightly bent fin is called Patty and next to it her brother Nat is swimming,” explains Kent. The kids bounce back and forth with excitement. Everyone wants to get the best view of the dolphin. The adults, of course, pull out all their cameras to photograph the gracefully swimming animals. Incidentally, if you discover a dolphin that is not yet cataloged, you get the rights to the photo and may even give it a name. Unfortunately, this does not happen to us on the tour.

  • During the trip, we still see some white-tailed eagles, who have built quite robust nests on the signposts. And a manatee can also be spotted from a distance. Then it makes a small rums and we land on an uninhabited tiny island. Armed with yellow bags, we are looking for shellfish. The beach looks like a commercial and no one is far and wide to see. We are totally thrilled and feel like Robinson Cruso. And now we have also packed the mussel fever. You just have to stoop and you have already found the most amazing shells: Turned snails and flat fan shells in all white and pink tones. Big and small shells, empty and filled. Naturally we throw them back into the sea. Suddenly Kent calls for an immediate departure. A black cloud is picking up, he has received a bad weather warning via radio. At full speed we drive through the many small islands and waterways to get to the harbor in time for the big downpour. As with a precision landing, we are just entering the marina as the rain sets in. We already suspect a hurricane, but Kent calms down, “this is really just a normal thunderstorm”. OK. We do not want to imagine how it storms and rains in a real hurricane.

    Info: Dolphin Explorer Tour, Marco River Marina, 951 Bald Eagle Drive, Marco Island, FL – 34146; Tel. 239-642-6899; Price: $ 57 per adult, $ 34 per child (3-12 years); – book in time !;

    And otherwise: do not forget sunscreen, headgear and camera. Drinking water is available free of charge for guests on board.

    Meals: You can bring your own snacks on the boat. After the tour, seafood buffet is recommended in the restaurant “Snook Inn” in Marco Island. Also with children’s menu. Restaurant Snook Inn, 1215 Bald Eagle Drive, Marco Island, FL – 34145; Tel. 239-394-3313


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