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Everyone can support the campaign “Pilgern mit SiNN” with donations of any amount. With the proceeds the important work in the butterfly group is promoted. Individuals such as friends, companies such as clubs, teams, anniversary societies, classes or families can donate.

100% of the donations go directly to the EiGEN-SiNN foundation.

Simply donate online

Please select in the field “I donate for” the intended purpose “Pilgrim with SiNN”.

Donate by bank transfer

Recipient: Stiftung EiGEN-SiNN Purpose: “Pilgern mit SiNN” Account number (IBAN): DE60 6425 1060 0013 5219 47 at Kreissparkasse Freudenstadt

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Dear Frank, I will accompany you from Freudenstadt to Freiburg and will donate 1 € per km to the Eigensinn Foundation. I am very happy to walk with you and to accompany you. I find your project incredibly exciting…….. to be at your side. Lg your Minchen

Dear Hermine, I thank you for your support, not only on the Camino and am glad that you will accompany me the first days and make the start easier for me. Your donation for the butterflies is very generous; also many thanks on behalf of the children. Frank

Dear Frank, I admire your project very much and will support the butterflies with a donation. I wish you a good success and would like to say goodbye to you with an old Irish travel blessing:

“May your way be kind to you, may wind strengthen your back, may sunshine give your face much shine and warmth, may the rain gently soak your fields, and until we see each other again, hold God in His protecting hand.

Dear Eve, thank you for your kind words. They will accompany me on my way. On behalf of the children of the butterfly group, I would also like to thank you for the donation. Best regards Frank

Dear Mr. Derricks,

Your action for our “butterfly group” is so great and I personally have been collecting all the small change in an OWN-SENSING pig since 01.01. 18. This will then bring us closer to our common goal in small steps.

I am enthusiastic and wish you much SINN when pilgrim. Kind regards from the EIGEN-SINN Hans-Martin Haist

Hello Mr. Haist, many thanks for the warm farewell today in the children’s workshop. Even with small steps we are getting closer to our goal. Today we arrived well in Alpirsbach; a short stage to the start. Frank Derricks

Dear Frank, today is Friday and our butterfly group starts in a few minutes. We think of you and wish you a lot of joy while hiking and God’s blessing for every new day. Best regards from ALL butterfly children and from Alicia, Alessio, Luisa, Karin and Heide

Thank you for your kind wishes from the children’s workshop in Freudenstadt.

Dear Mr. Derricks, I read about your project in the newspaper and followed it (from now on I will do this via the website). I think it’s great what you’re doing and I wish you a lot of perseverance for the project and of course a lot of beautiful, unforgettable experiences. I myself went on a winter pilgrimage from Le Puy en Velay 3 years ago, before I finally got to Freudenstadt. To go on a pilgrimage from home has been a dream ever since – but this will have to wait a while. But I will continue to follow your pilgrimage and reminisce in my own memories. Many greetings, Sarah Braun

Dear Sarah, thank you very much for your comment and good wishes. May I approach you if I have any questions about the way from Le Puy? I have great respect for the week from Le Puy to Espalion. I wish you much joy and success with your heart project. Best regards and see you soon Frank Derricks

Dear Mr. Derrick, admirable what you’re doing. All the best for you and good luck. Edeltraud Arnet

Dear Edeltraud, thank you very much for your encouragement! Best regards, Frank

Dear Frank, … phew, 10 days blog I read today in one piece, because we were on vacation. But this “pilgrimage” in your head is of course not comparable to your Camino… I have the greatest respect for your performance. All the best for the way across the Pyrenees. I greet you with this text: Go under a wide sky. Living under a good God. The sun of his philanthropy in his face. The song of his generosity in his ears. His love in all senses. All love

Dear Eve, I am always happy to read about you and appreciate your encouragement very much. After my return I will be happy to tell you more personally. Best regards, Frank

Oh, yeah, I’m looking forward to it now… All the love!

We admire your perseverance on the Way of St James and therefore want to support the butterflies that are so close to your heart.

Your Roelie and Siegfried Stöhr

Dear Roelie, dear Siegfried, I thank you for your perseverance reading the blog and of course also on behalf of the butterflies for your donation. Best regards Frank

Hello, Frank! I envy you that you’re still on your way. Unfortunately I’ve been home since last Monday. Maybe a meeting will take place at my place. Nice to have met you. Lg Roland

Dear Roland, for some weeks now I am also at home and arrive so slowly in a “new everyday life”. I am sure that we will see each other again soon. Greetings from Freudenstadt Frank

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