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War in Syria: children need your help!

Children and their families have been suffering from the war in Syria for more than eight years. Violence and bloodshed have led to one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our time. More than 13.5 million people urgently need help – half of them are children.

With the most recent military operation in the northeast of the country in October 2019, the war has one more Low point reached: Again, almost 180,000 people had to flee attacks, including around 70,000 children. Thousands seek shelter in schools, unfinished buildings without electricity or in the open air, they endure under catastrophic conditions. “There is no water and no toilets. The smell is unbearable, ”report the local people. Everything is missing, drinking water, food and hygiene items. As long as the security situation allows, Save the Children will continue to provide help on site and provide people with essentials such as food, hygiene items and mattresses.

Please support our work with a donation and help Syria’s children!

school supplies

With € 40 enable the purchase of School supplies for ten children, so that they can learn even during the crisis.


Your donation over € 102 enables us to have a family of five for three weeks food to supply.

Psychosocial care

With € 180 help one child mentoring psychosocially, has experienced the terrible.

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Save the Children has been on the ground since the beginning of the Syria conflict. In Syria, we support children and their families with the help of local partner organizations that operate in different regions of Syria, often under dangerous conditions. We also help refugee children and their families in the neighboring countries of Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey. Our emergency aid goes far beyond mere survival aid eight years after the outbreak of the conflict.

With your donation you will help among other things:

  • Children and their families with vital Food and medication to supply
  • Protection and play spaces for child refugees to be set up in which girls and boys are looked after and find a piece of normalcy again. Here you can learn, play, exchange ideas and our experts help you to process your experiences
  • Children the school attendance to enable. They support us in rebuilding schools, training teachers, providing school materials and paying school fees in the host communities
  • health facilities to make it operational again. We provide equipment and medication and support vaccination campaigns

Since the beginning of the conflict, we have been able to help more than 3 million people, including almost 2 million children, in and around Syria. We have to continue our work.

Please help the Syrian children and their families!

Children pay the highest price

© Jonathan Hyams / Save the Children

Many Syrian children only know life in war. Children and their families have been suffering from the violent conflict for more than eight years. And their situation continues to deteriorate. The fear of attacks has become a constant companion. Children die because of a lack of food, water and medical care. The effects of war on children’s psyche are fatal. This is shown in our report "Invisible Wounds".

Refugees in neighboring countries also need help. In total, more than 5.6 million people have fled Syria. Many of them have been living in overcrowded refugee camps or provisional accommodation in neighboring Syria for years – mostly without electricity, running water and heating. In addition, around 2.8 million Syrian children no longer go to school worldwide. In order to is the The future of Syria’s children is at risk. We have to act urgently to help them! Every donation counts!

Save the Children Deutschland eV is recognized as a corporation by the exemption notice from the tax office for corporations I Berlin dated January 28, 2019, tax number 27/67761587, the exclusively and directly tax-privileged non-profit purpose within the meaning of Section 52 (2) Sentence 1 No. 4 AO is.

Donate safely

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