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Help in a way that suits you best: as a godmother or godfather, with a one-time donation, as a private person or company. Your help works!


With your commitment you show solidarity with the most disadvantaged people in the world. Our projects start where help is needed most urgently. We help people to help themselves. Support us in this:

child sponsorship

A child sponsorship changes lives: for the children, their families and the whole region.

village sponsorship

Their support helps people in their environment sustainably and creates perspectives for the development of an entire region.

childhood rescuer

As a childhood savior, you protect children from violence in situations such as war, disaster, child labour and child abuse.

disaster relief

In emergencies and disasters such as wars, earthquakes, droughts or floods, World Vision provides rapid, unbureaucratic emergency aid, supports reconstruction and implements preventive measures.

Free donation

With your unrestricted and one-time donation you contribute to children and their families being able to live in dignity.

donation in a will

Leave something lasting and commit yourself to permanently improved living conditions.


Donating is a very personal matter, with which many people express that they have a fate especially close to their hearts. Would you like to support people who face special challenges? For example children with disabilities or special diseases, street children, orphans or single mothers? Then get in touch with our donor support team:

We are there for you! Phone 044 510 15 15 or info @ worldvision . ch

Questions & Answers

+ Where will my donation go?

We advocate a multisectoral approach that not only solves the current problems, but also tackles the causes of poverty in a long-term and sustainable manner. With your donation we implement vital projects in the areas of water + hygiene, health + nutrition, education + children’s rights as well as for the economic development of a region. For example, we provide clean water, healthy nutrition and health care, school materials and teacher training. But we also promote sustainable agriculture and support people setting up in business.

+ What effect will my donation have?

Through the regular reports from the sponsorship projects or the updates from the disaster areas, you, as a donor of World Vision Switzerland, can see concretely what your donation will achieve. Our effectiveness report and the annual reports provide additional transparency regarding the use of donations. And if you would like to see for yourself, you can take group trips to project areas or individual project visits to see for yourself how World Vision works on site.

+ Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, World Vision Switzerland is recognized as a charitable foundation. Donations can be deducted from taxes. You will receive an official donation receipt at the beginning of each year.

+ Efficient and transparent use of donations

We attach great importance to transparently demonstrating how our donations are used and to having ourselves audited by independent bodies. Through regular progress reports from the sponsorship projects and the disaster relief, you as a donor can see concretely what your donation will achieve. Effectiveness and annual reports create additional transparency. World Vision Switzerland has received two awards from the internationally recognised, independent Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems, SQS (ISO 9001, NPO label) and bears the seal of approval of the Foundation Code of Ethics. SQS is the leading organization for assessments and certifications in Switzerland. Its certifications are recognized worldwide. The independent seal of approval of the Code of Ethics Foundation certifies the comprehensive quality of the work as well as the careful handling of donations.

+ Who does World Vision work with?

World Vision works closely with UN agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Food Programme (WFP), the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), as well as with the European Commission and many countries. Through these strong partners, the funds of private donors can be partially multiplied.

+ How is World Vision organized?

World Vision Switzerland is an independent part of the World Vision partnership with its own financing and projects. World Vision is a Christian organisation in the field of development cooperation, emergency aid and disaster relief and acts as an ambassador for children’s rights. World Vision is organised as a worldwide network and operates in around 100 countries with around 45,000 employees. The individual offices work independently and carry out their own projects, but are in close contact with each other and work together cooperatively. World Vision is an independent private Christian organization and is not formally associated with any government, church or other cooperation or foundation.

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