Dose bread vs prepper – why it will survive you

Dose Bread vs. Prepper – Why It Will Survive You

Water for two weeks, dried food and canned food with basic foods, the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance recommends to create every household.

The grandfather would turn up his nose while looking at my canned bread, since he remembers commissariat bread as an iron reserve from wartime.

But every prepper knows that less a war risk, but quite common situations can lead to supply bottlenecks: flood or snow cuts off traffic routes, in major power outages spoil uncooled food or bakers go on strike: Hamsterkäufe empty the shelves in the supermarket in no time.

What is canned bread?

Canned bread is baked in open aluminum cans, then closed as a preserve and made durable by boiling.

Probably the best-known canned bread comes from the Federal Armed Forces EPAs, whose surplus stocks are also sold civilly at online marketplaces or at survival shops.

It is portioned in 170g cans ideal for a meal.

Canned bread is mainly used as an aid in case of disasters or as food for the military because it can be stored and distributed in large quantities.

Practical ring-pull allows tool-free opening and a plastic lid closes the rest.

There are now a whole range of varieties on offer, not just wholegrain bread, as it sometimes seems.

Canned bread has become more consumer friendly

Previously, a can contained a loaf of bread, which had to be pushed out by opening the can bottom with the lower lid.

Then another knife was needed and the bread had to be packed in a bag.

Today sliced ​​bread is the most popular version, although you can continue to buy loaves.

Because the content is airtight, Pre-cut permanent bread stays just as fresh as one piece.

Typical of canned bread is the slightly sweetish aftertaste that results from the conversion of starch into sugar during cooking.

Durable bread and canned bread

Canned bread and permanent bread are terms that are generally used interchangeably. There are differences between the two types of preservation:

  • dry preservation
  • or moist preservation

1. Wet preservation method – canned bread

Moist cans bread Often made from sourdough, it contains over 50% moisture like fresh bread.

2. Dry preservation method – dry bread preserves

As Bread dry Preserve Dry goods such as rusk, crispbread or BW hard biscuits, popularly called “armor plates”.

Dried bread has a millennium old tradition.

Even today, in southern Europe, patties are made from water, flour and salt and stacked to cool and airy to dry.

For consumption, the “Yufka”, “Pita” or “Focaccia” is again moistened with water and served with vegetables and meat.

What types of canned bread are as long lasting?

If it is a real tin can, and not cardboard with composite foil, the cheap can bread from the discounter (Aldi and L >

Experts and experience go from at least 10 years shelf life in cool and dark stored canned bread. In reality and emergency situations this value can probably at least be doubled.

Here are some types of canned bread including official expiry dates:

  • Dauerland Dauerbrot hell: 2 years
  • Dauerland Dauerbrot dark: 2 years
  • Mestemacher sunflower bread: 2 years
  • Modersohn rye whole grain bread: 2 years
  • Modersohn Pumpernickel: 2 years
  • Convar loaf spelled bread: 2 years
  • Convar Emergency Food Bread: 5 years

Minimum shelf life is not an expiration date

The general best before date for canned bread is two years, some varieties are declared as 5 years old.

The actual safety of the food is unlimited at medium temperatures up to 23 ° C, because boiling at high heat sterilizes the contents without preservatives.

That’s why manufacturers are allowed to label their permanent breads with “organic”.

Preserved nutrients are just as well preserved as frozen foods, but after prolonged storage, some foods may lose their visual appeal. For example, liquid will turn or the colors will turn gray.

Why is then only given two years MHD date?

Shipwrecks were found to contain over 100-year-old canned food, which was classified as edible after a microbiological examination.

Or the garage find from 2002, when an old gentleman from Lower Saxony found 20 black bread preserves from World War II in his garage and bequeathed them to the European Bread Museum in Ebergötzen.

These were still edible.

The MHD date is limited to two years for liability reasons. The bread can be consumed longer, but the manufacturer of cans gives only two years warranty.

If the can has dents or rust marks, it does not affect the durability of the content.

However, you should dispose of a preserve with inflated lids or leaks.

If no date of minimum durability is printed, the producer has demonstrated a shelf life of five years through studies.

If in doubt, you can use the batch no. ask the manufacturer directly.

Canned foods

tip for preppers who like to work in the kitchen: Baking your own bread in glasses would be an interesting thing. Online cooking sites have many forum posts and recipes to make on the topic of “Bread in the Glass” or “Awake in the Oven”.

If you do it right, then you end up with a loaf of bread that is still edible even after months of storage.

Roughly it goes like this: Baking jars require cylindrical tumblers with screw cap or rubber ring. The dough is placed no more than two-thirds high in the greased glass and baked open well half the time until it reaches its final volume and forms a crust.

Then the lids are closed and the rest of the time in the filled with some water fat pan. In this way also succeed permanent gel cake, which supplement the stock with a substantial titbit.


If I see a good offer for kiloware, then I cover myself with wholegrain varieties. Because only black bread gets boring in the long term, I will buy some tumblers and try my own preserves in the direction of corn and nut bread.

After all, canned foods are the best way to prepare for all eventualities, be it a delivery shortage, a bug out bag or a sudden surprise visit.


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