Double-din radio comparison 2022

We present you the best double din radios on our test and comparison portal.

Maximum driving pleasure with the greatest possible safety – what more could a driver want?? As you can see in various tests, most double-din radios score in both areas, and not too badly. Thanks to the numerous playback options (MP3, CD, DVD), boredom is a thing of the past, even on long journeys.

And thanks to integrated navi or through access to your smartphone bluetooth or lightning connectivity always gets you to your destination quickly and safely. Find the right car for you with the help of our comparison u. A. find out which double-din radios have a particularly large number of playback options and, thanks to steering-wheel remote control, are especially easy to handle are.

buying advice for the double-din-radios-test resp. -comparison: we help you find your double-din radio test winner!

  • double din radios are twice as high as the "old" standard car radios and have better usability and multiple functions due to their size.
  • It is not for nothing that the double din radio is also called navitainer, because it offers entertainment, navigation functions and safety.
  • With the android auto and apple carplay programs, you can access your smartphone’s navi and music while driving, among other things.

The double-din radios provide a completely new generation of car radios dar. On the one hand, they provide entertainment while driving, z. B. Via CD, MP3 or SD card without the need for an FM transmitter. Of course, you can also use them to listen to the radio in the classic way. A double-din radio with DAB+ but it has the big advantage that it has a very reliable reception via the car antenna, so that you don’t have to search for the right station and you can hear everything that is important in the traffic radio.

In addition to the entertainment aspect, which can also be provided by a car DVD player, but which is primarily reserved for passengers, the new car radios also contribute to safe driving. In particular for professional drivers navigation is enormously important. A double din radio with bluetooth can connect to your smartphone for navigation. Other models (so called naviceiver) have navigation already integrated. A double-din radio with rear-view camera included can be a great support when parking.

Find with the help of our double-din radio comparison 2022 finds out what you should look out for when choosing your personal favorite. because besides the many optional functions you can choose from, it also depends on the technical requirements (what car you drive and whether you use android or iphone).

1. What double-din radios can do?

By connecting the double-din radio and smartphone, you can access a wide range of functions.

A 2-din radio is much more than a simple car radio. It is in most cases multimedia system, that can play not only music files but also movies.

Depending on how the model is equipped, you can listen to music with the double-din radio via SD card, via the USB port, cds or simply via radio. Often, a double-din radio has DAB+, so the radio reception is particularly reliable.

But a double-din radio is more than a versatile car hi-fi system, it also partly fulfills an interface function, which is why it is known as the headunit is called. For example, the temperature in the vehicle can also be controlled via the radio.

In addition, a double-din radio with rear-view camera can, of course, also safety while driving increase. the same applies to a double-din radio with hands-free system. This allows you to concentrate fully on the traffic while you control the radio by voice command.

Attention: you can easily fit a 1-din radio into a 2-din slot using a radio bezel for the double-din radio. To fit a 2-din radio into a 1-din slot, a greater effort is required.

1.1. What are the differences to the 1-din radio??

What is DAB+?

DAB+ is the advanced form of digital audio broadcasting (DAB). It promises both high transmission quality and the provision of additional information that can be read on the display (slideshow).

A 1-din car radio has the dimensions 180 mm x 50 mm. As the name suggests, a 2-din radio is twice the height, so 180 mm x 100 mm large. Apart from size, the differences between these two types of car radios mainly concern functionality.

If you look at a 2-din car radio test, you will find that in most cases a double-din radio is equipped with GPS, but has many other functions.

1.2. What are the different 2-din models??

Many models have, among other things, an SD slot.

One car media station is the simplest form of a double din radio. It has the dimensions of a 2-din radio, but its functionality is the same as a classic 1-din radio. If you buy a car that has a 2-din slot and you can do without a screen, it makes sense to buy such a double-din radio.

Moniceiver (composed of monitor and receiver) are double-din radios with LCD screen. Most of the time it is a touchscreen, so that the operation is particularly simple.

Naviceiver belong to the moniceivers. The special thing about them is that the navi is already integrated in them and you do not have to access the corresponding services via the smartphone.

1.3. Advantages and disadvantages of a naviceiver

  • No external navi or smartphone needed
  • Multimedia system at the same time
  • Not dependent on data volume
  • Relatively expensive to buy
  • No lifetime map updates
  • Features of a good 1-din radio
  • No screen
  • Cheaper than a moniceiver
  • screen for dvds, video files
  • Also operated via screen
  • Features of a moniceiver
  • Navigation included

2. Buying advice: here’s what you should look for in a double-din radio

some 2-din radios can also be controlled by infrared remote control.

2.1. The right double-din radio for your car

It makes a difference whether you are looking for a double-din radio for a VW or, for example, for a BMW or skoda. Therefore, first take a look at the manufacturer information for this. Save yourself stress later. A suitable double-din radio for VW is for example the ILX from alpine.

2.2. Basic features

Once you have an overview of what the different models can do based on double-din radio tests, you can start making your selection. Important questions are: which display size do you need or. Do you feel comfortable with? most double-din radios are 6-7 inches in size, but there are also models that have an 8- or even 10-inch display that also works as a split screen.

Which media do you want to use to play music?? Do you need a CD player or are SD slot and USB port enough for you?? depending on how good the sound quality of the double din radio is, you may want to use additional connections for amplifier/subwoofer. consider beforehand if you want to connect screens for the rear seats.

If you decide to buy a naviceiver (navi included), find out whether or not you like the sound. How long the updates of the maps are free of charge. A overview of the most important buying criteria the table gives you.

  • Mostly between 6 and 7 inches in size
  • Often touchscreen
  • CD player, sometimes in combination with a DVD player
  • USB connection
  • SD slot
  • For speakers, subwoofer
  • For a rear view camera
  • Aux input for MP-3 player
  • Prerequisite: the double-din radio has bluetooth
  • If necessary. In addition, microphone included in the double din radio

2.3. The main brands and manufacturers

On the one hand there are of course the traditional brands, you can buy a double din radio from pioneer or a double din radio from sony for example. But you can also find a suitable model from other manufacturers that often appear in double-din radio tests, such as creatone and tristan. The range of important suppliers extends from double-din radios with gps to rearview cameras or wireless rearview cameras.

3. Tips for use

A steering wheel remote control is a great addition to the touchscreen.

3.1. What you should consider during installation

so that you can install your double din radio without problems, you should make sure in advance how big the radio slot in your car is. Maybe your car needs a double din radio with a low installation depth. Models without CD drive are suitable here.

3.2. Compatibility with the smartphone

If you want to connect your double din radio with your smartphone, z. B. Because your double-din radio is not equipped with navi or you want to play music from your smartphone, you should pay attention to compatibility.

double-din radio tests show that some double-din radios with android works, an example of this are the models from pumpkin. From alpine, on the other hand, there is a double-din radio for iphone. However, there are also models, such as the double-din radio from pioneer, that support both android and iphone support.

A basic prerequisite for you to be able to use the apps to their full extent is, of course, that you have sufficient data volume. Some apps (z. B. For videos) can only be used when the car is stationary for safety reasons.

Tip: if you are an apple user, your double din radio needs carplay. you need mirrorlink or the newer android auto if you want to use the double din radio with android. These programs mirror the smartphone interface to the radio.

3.3. Useful extras

A double din radio with handsfree can be a practical purchase, as it allows you to give voice commands to the radio comfortably and safely while driving. Alternatively a steering wheel remote control a good way to quickly access the radio. From blaupunkt there is a double-din radio with remote control that works via infrared.

Another useful accessory is a radio cover for double din radio. These are each designed for specific vehicle types.

4. questions and answers about double din radio

4.1. Which double-din radio with navi is suitable for the motorhome??

Double din radios in test

stiftung warentest has so far only tested 1-din radios and has not yet chosen a test winner among double-din radios. Our product table shows you the pros and cons of the most popular models at a glance.

If you need a double din radio with navi for your motorhome, you should not buy just any model, but one that has been specially developed for this purpose. Because these particular double din radios have current and maps and information tailored to motorhomes (pois). For example, there is a double-din radio from kenwood that is suitable for this purpose.

4.2. Which double din radio fits in a BMW?

If you want to install a double-din radio in your BMW, you should definitely look for a model designated for this purpose. For example, a double-din radio from JVC or from hizpo is possible.

4.3.Are there cheap double-din radios??

It does not always have to be expensive. The price range for double-din radios is wide. Most models range from 100 to 500 euros. As you can see from tests, also cuts an affordable double din radio good off. To find the best double-din radio for you, you should also always look at the features included in the price features eighth.

4.4. Where to get a double din radio?

It’s up to you. There are countless ways to buy a double din radio. you can first look at the manufacturers directly, but also at mediamarkt, amazon and in the LIDL online store you will find.

Information about the kenwood DDX4019DAB bluetooth SD slot how big is the screen on the kenwood DDX4019DAB?
Kenwood DDX4019DAB
price found: from 269,00 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
The Kenwood DDX4019DAB has a 15.7 cm high-resolution touchscreen monitor. This allows you to control and display all functions without any problems.
Information about the sony XAV-AX3250ANT bluetooth SD slot which sound system is the sony XAV-AX3005 equipped with??
Sony XAV-AX3250ANT
price found: from 402,99 €
" go to amazon now " go to ebay now
The sony XAV-AX3005 convinces with a very good audio quality. The radio is equipped with 4 x 55 watt, an extra bass and 10 band equalizer. With this a good sound is guaranteed.
Information about the pioneer SPH-DA230DAB bluetooth SD slot the pioneer SPH-DA230DAB is usable for both ios and android devices?
customer favorite: best rated product at amazon in comparison
Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB
price found: from 419,90 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
you can use the pioneer DAB+ digital radio with both ios and android devices.
Information about the tristan auron BT1D7022A bluetooth SD-slot how big is the internal memory of the radio?
Tristan Auron BT1D7022A
price found: from 219,90 euro
" now to amazon " now to ebay
The internal memory of the tristan auron BT1D7022A radio is 32 GB and thus has enough space for various apps.
information about the alpine electronics ilx-702D bluetooth SD-slot how big is the radio’s display?
Alpine Elec­tro­nics iLX-702D
price found: from 599,00 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
The display of the alpine electronics ilx-702D radio is 7 inches large. This corresponds to a screen diagonal of about 18 cm.
information about sony XAV-AX1005KIT bluetooth SD-slot does the radio have a connection for a rear view camera?
Sony XAV-AX1005KIT
price found: from 265,99 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
Yes, the sony XAV-AX1005KIT radio has a connection for the rear view camera of a car. The large display of the radio allows you to park extra safe.
Information aboutbit digital media car radio bluetooth SD-slot what are the dimensions of the aboutbit digital media car radio??
bestseller: product rated most frequently by buyers on amazon in comparison
aboutBit Digital Media Au­to­ra­dio
price found: from 96,99 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
The product dimensions are L x W x H: 17 x 9.6 x 7.7 cm. just measure your slot in your car for it. Older cars have a single DIN slot, while newer models are equipped with a larger double DIN slot.

What scores did the individual double-din radios receive in our comparison??

You can choose your personal double din radio test winner from the following list:

  • first place – very good: XAV-AX1005KIT from sony – example internet price: 266 euro
  • second place – very good: ilx-702D from alpine electronics – example internet price: 599 euro
  • third place – good: DDX4019DAB from kenwood – exemplary internet price: 269 euro
  • fourth place – good: BT1D7022A from tristan auron – sample internet price: 220 euro
  • fifth place – good: SPH-DA230DAB from pioneer – exemplary internet price: 420 euro
  • Sixth place – good: XAV-AX3250ANT from sony – exemplary internet price: 403 euros
  • Seventh place – good: digital media car radio from aboutbit – exemplary internet price: 97 euro
  • eighth place – good: ilx-702LEON from alpine – exemplary internet price: 925 euro
  • Ninth place – good: N2042A1 from CAMECHO – sample internet price: 90 euro
  • Tenth place – good: 2-DIN car radio from awesafe – sample internet price: 200 euro

the listing shows: of the total of 10 different manufacturers, the double-din radios are divided into 2 "very good" ones double din radios and 9 "good" double din radios on. The comparison winner XAV-AX1005KIT from sony received the best award in the ranking among all grades and at the same time costs only 265.99 euro .

with 2 products, the double-din radio manufacturer sony has the most double-din radios in the comparison table for the double-din radio comparison.

How many different manufacturers were compared and graded by the editors in the double-din radio comparison?

Our editorial team has examined and compared 11 different double-din radios from 10 manufacturers in order to offer you the best product choice. More information "

How much do the best double din radios cost in double din radios comparison?

The best product in the double-din radio comparison, our comparative winner XAV-AX1005KIT from sony, is available for 265.99 euros . However, if you don’t want to spend so much money on a double-din radio, you can take a look at our price-performance winner BT1D7022A from tristan auron. More information "

Which of the double-din radios is rated and described by a large number of the customers?

aboutbit’s double-din radio is particularly well known, as over 2465 customers have given their first impressions after purchase and rated aboutbit’s digital media car radio. More information "

Which double-din radios did the editors rate particularly highly??

The editors have given the rating "VERY GOOD awarded several times and in particular identified the following 2 double-din radios: XAV-AX1005KIT from sony and ilx-702D from alpine electronics . More information "

what other similar items have consumers who put a double-din radio in their shopping cart looked at??

Before buying a double din radio, customers have often looked at other 2 DIN radios, android car radios and double din radios. More information "

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