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The 6 best down jackets (men and women) at a glance.

A down jacket is Your ideal companion for autumn and early winter. The all-rounder convinces with good insulation paired with water-repellent properties. The main differences are in the proportion of down. This has a direct impact on wind density and heat storage and varies between 70 and 90 percent.

The upper material is mostly made of polyamide and / or polyester. The materials convince by their breathability and their robustness with simultaneous elasticity. Find the best down jacket in our test or comparison table that will keep you warm even at low temperatures.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

Green, red, blue
Orange, purple-orange
Dark blue, black, wine red
et al Orange, blue, yellow, pink
et al Gray, brown, pink, red

Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Vaude Kabru Hooded II The North Face Thermoball Trespass Reeva LAPASA women’s transitional down jacket Pengniao down jacket Theshy down coat
at Amazon *
3 reviews 4 reviews 1 reviews 40 reviews 40 reviews 87 ratings
Sizes Many manufacturers also state international clothing sizes. The following guidelines apply to the conversion for women (1) and men (2):

XS = 34 | 46
S = 36 | 48
M = 38 | 50
L = 40 | 52
XL = 42 | 54
XXL = 44 | 56

material polyamide and polyester are very breathable as well as robust and at the same time elastic materials. While polyester is more heat-resistant and water-repellent, polyamide is more elastic. 100% polyamide 100% polyamide 100% polyester 100% nylon 100% polyamide 100% cellulose acetate
feed cotton is not elastic and more susceptible to moisture than polyamide and polyester. For this, it is highly breathable. 100% polyamide 100% polyamide 80% down
20% feathers
100% polyester 100% polyamide no information
Share of down Basically, a high proportion of down is an advantage. However, the value does not provide any information about the total amount of down in the jacket.
90% 80% 80% 90% no information no information
windproof & water repellent Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
colour purple black Gray blue marine green
Additional colors
With a hoodie Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
  • high quality workmanship
  • does not apply
  • very soft
  • good comfort
  • keeps you warm thanks to body zone-specific thermal ball insulation
  • good comfort
  • with fashionable faux fur on the hood
  • 2 deep pockets with zip
  • inside pockets
  • small pack size
  • small pack size
  • with fashionable artfur on hood
  • good fit if you order 1 or 2 sizes larger
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Vaude Kabru Hooded II Questions and answers about The North Face Thermoball Questions and answers about Trespass Reeva Questions and answers about LAPASA women’s transition down jacket Questions and answers about Pengniao down jacket Questions and answers about Theshy down coat
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  • Jackets made of down feathers are heat-insulating, insulate well and are mostly windproof and water-repellent. As a transition jacket or winter jacket, they are suitable for everyday use as well as for longer hiking and trekking tours.
  • A fashionable down jacket, whether for men or women, has a figure-hugging cut. A tight cut also favors heat storage. When buying, however, make sure that there is enough space for a thick sweater if you do not want to buy the jacket just as a complement to the ski jacket.
  • Down jackets are available with or without a hood or fur and in different colors; Black, brown or bright neon colors are commercially available. Each jacket has to be cleaned according to a special procedure, which you should inform yourself about in advance.

The changing of the seasons means a new sorting of the wardrobe not only for the fashion-conscious. When the days get shorter in winter, short shirts and skirts should be exchanged for thick jeans and warm shoes. A bulky piece of clothing that you come across again and again during this move is the winter jacket, which usually neither fits in the wardrobe nor in the transition box. It becomes particularly complicated when it is a down jacket that also loses all feathers when folded. But did you know that the new models of down jackets are no longer thick and heavy, but light and compressible? You can find out which new products are available, what their price is, what makes them stand out and how you can find your down jacket comparison winner in the following article from the 2019/2020 season.

1. What is a down jacket?

Down is feathers with a short style and fluffy feather branches that stand out from each other. They form the undergarment of many bird species and serve the animals as thermal insulation. The human being who has to get by without such a feather dress created the springy thermal layer himself at that time. Today down is used in the production of blankets, sleeping bags and winter jackets. They are quilted as individual food pockets in the fabric of the products and have an insulating and warming effect like a bird.

Whoever wears a down jacket for the first time often feels reminded of the Michelin man. This is due to the fact that the down is sewn into the lining of the jackets in the form of small pockets and horizontally. This is the only way to create the balloon-like look. The fashion designers have tried to solve this fashion problem in recent years and cut the warm winter jackets more figure-hugging. At the same time, especially in the outdoor area, people have started to make the jackets from very light materials, so that down jackets are also suitable for hiking and trekking tours. Particularly thin and light down jackets are also suitable as a transition jacket or as a warming extra layer under the ski jacket. Often this type of winter jacket also belongs to the quilted jacket because the down is stitched in.

2. What down jackets are there??

First of all, when comparing down jackets, a distinction should be made between winter jackets for women and winter jackets for men. Similar to jackets for children, clothing can also be swapped between the sexes, but a winter jacket should fit perfectly to guarantee thermal insulation and breathability.

2.1. Down jacket women

The latest fashion models for women are preferably as short as a blazer and go just above the buttocks. They are also characterized by figure-hugging fits at the waist, so that the hips are emphasized. The sleeves are also tight. Brands such as Marc Jacobs and Esprit follow the trend towards tight-fitting clothing. If you prefer a little more leeway, you can also use brands like Bogner with the series Fire + Ice or try s.Oliver. In addition to the classic black (black), gray or brown, women are also increasingly opting for a bright neon color; a down jacket in red or blue are very popular.

2.2. Down jacket men

The trend towards figure-hugging clothing for women can also be found in the men’s department. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger Denim, Marc Jacobs, Tom Tailor or Amani rely on tight-fitting cuts for their masculine creations, which also look chic over suits. In quilted jacket models for men, the quilting tends to be narrow in order to reinforce the smooth fashion look. The majority of the articles are black, but you also show your colors; Blue, red, orange, green or yellow are no longer uncommon.

2.3. variations

down jacket Down coat and parka down vest
The classic down jacket is cut short and only covers the upper body and arms. This type allows freedom of movement on the legs and is therefore suitable as winter clothing for the city as well as for sporting endeavors. If you buy a classic down jacket, in many cases you will also receive a suitable sack bag in which you can pack the winter jacket like a sleeping bag. If you are looking for absolute protection against the cold, you should get a down coat (women) or parka (men), which also covers the buttocks and sometimes the thighs. The body heat is stored even more efficiently. Down coats are usually quilted jackets and have a slightly wider cut; Not only shirts and dresses, but also thick sweaters should fit under the jacket in winter. Fashion fans will find the sporty version and a transition jacket in the down vest. Their cut mostly corresponds to that of the classic down jacket, but the sleeves have been removed. The vests are particularly popular with athletes who prefer not only legroom but also complete arm room.

3. Buying advice: purchase criteria for down jackets

If you want to use the current sale not only to buy new jeans, shirts, shoes or bags cheaply, but also to buy a down and quilted jacket, we recommend the following purchase advice from the down jacket comparison. Above all, pay attention to good moisture insulation and high material quality in order to find the best women’s winter jacket for your needs.

3.1. Size and material

Whether pants, shirts, shoes or coats, unlike bags, clothes must be the right size so that they not only look good on us but are also comfortable to wear. Winter jackets should be just enough that there can be a sweater underneath, but not too much wind and cold. You can always choose between the international sizes S – XL, which correspond to the German clothing sizes 36 – 42 for women and 48 – 54 for men. Some manufacturers such as s.Oliver also offer down jackets and coats in XS (34 or 46) and XXL (44 – or 56).

Most jackets are made of light material such as polyester, polyurethane or polyamide. They meet the demands from the outdoor area for sporty and tourable winter or transition jackets. We don’t want to complain to unsportsmen, light jackets are also practical in everyday life. On occasion, there are also jackets with a cotton content that provide additional warmth, but are also more difficult to wear.

3.2. Weatherproof properties

Especially in winter, our clothing such as jeans and shoes must protect us from rain, snow and wind. Winter jackets too claim weatherproof clothing that keeps us warm in cold weather and storm storms. Fortunately, most down jackets meet these criteria. The down filling keeps us warm in a natural way, especially when it is also a quilted jacket. A soft inner and smooth outer material made of polyamide, for example, insulates and keeps wind and rain out. In fact, most down jackets are not waterproof but water-repellent. The best down jackets are also impregnated and therefore particularly dirt and water resistant.

The filling of a down jacket is not 100 percent down, but also has a share of feathers. The ratio is often 90/10 with more down. You can also find jackets with a ratio of 80/20 or even 70/30, for example from s.Oliver. However, a larger proportion of down is not always an indication of the better, in this case warmer, winter jacket.

The decision maker will be at the end, how many downs are processed in total. Usually the felt thickness of the jacket gives a first indication. Quilted jackets also usually have more down than simple vests.

3.3. Accessories and brands

Accessories like a hood have become the standard of every brand. The hood offers additional protection against rain, wind and cold, after all most body heat is lost through the head. A down jacket with real fur or a down jacket with synthetic fur, which is usually located on the collar or hood, is less common. Down jackets have proven to be particularly practical, in which the accessories such as hood and fur can simply be clipped off if necessary.

3.3.1. Advantages and disadvantages of a hood:
  • rain protection
  • stores body heat
  • windshield
  • warms even better with fur trim
  • bulky on the back
  • does not fit under a helmet

Most fashion brands also offer down jackets in their range. The models from Tommy Hilfiger and Hilfiger Denim Light, p. Oliver, Esprit, Marc Jacobs, Jack & Jones and Tom Tailor. The Yeti down jacket or the Adidas down jacket can also be used with Amani or Bogner products "Fire + Ice"-Keep in line. We recommend buying cheap down jackets, for example from s.Oliver, in the sale, since the price of a branded down jacket can be as high as 300 euros.

  • Tom Tailor
  • esprit
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Hilfiger denim
  • s Oliver
  • Bogner
  • Hugo Boss
  • G-Star
  • Vaude
  • Jack Wolfskin
  • mammoth
  • Haglöfs
  • Jack & Jones

4. The correct cleaning of down

Down jackets can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

Like any garment that is worn regularly, e.g. Jeans and pants, even the down jacket has to take a certain amount of dirt over a long winter. Before the jacket with the remaining wool sweaters is moved into the winter box, thorough cleaning is advisable.

If you are lucky enough to have put your own down jacket in the washing machine, you will surely cry out loudly at this point and advise against this undertaking. In fact, cleaning the special winter jackets is a delicate matter because down is a sensitive material. Similar to wool or hair, they tend to matt when drying, or clump if they have not been combed properly before or during the process. As a result, the down no longer isolates effectively and the jackets lose their effectiveness.

Wash the down jacket: Proper cleaning begins with the choice of detergent. Under no circumstances should you use standard heavy-duty detergents, because they contain protein-splitting proteases that also attack the keratin contained in down. Instead, go looking for special down detergents, for example from Nikwax. You can of course also wash the jacket by hand. However, if the drum of the washing machine is large enough, a wool program at 30 degrees on the jacket will not harm and you can use your time more sensibly.

Dry the down jacket: The washed down jacket must then be dried. Make sure to pull the garment carefully out of the drum so as not to damage the thin seams. The same warning applies to insertion into the dryer. The trick to getting the down down again is now to put a tennis ball or two in the drum. The jacket is constantly whirled up by the tumbling movement of the dryer and the down is freed and loosened from its wet, glued mass. As an alternative, the down jacket can also be dried on the heater or on the drying rack, but it is your responsibility to shake the jacket up regularly.

You can also get detailed washing instructions in a down jacket comparison in this video:

5. The down jacket at the Stiftung Warentest

The Stiftung Warentest has often tested down, as an insulating and warming material – in down comforters. So far, it has not been investigated whether it is equally suitable for winter jackets. For the weatherproof jackets, the foundation already offers an alternative test for softshell jackets and multifunction jackets.

6. Questions and answers about down jackets

6.1. What is the best down jacket?

The insider tip for the best down jacket is made up of several criteria. We have summarized the most important ones for you in a short formula:

  • good insulation thanks to high-quality down
  • impregnated outer material against moisture
  • multi-layer filling against cold
  • Hood and collar as wind protection and for heat storage
  • a narrow, airy cut that allows good air circulation

6.2. The down jacket springs – what to do?

Rest assured: it is basically not bad that new down jackets spring. This is due to the feathers, which make up a small proportion of the down filling and work through the lining of the jackets with their pointed stems. After wearing them several times, down jackets usually stop feathering because the jacket has adapted to their body shape and the feathers have positioned themselves accordingly. Only when small down emerges from the lining of the jacket, you should look for the leak in the processing and sew it carefully or seal it with textile adhesive. The latter is recommended for hardly visible places, since the adhesive leaves small residues.

Tip: Spray the down jacket with waterproofing spray to additionally protect it against moisture.

6.3. Why do down jackets smell?

Sometimes it can happen that the down jacket is shortly after the purchase developed a slight feather smell. This is mostly due to careless processing, in which the feathers were plucked dry and not washed and dried early enough. In particular, the slightly inferior duck feathers (alternatively: goose feathers) tend to have a noticeable smell. Unfortunately, nothing can be changed afterwards, so that the jackets smell like feathers as soon as they warm up. If you notice this shortcoming early enough, you should consider an exchange.

6.4. How does a down jacket have to fit??

functional clothing

In general, winter jackets should be chosen one size larger in case of doubt so that the winter onion look is possible. However, the jacket should not be cut too far, otherwise wind and cold will quickly find their way under the clothes and the warming effect will not occur. In this sense, the sleeves in particular should be close to the body and the lower jacket hem should not protrude too far from the body. A small armpit clearance is important so that you don’t start to sweat in changing temperatures; the jacket should not be cut too tight here.


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