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The 11 best sleeping bags with down filling at a glance.

"How you bed, that’s how you lie." This old saying also applies when you spend the night in nature. Sleep outside or in a tent, a down sleeping bag offers you a particularly high level of comfort. Sleeping bags of this type keep you warm and at the same time very comfortable.

But down sleeping bags are not just down sleeping bags! So there are big differences, especially in thermal insulation. The associated unit is cuin. This value should a good sleeping bag should be at least 500 cuin. Find a reliable down sleeping bag for your next hikes in our product table.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

Down sleeping bag comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Lowland outdoor down blanket sleeping bag Qeedo Takino winter down sleeping bag Qeedo Asaka down sleeping bag THERM-A-REST Questar HD down sleeping bag hyke & Byke Eolus down sleeping bag Naturehike Ultralight Sleeping Bags 800FP Geertop down sleeping bag Yeti Tension Brick 600 down sleeping bag LMR ultra-light down sleeping bag Terra Hiker down winter sleeping bag LMR outdoor down sleeping bag
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6 reviews 19 reviews 13 reviews 4 reviews 16 reviews 37 reviews 17 reviews 5 reviews 3 reviews 34 reviews 14 reviews
700 cuin 700 cuin 600 cuin 650 cuin 500 cuin K.A.. 500 cuin 500 cuin 500 cuin 500 cuin 500 cuin
Lining material duck down down feather duck down duck down goose down goose down goose down goose down duck down duck down duck down
breathable, quick-drying
nylon polyester polyester polyester nylon nylon nylon polyamide nylon nylon nylon
Small pack size
Diameter x length
14 x 18 cm 33 x 18 cm 33 x 19 cm 23 x 36 cm 35 x 20 cm 26 x 12cm 25 x 15 cm 30 x 20 cm 35 x 15 cm 30 × 18 cm 35 x 20 cm
Weight 445 g 1,150 g 1,000 g 1,038 g 1,150 g 570 g 800 g 1,100 g 1,600 g 1,160 g 1,800 g
Recommended temperature 22 ° C 0 ° C 6 ° C 0 ° C 10 ℃ to -8 ℃ 8 ℃ 0 ° C to 10 ° C 2 ° C 10 ℃ to -5 ℃ 0 ° C 10 ℃ to -8 ℃
Lowest temperature 8 ° C -6 ° C – -24 ° C -14 ° C -6 ° C – 10 ° C 2 ℃ – 5 ° C -20 ° C -10 ℃ -6 ° C -10 ℃
L x W x H
210 x 80 x 55 cm 190 x 75 x 50 cm 215 x 80 x 55 cm 213 x 80 x 50 cm 198 x 71 x 55.8 cm 190 x 72 cm 190 x 72 x 50 cm 222 x 77 x 55 cm 210 cm x 80 cm x 50 cm 200 × 80/55 cm 210 x 90 x 70 cm
Max height 195 cm 175 195 cm 183 cm 185 cm 175 180 cm 175 cm 190 cm 1.90 m 190 cm
season Spring | summer Winter | autumn Spring | Summer | autumn autumn all year Autumn | spring Spring | Summer | autumn Spring | Summer | autumn Autumn | winter Winter | autumn Autumn | winter
Insulated seams
against heat escape
with additional sleeping bags
further explanation
  • no further explanations
  • no further explanations
  • Size S
  • Size L
  • Black / orange
  • lowest temperature – 15 ° C
  • red
  • light Blue
  • Size M
  • Size L
  • Size XL
  • sky blue
  • Black / gray / blue
  • red
  • Storage options for valuables
  • Down with proof of origin
  • with zip protection
  • reinforced zippers
  • EU standard certified
  • particularly warming even at extreme temperatures
  • Storage options for valuables
  • compressible even further with straps
  • with heat hood
  • including storage bag
  • non-snagging zipper
  • angled foot area
  • with foot warming pocket
  • with heat hood
  • particularly well made
  • with two-way zipper
  • particularly small pack size
  • Storage options for valuables
  • reinforced zippers
  • The foot end can be opened
  • with heat hood
  • windproof
  • reinforced zippers
  • The foot end can be opened
  • with heat hood
  • particularly tearproof and robust
  • Chambers inside prevent slipping
  • windproof
  • reinforced zippers
  • The foot end can be opened
  • with heat hood
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Lowland outdoor down blanket sleeping bags Questions and answers about Qeedo Takino winter down sleeping bag Questions and answers about Qeedo Asaka down sleeping bag Questions and answers about THERM-A-REST Questar HD down sleeping bag Questions and answers about Hyke & Byke Eolus down sleeping bag Questions and answers about Naturehike Ultralight Sleeping Bags 800FP Questions and answers about Geertop down sleeping bag Questions and answers about Yeti Tension Brick 600 down sleeping bag Questions and answers about LMR ultralight down sleeping bag Questions and answers about Terra Hiker down winter sleeping bag Questions and answers about LMR outdoor down sleeping bag
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  • A down sleeping bag is characterized by a higher lying comfort and better thermal insulation compared to the synthetic sleeping bag. However, the down lining requires special care.
  • Goose or duck feathers are usually used for down sleeping bags. Both types of down are soft and have very good heat-insulating properties. While goose down impresses with its particularly high quality, sleeping bags with duck down are often a little cheaper.
  • Waterproof down sleeping bags are also commercially available. These are recommended for regions with high humidity, as down is sensitive and absorbs a lot of moisture.

Down sleeping bags have particularly good thermal insulation and keep you warm when camping.

Down sleeping bags are particularly soft.

Is trekking one of the most popular hobbies in Germany. In a survey by the Institute for Demoscopy in Allensbach, 39.14% of the respondents said, to go hiking in her free time. Good equipment is essential, especially on extended hiking tours.

Sleep outside is next to a stable tent a high quality sleeping bag is a must. You sleep in a down sleeping bag particularly convenient. But be careful! The products differ among other things with regard to their recommended temperature range and the type of down in the lining.

In our buying guide, you can read what you need to pay attention to when buying a down sleeping bag. Here we have put together some other interesting comparisons for you:

1. There are these types of down sleeping bags

Depending on the destination or purpose there are different requirements for your sleeping bag. Are you looking for a robust outdoor down sleeping bag or do you need a light down sleeping bag??

In this chapter we have the answer for you! In our 2019/2020 down sleeping bag comparison, we were able to determine, that two types of sleeping bags dominate the market. We have briefly summarized these for you in the following table:

Type description
Mummy sleeping bag
  • Width decreases to your feet
  • reminds of the shape of a mummy
  • particularly good insulation performance through conical shape
  • is often also suitable as a winter down sleeping bag
  • Minimize the air around the body, that needs to be heated
  • often down sleeping bag with a small pack size
  • often ultra-light down sleeping bag with light weight
Sleeping Bag
  • extra space in a down sleeping bag
  • great freedom of movement
  • rectangular form
  • can open can also be used as a blanket
  • is particularly suitable at warm and mild temperatures
  • frequently pretty tough

Outdoor down sleeping bags have specific advantages and disadvantages, which you should take into account in your personal down sleeping bag test. We have summarized these for you at a glance in the following overview:

  • are characterized by particularly good thermal insulation
  • are very easy
  • have a small pack size
  • non-waterproof models absorb a lot of moisture
  • are more maintenance-intensive than synthetic fibers

Thermal insulation: The thermal insulation of a down sleeping bag is also known as bulking power. This is given in cuin – short for cubic inches per ounze. Down sleeping bags below 500 cuin have heat-insulating properties similar to a good down jacket. The best down sleeping bag has a value of at least 600 cuin.

Note: In our comparison, we limited ourselves to the down sleeping bag for adults. However, there is also a down sleeping bag. Products in this category are mostly down sleeping bags with a length of 90cm, 110cm or 130cm. This ensures good thermal insulation even for sleeping bags for babies, children and people of small height.

You can use your down sleeping bag even during a short break.

2. Temperature information: You have to pay attention to this

Did you know?

The EU standard EN 13537 regulates the requirements for sleeping bags for sport and leisure activities. Since expedition or military sleeping bags are exempt from this, but are also offered commercially, the standard unfortunately does not make comparability for consumers.

Many outdoor and trekking fans spend several days to weeks on the go. So that the down sleeping bag offers comfort, above all, he has to keep warm.

At the same time, he can too don’t store too much heat, otherwise night sweats are pre-programmed.

Your personal down sleeping bag test will make you more frequent different temperature information to encounter. These are determined under laboratory conditions and are often specified by the manufacturers.

You should absolutely observe the temperature specifications of the manufacturers.

To bring light into the dark, we have put together the following table for you. The corresponding values ​​are listed there and briefly explained. So you know in your personal down sleeping bag test what information and temperature ranges you need to pay attention to.

value description
Upper limit
  • will also be referred to as T max
  • from this ambient temperature The average person (approx. 180 cm, 80 kg) begins to sweat
comfort zone
  • will also be referred to as T comf
  • that of the manufacturer recommended ambient temperature
  • this temperature range is pleasant for the average person
Lower limit
  • will also be referred to as T lim
  • in this temperature range is the average person just before freezing
  • the Comfort suffers greatly
extremely area
  • will also be referred to as T ext
  • up to this extremely low temperature range the average person protected from freezing
  • the Comfort is secondary, it’s literally about survival

Hobby tents in particular should Always focus on the comfort area when buying. The other values ​​are only relevant if you stay under extreme conditions. A winter down sleeping bag should at least be keep warm to -10 ° C.

Note: The values ​​listed in the table are measured under laboratory conditions. In practice, factors such as the percentage of body fat or age also affect the sensation of warmth and cold in the down sleeping bag. Experienced outdoor specialists also feel more comfortable than newbies who are spending the first time in the wild.

3. The best down sleeping bag impresses with its waterproofness

When buying, pay attention to the seasons for which the sleeping bag is suitable.

In order to protect the down from moisture and to avoid lengthy drying, you should take your personal down sleeping bag test choose a product with a waterproof cover.

So the down inside guarantees good insulation and great sleeping comfort, while the upper protects the feathers from moisture. Here are the plastics Polyester, polyamide and nylon as particularly effective.

The material is not only robust and hard-wearing, but also breathable and quick drying. When buying, however, make sure that particularly cheap down sleeping bags are often of poor quality.

You can use down sleeping bags in tents and outdoors.

So the manufacturer touts them as waterproof, however, quickly burst at the seams. Thereby sweat and condensation get inside and the down is soaked with it. Premium down sleeping bags are equipped with insulated seams.

These ensure that no liquid can get into the sleeping bag. Another advantage is the improvement in thermal insulation.

However, please note: a cover made of polyester, polyamide or nylon is not automatically waterproof. Our product table at the top of the page will help you with your down sleeping bag test. There we have indicated for you which sleeping bags are waterproof.

Tip: If you buy your down sleeping bag and include it in your equipment, you should pay attention not only to the dimensions but also to the manufacturer’s information on the maximum height. It is not advisable to use a sleeping bag that is too short. If your down sleeping bag is too long, roll up the foot end so that there is no unnecessary air space.

4. The four seasons: A down sleeping bag comparison winner is versatile

A small pack size makes transportation much easier.

The disadvantages of a down sleeping bag with poor insulation are obvious: the sleeping bag leaves more heat escapes than it stores and therefore does not keep you warm.

What many consumers do not consider: Even a down sleeping bag that is too warm has disadvantages. If the fill power of your down filling is too high and the temperature is not adequate, you will inevitably Outbreaks of sweat rob you of sleep.

If your body temperature rises due to the heat, you will start to sweat. However, since temperatures generally drop significantly at night, there is an acute risk of catching a cold. In addition, you will also increase sweat production more interesting for insects such as mosquitoes. In extremely high temperatures, you should therefore choose a summer down sleeping bag.

A good down sleeping bag should have a fill power of at least 500 cuin.

If the temperature fluctuations between day and night are particularly large, this is an option the use of a blanket sleeping bag on. This can be opened and allowed easily when lying down a quick exchange of air for cooling.

Many manufacturers state which seasons and temperatures are ideal for their down sleeping bags. To avoid the dangers just described, you should take them into account.

Particularly high quality down sleeping bags combine heat-insulating properties with high breathability. You can use such sleeping bags in summer and spring as well as in autumn deploy. Particularly high-quality models are also suitable for winter.

Wet shoes? If you are traveling in alpine areas, you may have a problem with damp or even wet trekking shoes. Many trekking experts report that you take your shoes with you in your sleeping bag. Our recommendation: hang the shoes at the highest point in the tent. The rising warmth keeps your boots warm and dry and prevents the formation of additional moisture.

5. How to clean your down sleeping bag properly

A heat hood counteracts the soaking of heat over the head.

Caring for your down sleeping bag should not be taken lightly. A down sleeping bag is significantly more sensitive than a sleeping bag filled with synthetic fibers and must therefore be cleaned professionally.

Down not only absorbs liquids very quickly. Even smells hold stubbornly in the material. After about 20 nights you should therefore clean your down sleeping bag.

For particularly gentle cleaning, we recommend the sleeping bag to turn left.

Note: Please do not use fabric softener or bleach for machine washing, as these damage the down. Improper washing can cause your down sleeping bag to lose its insulating properties and bulk.

If you are traveling and do not have access to a washing machine, clean your down sleeping bag by hand wash. Make sure you have the down sleeping bag not kneading and wringing too hard, otherwise seams can burst.

Hang your damp down sleeping bag to dry before packing it up.

Afterwards we recommend putting the down sleeping bag in the dryer at 30 ° C. Give in addition two tennis balls to. These are in the drum whirled around and loosened the down.

This keeps them soft and the thermal insulation is retained. Then hang your down sleeping bag for a day in a dry place with good ventilation on. The sleeping bag should be there be open and shaken from time to time.

Dry your down sleeping bag on the go, hang it in a dry environment in the fresh air and preferably in the sun. You should occasionally shake your down sleeping bag. Pay attention to this before using it again, that your down sleeping bag is completely dry.

Tip: The wet protection of the outer material can be increased by re-impregnation. When using impregnation spray, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Incidentally, the inside is not treated.

6. There are differences between goose and duck down

Place a sleeping pad under your sleeping bag to increase comfort.

Down is a popular filling for sleeping bags. The feathers not only keep you warm, but also bring a high level of comfort. With your personal down sleeping bag test, you have to choose between goose or duck fenders.

Feathers with a short keel and long, soft feather branches are usually used for both goose and duck down. So with down sleeping bags regardless of the origin of the feathers comfortable lying with good warmth achieved.

However, it can be said that goose down is of somewhat higher quality than duck down. Because goose feathers are bigger, too the fill power of such a down sleeping bag of higher quality.

However, our down sleeping bag comparison shows that even products with a duck down lining can achieve good to very good results and sleeping bags with goose down are even superior.

Both types of springs are convincing in terms of weight. Compared to synthetic fiber filling, both versions of the down sleeping bag are ultra-light products.

7. Down versus synthetic fiber: You have to pay attention to this in the lining material

Down sleeping bags are usually transported in a carrier bag.

We have already shown you the advantages of a down sleeping bag for adults. In comparison, a sleeping bag with a synthetic fiber filling is characterized by its easy maintenance and robustness out.

Compared to waterproof down sleeping bags products with synthetic fiber filling dry much faster. This is mainly due to the fact that the synthetic fibers absorb less moisture than down. A down sleeping bag must always be dried professionally (see Chapter 5).

Down sleeping bags should have a breathable upper.

Otherwise, the down can get wet clump together and lose their heat-insulating properties. They also harden and lose comfort.

While a synthetic sleeping bag warms even when damp, the insulation of a sleeping bag with down worsens significantly due to moisture. Down sleeping bags with waterproof upper – also called Shell – provide a remedy in this regard.

You are traveling in regions with high humidity or if you are unlikely to be able to dry your sleeping bag on longer tours, you should take your personal down sleeping bag test to a waterproof model or grab a synthetic sleeping bag .

Waterproof down sleeping bags: Sleeping bags This type combines the advantages of the waterproofness of a synthetic sleeping bag with the comfort and good thermal insulation of a down sleeping bag.

Down sleeping bags with a short length are often advertised as sleeping bags for women.

8. Manufacturers and brands of down sleeping bags

There is a wide range of different brands and manufacturers of down sleeping bags. Down sleeping bags from TCM, Deuter or Vaude are available. Yeti down sleeping bags are also commercially available.

In the following overview we have the most famous companies summarized for you:

  • WJP
  • Mountain equipment
  • yeti
  • Fri. >

Sleeping bags with goose down (e.g. from Yeti) are particularly warm and comfortable.

Beyond that too Down sleeping bags for children and babies available. Odenwald down sleeping bags are particularly popular in this segment. In our comparison, we limited ourselves to down sleeping bags for adults.

The Stiftung Warentest hasn’t done a down sleeping bag test yet. In Issue 05/2016 of their consumer magazine however, she reported a camping mat test. 12 products were tested, only five of which achieved good results.

Down sleeping bag for women: Some manufacturers offer sleeping bags for smaller body sizes up to 165 cm. The term women’s down sleeping bag is only a marketing term. Of course, such sleeping bags can also be used by smaller men.

9. Questions and answers about down sleeping bags

We answer in the following chapter Frequently asked questions about down sleeping bags:

9.1. What should I wear in a down sleeping bag??

In addition to the tent, the sleeping bag is the most important utensil for spending the night in nature.

Many people sweat at night. In addition to sweat, the body loses fluid is released to the environment in the form of water vapor. In our bed at home, we unconsciously uncover ourselves in our sleep, the water vapor escapes into the room.

This is not possible with a down sleeping bag, so the moisture in the sleeping bag remains. So, to reduce body exhaustion, you should wear as little as possible. Experts recommend in functional underwear or completely naked to sleep.

The good thermal insulation of a down sleeping bag will make you do not freeze despite light clothing. From this point of view, the purchase of a high quality product is particularly important.

9.2. Why are down sleeping bags coupled with each other??

In order to use the heat of the body heat effectively, there are connectable ones blankets Sleeping. These are connected to each other at the zippers, so that double the dimensions. This creates more warmth in the sleeping bag.

9.3. There are down sleeping bags for babies and children?

A baby down sleeping bag is attracted to the baby.

They are too Down sleeping bags for babies and children available in the stores. However, a baby down sleeping bag is not an outdoor product, but an alternative to the baby blanket. You have the advantage of being the baby remains covered at night and cannot stamp out.

So the baby is always warm and has greater freedom of movement than under the baby blanket. Baby sleeping bags are often recommended and preferred.


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