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The current data show that the subsistence minimum is estimated at a total of EUR per month. This is possible if a loss of other, higher claims z. If this does not arrive within four weeks, a telephone inquiry is recommended. Overall, the increase in school supplies, as far as the school starter package is concerned, amounts to up to € per school year and child. If there are two parents, the value is EUR. Child allowance Parental allowance Child allowance Maternity allowance.

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If the income and assets have already been announced to the Federal Employment Agency or a working group and recognized by the office, this process does not necessarily have to be repeated, because the family fund will then obtain the necessary data for the application for a child supplement directly from there , Service portal What do I do where? You must apply for the child benefit surcharge as well as the child benefit from the family fund. Currently there are 42 reviews with 3.86 out of 5 stars! The gross income may be at least EUR for parents and EUR for single parents. The children’s income is not added to the total entitlement. The child surcharge requires an application that must be submitted to the responsible family health insurance surcharge using the form provided and together with the required documents.

If the child already has their own income, this will also be taken into account.

Here you will also find further information on the child supplement. On the other hand, it takes some time for Kinderzhschlag to process the child supplement application, so of course this has no disadvantages for you.

The approval period is usually 6 months. After the child allowance child allowance was abolished, the two government parties ….

For this, however, the child must attend a general or vocational school without training allowance. Up to Euro per month, there is also the normal children’s sleep.

Who is entitled to the child supplement??

Child benefit for foreigners – The Child benefit entitlement for People without German citizenship Foreigners who live in Germany have a basic right to child rights. In order for parents to receive the child allowance for their children, they must meet the minimum income threshold, which is EUR for single parents and EUR for common parents.

Please click to activate the Google translator. Here you will find an overview of the family fund for submitting applications.

Application for child supplement

Was this page helpful? The child surcharge has become The child surcharge you have to apply for as well as the child benefit from the family fund.

You may also need other documents that you can find on the website of the Federal Employment Agency. The sum of the child allowances forms the total child allowance.

About us Welcome to Kinderinfo. Kinderzuscjlag in this context at the Federal Employment Agency or at a working group the income and assets already announced and recognized by the office, this process does not necessarily have to be repeated, because the family fund then gets the necessary data for the application for child supplement directly from there.

As a priority target group, the politicians address child wrestling parents who are single parents.

The benefit is therefore subject to the child benefit’s eligibility requirements. Child allowance can be given to parents or single parents if there is an unmarried child in the household lives, Which then you send the application completely to the family fund.

Currently there are 42 reviews with 3.86 out of 5 stars! Previously, the permit could only be granted month after month. If you use the kinderzuchlag website, antarg is based on your consent.

In this context, it must be noted that with the child supplement and normal income you will then have so much money per month that you are no longer entitled to unemployment benefit II or social benefit. The child surcharge, which is officially on the exact duration of payment, can also be found in the child surcharge notification. The same also applies to school lunches. From the rallies it can also be seen that the cost of this benefit will amount to up to 1.5 billion euros by the year.

Social allowance and child supplement are not possible! The state child allowance is intended to support a good 4 million children from households who are low on income.

Since there are no exceptions for public service employees in this case, they are also obliged to submit the child supplement to the local family fund office, unlike when applying for child benefit.

Child benefit or child supplement

You can download an up-to-date form for child allowance here: you have completed child allowance, even if you are entitled to child benefit. Report an error You found an error on this page?

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