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Children’s songs – texts, sheet music, download and much more. This page was last on the Hejo, hook up the car! My hat has three corners – my hat has three corners. The content may be subject to additional conditions. A cuckoo sits on the tree.

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Just not the good mood you get when you hear and sing this song! Children’s songs – texts, sheet music, download and much more. Children’s songs on certain topics, e.g. Can you guess what the little man is? The animals bring their friend, the Christmas tree, back to the forest to celebrate Christmas with him! Entire series of children’s music, such as Der Kinderchorhrsg.

Enjoy singing!

Taler, thaler, you have to hike – what can you buy with a thaler? It will be evening again. A fridge went for a walk – double CD. If you would prefer an alphabetical overview of the Kinddrlied, click here. When will Laurentia and Laurenz be together again??

The only manual breast pump with a 2-phase pump program. New children’s songwriters took their place with their productions. There ox and there donkey.

Children’s songs – texts, sheet music, download and much more.

If only the stars would shine brighter! You can read the lyrics for almost all songs for free, listen to the melodies and view the sheet music. The snow falls softly – the classic Christmas carol, interpreted atmospherically and wonderfully animated. But did you also know that with these movements you can make a flying carpet Taxes can?

Everything becomes colorful and the grape harvest begins! If I were a little bird – If our boy had wings in the song, he would fly straight to the girl he loves. All the best – CD.

Do you also notice how warm your heart is at Christmas? I have an aunt from Morocco. Turn in time with the mill wheel! Children’s songs search Here you will find children’s songs and lyrics.

And who was born in January. Sheep, birds, bees and also the mice. Then you can print out the children’s song lyrics for free and all the songs will be kinderlird. The grinder is rattling.

Do you know who you can find there? Overall about children’s songs can be found on this portal. Can you guess what the little man is??

Download kinderlidd all at once. Of course, that’s the rattling stork! Here you will find many funny birthday songs for children for free. The sensitive daydreamers horoscope. The children discover the animals in the garden and are tickled and petted.

The thoughts are free – racers, astronauts or riders?

The most beautiful children’s songs for babies

Widewidewenne – The animals on the farm have funny names that rhyme as well. Ten little fidgety men – The 10 fingers move in all directions – pretty fidgety! Do you also know funny bouncy rhymes? The songs are suitable for children in kindergarten and school.


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