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Amazon Business purchase on account. I searched for it forever. A friend brought this film to my attention. Write a comment on “Dunderklumpen”. When I saw the film with my daughter for the first time years ago, I really liked it. After a long time – now with my granddaughter – he has lost none of his fascination.

Surname: Dunderklumpen
Format: ZIP archive
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
License: For personal use only
Size: 60.99 MBytes

Warehouse deals Reduced B-goods. Data is transferred to third parties as soon as you activate it – see i. Top Reviews Latest first top reviews. Guardians of the Galaxy. Write a comment on “Dunderklumpen”. The combination of real actors and cartoon characters is just great.

Discover all the Amazon Prime benefits now. The combination of real actors and cartoon characters is just great.

The magical toy thief

When I saw the film with my daughter for the first time years ago, I really liked it. The music is great and it is very fun.

Page 1 of 1 To the start Page 1 of 1. When I found the film here I just had to buy it.

Go to Amazon. A friend brought this film to my attention. Dunderklumpen is one of my favorite childhood films.

The film father of Pipi Longstocking in one of the main roles. This item cannot be delivered to the branch! Storks – adventures approaching.

A great film from my father’s childhood. Warehouse deals Reduced B-goods. Swedish children’s film in a successful mix of real and cartoon.

Edel Germany GmbH

I’ve looked at it myself twice. What I gave him for his birthday. This film is considered a legendary cult theme especially among the population of the new federal states.

We want to watch this film at the weekend and if the quality is still okay after so many years, all grandchildren will get this film on their birthdays.

I searched for it forever. More about the content Video Contributing title list. Earn money with Amazon. I gave these films to my son for the birth of his son. Was this comment helpful to you? Dunderklujpen gets him for his birthday sale and shipping by marvelio-germany. Camilla’s brother Jens and her father pursue lumps of Dund and everyone embarks on various adventures on their travels.


One person found this helpful. Amazon Business purchase on account.

Guardians of the Galaxy. It is the "Dunderklumpen", a magical creature that can bring toy figures to life. A very successful combination of animation and real film.

I saw the film as a small child in the cinema and after for so many years he’s still great More versions on DVD. Was in the cinema with my little brother at the time and we were so fascinated by the film.


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