Dragon bedding for children ▷ imaginative children’s bedding!

Dragon bedding brings a touch of adventure to the nursery. The selection of motifs ranges from adventurous to cute children’s bed covers:

The Little Dragon Coconut Dragon bed linen light blue Dragons bedding Children’s bedding knight Children’s bedding knight
material 100% cotton
Oeko Tex Standard 100
100% cotton
Oeko Tex Standard 100
100% cotton
Oeko Tex Standard 100
100% cotton
Oeko Tex Standard 100
100% cotton
Oeko Tex Standard 100
To wash up to 60 ° C up to 60 ° C up to 60 ° C up to 60 ° C up to 60 ° C
reference 135×200 cm 100×135 cm 135×200 cm 100×135 cm 135×200 cm
pillow 80×80 cm 40×60 cm 80×80 cm 40×60 cm 80×80 cm
shutter pushbuttons Pillow: hotel wrap
Blanket: buttons
Cushions: buttons
Blanket: zipper
zipper zipper
Price from

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The little dragon coconut bedding

"The little dragon coconut" is the main character in the stories of the same name by the author Ingo Siegner. In books, Movie and a TV series that was shown on ZDF and KiKa, the fire dragon coconut and his friends are constantly experiencing new adventures.

The orange dragon is also available as bed linen for all fans. It is made of 100% cotton and can be machine washed at up to 60 degrees. As a closure pushbuttons appropriate.

Price: € —

This dragon bedding is currently available in three different sizes:

  1. Duvet cover 135 x 200 cm; Pillow 80 x 80 cm
  2. Duvet cover 140 x 200 cm; Pillow 70 x 90 cm
  3. Duvet cover 100 x 135 cm; Pillow 40 x 60 cm

Sweet dragon bedding in light blue

This dragon bedding in light blue tones is particularly cute and appealing for younger children. The duvet cover measures 100 × 135 cm and the one for the pillow 40 × 60 cm. So it is intended for a toddler bed.

It is made of 100% cotton and is suitable for machine washing (up to 60 degrees) and for the dryer.

Price: € 18.95

Dragons bedding

Every child is familiar with the kites from the film “How to Train Your Dragon”. From Herding, the heroes from the series are now also available on bed linen with cool fantasy motifs.

The Dragons bed linen is available with different designs *, we have some examples here:

Price: € —

Price: € 37.50

Knight and dragon bedding (cot size)

The motif is adventurous, but still not scary due to the cheerful colors and the child-friendly comic drawing.

The bed linen from Aniamata Kids is designed for the size of a child’s bed with a duvet cover of 100 x 135 cm and a pillow case of 40 x 60 cm. Both are made of cotton and with one zipper provided for quick changing.

Price: € 24.95

Duvet cover with dragons, knights and castles

This cotton bedding is also from Animata Kids. It shows imaginative motifs of dragon knights and castles.

The set includes 1 duvet cover (135 x 200 cm) and 1 pillow case (80 x 80 cm).

Price: € —

Wash new bedding for the first time:

Before using new children’s bed covers for the first time, they should be washed. Printed bedding should best be turned inside out (unless otherwise stated!) And washed separately at 60 degrees. On the one hand, this means that Colours fixed and also the laundry that was in the packaging for longer is then nice and fresh.

Before you put the new dragon bedding in the washing machine, you should make sure that the child likes it and you want to keep it. Because after this First wash is usually no longer so easy.


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