Drinking cup test – comparison 2019 – the best models in comparison

Drinking cup test & Comparison – The latest models 2018

Babies usually receive until the 6th month of life mostly breast milk or the artificial alternative with milk powder. In this period of time, it is usually not necessary that you have to add extra liquid to your child. At the latest after the sixth month of life, however, it is necessary that the baby receives additional food in the form of the feeding. Beikost is the first baby food that the child receives, which should lead the way to independent nutrition. At the latest from this point on, parents should think about how they would like to design the liquid administration in the future. But first, the child should now learn to drink independently. To teach him independent drinking fast and sustainable, is a so-called Training cup recommended. In the following guide, you will learn about the parameters you need to pay attention to when dealing with a drinking cup, because there are a countless selection in the market of cups that you have to select for yourself.

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Our current drinker mug recommendations

# preview product price
1 NUK Magic Cup drinking cup, 360 ° drinking rim, leak-proof sealing silicone disc, 230ml. look at
2 NUK Magic Cup drinking cups, 360 ° drinking rim, leak-proof sealing silicone disc, 8+ months. look at
3 NUK 3-in-1 Drinking Set, with Trainer Cup Drinking Cup Baby, Magic Cup 360 ° Drinking Cup and. look at
4 CamoCup the drinking cup for EVERYONE! Petrol look at
5 NUK Trainer Cup 230 ml, soft drinking spout, leakproof, from 6 months, BPA-free, 1 piece (Tiger. look at
6 MAM Starter Cup baby drinking cup (150ml), drinking bottle for first drinking attempts, beak cup. look at
7 BBBiteMe Baby Sippy Cups Lid & Stainless steel drinking cup – leakproof & Universal elephant. look at
8th LÄSSIG cup drinking cup sippy cup kids baby toddler with handles non-slip. look at
9 Nuk Nature Sense Bottle, Leakproof, Extra Wide & Soft drinking spout, 6-18 months. look at
10 Munchkin Miracle 360ᵒ Drinking Cup 296 ml – 2 Pack (Color: Green, Pink) look at

Trinklernbecher Test – reviews summarized

Below we have one Drinking cup test wanted for you. There are some dubious providers on the Internet who suggest an alleged test, but this has never happened. Accordingly, it is important for us to receive reviews from reputable providers Stiftung Warentest and Eco test summarize and present for you.

consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest Eco test
Drinking cup test found? "12 drinking cups in the test"

To the test

Review report issue 01/2013

The drinking cup: the countless models on the market

Parents who think it’s quick to buy a toddler cup for their own child to help them learn the process of drinking are usually quick to learn when choosing manufacturers and models. The drinking cup quickly turns out to be a difficult teaching task that needs to be treated, and not just for the child, but also for the parents.

It has been proven that learning to drink with a drinking cup is easier and faster. If the market had not so many versions of it. Drinking from a drinking cup is in this context much friendlier for the later teeth, since the sucking or constant sucking in the long run is harmful to the teeth of the infant. Note that the first teeth break through between the 3rd and the 12th month of life. The normal cup is in this context made to facilitate the children the existing transition from the known breast or baby bottle to the cup or the cup. The baby will be overwhelmed quite quickly if you immediately give him an open container to let it drink from the container, because the current hand-eye coordination is not pronounced at this time.

This coordination must first be trained so that it can function properly. At the same time, the manufacturers generally make sure that the drinking cups are colorful and cheerful. Thus, the first fears of contact of the child are reduced, which feels the color splendor as pleasant and inviting. With a little practice, the child can gradually get used to the cup and accept it as a daily utensil.

The choice of the right drinker mug for the child

In order to really cover all the needs of the child, a number of parameters must be taken into account when choosing the appropriate drinking cup.
Above all, make sure that the cup is designed drip-free, so you avoid problems of spilling from the outset. Keep in mind that spilling liquids may not be pleasant for your child. Another important aspect here is the ergonomic shaping of the container, so that your child can optimally grip the drinking cup. For hygienic reasons, a cap should also be attached to the cup, because even such a cup must be transported once and this works better with a cap, since the contents of the drinking cup, so optimistically also without spilling can vonstattengehen.

The difference between a drinking cup and a drinking bottle

You can decide to train your child to drink between a water bottle or a drinking cup. For which utensil, you decide exactly this is certainly type-dependent. In this context, drinking bottles are equipped with an additional valve so that your child can drink safely. Drinking cups have a harder beak and can not be used before the 6th month of life. Both models have in common that they have handles to be held better by the child.

Our drinking cups buying recommendations

Below are 3 product recommendations from Amazon listed and explained briefly. These models are great for use as a mug in this context to make learning how to drink as easy as possible for your child.

Philips Avent SCF782 / 00 Drinking Cup – 260 ml

The Philips Avent toddler mug makes it easy for your child to learn how to drink. The model is equipped with a patented silicone valve, allowing your child to drink around the entire rim of the cup. The built-in valve ensures that the valve opens only when the child attaches his lips to the cup. Here, neither a drinking spout nor a straw is used. This model has a particularly high degree of innovation.

Munchkin Miracle 360ᵒ Tumbler 207 ml

This is also a popular model of the Munchkin brand, which offers increased leakage safety and a beakless design and is also explicitly recommended by many dentists. The innovative 360-degree drinking rim prevents the spilling of baby drinks. In addition, the cup automatically remains closed, if not drunk from it. The adjusted handles are so ergonomically shaped that they are ideal for the children to hold.

NUK starter cup 230ml

This drinking cup is also recommended from the 6th Month of life and is ideal for the sometimes somewhat difficult transition from the bottle or breast to the first Trinkutensil suitable. The model is equipped with a leak-proof soft drink cover, which is made of silicone. There is this mug in different colors.

There are a number of models, manufacturers and suppliers of drinking cups on the market. Especially popular companies such as NUK or Philips Avent have been successfully on the market for many generations and offer many different models in their product portfolio. Let yourself be advised in a shop and get in parallel proactively on the Internet and in relevant forums information to decide on the right utensil for your child.

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