Driving a car without hearing – is that possible?

Are you deaf? Driving can be dangerous if you are not aware of your surroundings

Are you deaf? Driving a car can be dangerous if you are not aware of your surroundings.

Deaf people have to do without many things, what is natural for other people: radio and music immediately come to mind, but also important warning mechanisms how the horn on the car or a called notice are not perceptible.

Therefore the question arises: may deaf participating in road traffic? And if so to expect restrictions? this guide answers the most important questions about driving deaf, so you can stay mobile despite a disability.

It can be said in advance that the situation of the deaf in road traffic is in the course of the last century clearly for the better has turned, so that today granted many rights under certain conditions can become.

Under what circumstances are deaf people allowed to drive??

Still in the 1940s were deaf largely excluded from road traffic, as it was assumed that the lack of sense posed too great a danger to traffic safety. This situation has changed due to protest organizations as well as achievements of technology, so that today a driving license also for deaf people is possible if certain preconditions be fulfilled.

According to annex 4 of the driver’s license ordinance (fev), which regulates fitness to drive motor vehicles, deaf persons may drive vehicles belonging to the classes A and B drive, if they not at the same time other serious deficiencies have visual or balance impairments.

What measures are required to get a driver’s license for the deaf??

Hearing protection superfluous: Are deaf people allowed to learn to drive? Yes, and with special driving schools, the lessons are much easier

hearing protection superfluous: are deaf people allowed to learn to drive?? yes, and with special driving schools, lessons are much easier.

If you have no other restrictions, you may use vehicles of the classes A and B usually free of charge drive. However, as with other limitations in perception, you should be a medical opinion have them done to make sure they don’t have other "serious defects" after all.

Furthermore, it is advisable to obtain the driving license in a special driving school to make. if you want to learn how to drive a car deaf, in many cities you have the possibility to get a special to go to a driving school that specializes in deafnesst is.

Who deaf gets a driver’s license in practical lessons the disadvantage, that he can not drive simultaneously and hear the instructions of the driving instructor. That is why there are schools alternative forms of communication practice to make it easier for you, if you are deaf, to drive a car.

Special rules for trucks and buses

Who deaf wants to make driving a profession and transport heavy loads or even people wants to apply generally higher requirements, than for classes A and B.

It can also be an hearing aid required if the technical possibilities are given to regain the ability to hear.

In general, for hard of hearing people as for other car drivers, who are principle of personal responsibility. Every road user must decide for himself whether he able to participate in road traffic. If you feel that, for whatever reason, you are unsafe to drive and a danger to traffic, you should refrain from driving.

On a traffic training course or driving safety training course improve their skills and gain more safety.

FAQ: driving deaf

Yes. However, the driver’s license ordinance (fev) stipulates that this is only possible if they do not have any other serious defects. These include vision and balance problems, for example.

No, this is not possible as a rule. Only the driving license classes A and B are possible.

Yes, in many cities, if you are deaf, you can go to a special driving school if you want to get a driver’s license.

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